The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (2023)

One amazing thing about television is that the audience can empathize with anyone.Lokihe is a mass murderer, war criminal; however, fans around the worldJust for him every day.Walter BlancoHe's a power-hungry monster, but hisWomen get a lot more hatethan Walter ever does. Like Loki and Walter White, viewers can also root for the ruthless gangsters in downtownDavid Chase's Gangster Masterpiece,The Sopranos.

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The SopranosIt is abrilliant show about terrible people. Nobody is innocent. Almost all players are assassins who make a living by destroying others. If we could take a step back and think about what with some level of objectivitythe SopranosPersonality on top when it comes to how bad they are?



10) Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (1)

no othersopranoThe character deserves a firmer slap in the face than Jackie Jr. Son of late acting boss Jackie Aprile, Jackie Jr. threw everything at him. Instead of using his immense privilege to get a simple administrative job, Jackie squanders it all. Even before you start committing criminal acts, your demeanor, your smile and your body language are enoughMake the watchers hate you.

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Jackie is a wannabe slacker who is kicked out of school to become a lackey for Ralph Cifaretto (joe pantoliano). What really makes us despise Jackie is her treatment of Meadow Soprano (Jamie Lