The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (2023)

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (1)

Soviet military officers observe the remains of cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov.

A Journey of Humanity for the Stars has its anonymous heroes. One of them was the Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. His spaceflight on Soyuz 1 made him the first Soviet cosmonaut to fly into space more than once, and he was the first human to die on a space mission: he died when the Soyuz 1 space capsule returned after it crashed on the 24th. of April. , 1967, due to the fall of the paraquedas.

However, as he died when the capsule crashed to the ground, he is not considered the first human fatality in space.

The photo above shows Komarov's charred remains being examined by Soviet officials during his open-casket burial. Only an injured heel bone survived the fall.

All these predicted tragedies began on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Soviet Union, and the government demanded something big from the space program. Leonid Brezhnev, the leader of the Soviet Union, decided to organize a spectacular encounter in space between two Soviet spacecraft.

The plan called for two Soviet spacecraft to be launched into space and perform a dramatic orbital dock that would allow cosmonauts to move between the ships.

The first capsule to be launched would be Soyuz 1 with Komarov inside. The next day, a second vehicle (Soyuz 2) would take off with two more cosmonauts; the two vehicles met, docked, Komarov moved from vehicle to vehicle, switched places with a colleague, and returned home in the second boat. Brezhnev made it very clear that he wanted this.

Komarov was selected to command Soyuz 1 in 1967, with Yuri Gagarin as a backup cosmonaut. Both knew that the capsule's flight was unsafe, but everyone in the space program feared Brezhnev's reaction to the delay or cancellation of the mission. Komarov told his friends that he knew he was likely to die.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (2)

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Vladimir Komarov was one of Gagarin's best friends. Here they are seen hunting together.

But he didn't give up because he didn't want Gagarin to die. Vladimir Komarov was one of Gagarin's best friends. Their families often got together, and on the rare occasions that both men were free, they would hunt together.

They were best friends who were also part of a very small fraternity of men waiting for their own death to travel into space.

Gagarin suggested postponing the mission. The question was, who would tell Brezhnev? Gagarin wrote a 10-page memo and handed it to his best friend in the KGB, Venyamin Russayev, but no one dared forward it to the chain of command.

Less than a month before launch, Komarov realized that delaying was not an option. One of Komarov's friends in the KGB suggested that he refuse to fly.

According to the bookstar man(by Jamie Doran and Piers Bizony) Komarov responded, "If I don't make that flight, they'll send the reserve pilot in his place." That was Yuri Gagarin.

Vladimir Komarov could not do this to his friend. "This is Yura", the book quotes him as saying, "and he will die in my place. We have to take care of him." Komarov began to cry.

The closer the release date got, the more pessimistic everyone became. There were serious problems that would make navigating this machine in space dangerous.

Preliminary test flights were problematic and technicians inspecting Soyuz 1 found 203 structural problems. There was an atmosphere of foreboding in the cosmodrome.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (3)

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Vladimir Komarov before the fatal accident. (Photo: Sputnik).

When Vladimir Komarov climbed into the transfer van to take it around the block, he exuded an aura of fatalistic resignation. His fellow cosmonauts teased him, trying to cheer him up and make him smile. They started singing and encouraged him to sing.

By the time they reached the block a few minutes later, he was singing with them too, and the pessimistic mood had eased a bit.

Gagarin showed up for the launch full steam ahead and tried to convince the crew to let him pilot the ship, but the crew (including Komarov) refused to let him, and Komarov blew up the ship knowing he would likely die. Eight minutes later, Vladimir Komarov was in orbit, operating one of the most advanced spacecraft ever launched.

Problems began immediately when one of Souz's two solar panels failed, powering the vehicle and obscuring some of the navigation equipment. More disturbances developed as the day progressed. The first attempt to change the spacecraft's orbit was unsuccessful.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (4)

Vladimir Komarov prepares for the flight. (Photo: TASS).

The ship began to spin on its axis and only continued to spin when Komarov tried to fix the problem. The thermal control system deteriorated, communications with the ground became erratic, and the lack of electrical power prevented the astronomical guidance system from functioning.

Faced with all these problems, ground control decided to abort the launch of Soyuz 2 and bring Komarov home at the earliest opportunity.

Komarov unsuccessfully tried for five hours to orient the Soyuz module. The vehicle was reporting unreliable status information and communication was lost. Using techniques he had never practiced in training, Komarov was able to level the spacecraft and launch the retrorockets himself.

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Despite his heroic efforts to save the mission, the worst was yet to come. On its 19th orbit, it successfully re-entered Earth's atmosphere, but as the cockpit descended through the atmosphere, the floating parachute came off, but the main parachute stubbornly remained in its container.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (5)

Soyuz 1 spacecraft (artist's rendering), crash site and Vladimir Komarov.

As the reserve parachute opened, it became caught in the trail of the main parachute's towing parachute. Soyuz 1 crashed into the steppe near Orenberg at high speed at 7 am, killing Komarov.

The cockpit exploded on impact and when Soviet Air Force rescuers arrived, they found only burning metal, the Soyuz nose tip being the only hardware they could identify.

As Komarov walked to his death, American listening posts in Turkey heard him weeping in rage and "cursing the people who put him on a failed spacecraft". He told ground control officers that he knew he was going to die. Soviet Prime Minister Alexei Kosygin called him on a videophone to tell him he was a hero.

Komarov's wife was also on the phone to discuss what to say to the children. Kosygin cried. As the capsule began its fatal descent, "American intelligence picked up [Komarov's] screams of rage as he fell to his death". Some translators heard him say, "The heat rises in the capsule." He also used the word "killed", presumably to describe what the engineers did to him.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (6)

Oberst Wladimir Komarow. (Photo: Vasili Malyshev/Sputnik).

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It was then agreed that the entire mission had been rushed before the Soyuz was really ready. Vladimir Komarov's death seems almost inevitable.

Yuri Gagarin said as much in an interview he gave weeks after Pravda's fall. He sharply criticized officials who let his friend fly.

The Gagarin of 1967 was very different from the carefree youth of 1961. Komarov's death placed an enormous amount of blame on his shoulders.

At one point, Gagarin said, "I must visit Captain [Brezhnev] personally." He was deeply depressed that he had been unable to persuade Brezhnev to call off Komarov's release. A year after Komarov's death, Gagarin died in a fighter plane crash.

The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (7)

Valentina Komarov, widow of Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, kisses a photograph of her late husband during his official funeral on April 26, 1967 in Moscow's Red Square.

Komarov was honored with a state funeral in Moscow and his ashes were interred in the Kremlin Wall Necropolis on Red Square.

The American astronauts asked the Soviet government to allow a representative to be present, but they refused. Komarov was posthumously awarded his second Order of Lenin and also the Order of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

But why was he given an open casket service?

Komarov personally requested this because he wanted to send a message to the government officials who caused his death.

Knowing that the capsule was unsafe and that he would likely die, he knew he would not return alive, so he made the claim before taking off. His final "revenge" was to force his superiors to investigate what they had done.
The remains of astronaut Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space, 1967 - Rare Historical Photos (8)(Image credit: RIA Novosti/Sputnik/Photo Research Inc.)

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What were Komarov's final words? ›

On the Internet (89 cents at I found what may have been Komarov's last words: Some translators hear him say, "Heat is rising in the capsule." He also uses the word "killed" — presumably to describe what the engineers had done to him. Both sides in the 1960s race to space knew these missions were dangerous.

How did Vladimir Komarov fall from space? ›

The first crewed launch of a Soyuz took place on April 23, 1967. Its single test pilot, Vladimir Komarov, was killed when the descent module's parachute failed to unfurl after reentry and the module crashed—the first human death during a spaceflight.

Who was Vladimir the man who fell from space? ›

Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov crashed into the ground when the main parachute on his Soyuz 1 descent capsule failed to open. He became the first cosmonaut to fly into space twice and the first man to die while on a space mission (Apollo 1 tragedy happened 3 months earlier during the ground test).

Why did Vladimir Komarov have an open casket funeral? ›

But why did they give him an open casket service? Komarov demanded it personally because he wanted to send a message to the government officials who had caused his death.

What was the last death in space? ›

The Challenger disaster remains perhaps the most notorious in the history of spaceflight, owing to the number of people, many of them schoolchildren, who saw it live on TV. In 2003 a further seven astronauts died when the shuttle Columbia broke up on re-entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Has there ever been a death in space? ›

During spaceflight. As of March 2021, in-flight accidents have killed 15 astronauts and 4 cosmonauts, in five separate incidents. Three of them had flown above the Kármán line (edge of space), and one was intended to do so. In each case, the entire crew was killed.

Are there any astronauts lost in space? ›

To date, no astronaut has ever been 'lost' to space during one, but there have been a couple close calls. When outside their spacecraft, astronauts attach themselves to the hull with tethers made of heavy-duty materials like kevlar.

How long did Vladimir Komarov fall? ›

After the most dangerous part of atmospheric re-entry had been completed, a parachute failure brought Soyuz-1 crashing to the ground from a height of four and a half miles. Colonel Vladimir Komarov, the only Russian to have undertaken two space flights, was killed instantly.

Who was the 2 person in space? ›

U.S. Navy test pilot Alan Shepard joined the astronaut program in 1959. He became the first American and the second man in space on May 5, 1961, when he piloted the Mercury spacecraft Freedom 7 on a 490-kilometer (300-mile), 15-minute suborbital flight.

Who was the 3 person in space? ›

1Yuri GagarinSoviet Union
2Alan Shepard ◉▲United States
3Virgil GrissomUnited States
4Gherman TitovSoviet Union
90 more rows

What do astronauts do when someone dies? ›

So, here is the proposed solution. If an astronaut dies while in route to Mars, NASA plans to put the body in a special bag that can be exposed to outer space. The body would freeze and be brought back into the spacecraft where it would be vibrated thereby causing the remains to be ground into a fine dust.

How many cosmonauts were lost in space? ›

While the 1964 U.S. edition of the Guinness Book of World Records credits Gagarin's Vostok 1 as "earliest successful manned satellite", a footnote names nine putative lost cosmonauts: eight mentioned above (Ledovsky, Schiborin, Mitkov, Belokonev, Kachur, Grachev, Dolgov, and Ilyushin) and Gennadiy Mikhailov (named by ...

Who has been buried in space? ›

On July 31, 1999, the mission ended when NASA deliberately crashed the craft on the surface of the moon, taking Shoemaker with it, and making him the first and only person to be buried off-world.

Who are the 3 astronauts that died in space? ›

Dobrovolsky, Volkov, and Patsayev are the only humans to date to have died beyond that line. Had the cosmonauts been wearing space suits, the three men certainly could have survived the event of depressurization, Siddiqi said.

Who was the first mad in space? ›

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin (9 March 1934 – 27 March 1968) was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut who became the first human to journey into outer space. Travelling in the Vostok 1 capsule, Gagarin completed one orbit of Earth on 12 April 1961.

What led to the death of the 3 American astronauts aboard Apollo 1? ›

An electrical spark apparently turned the Apollo 1 capsule into an instant inferno, killing the three space age heroes whose names were household words and dealing the nation's moon exploration program a serious setback. It was the world's first known space tragedy.


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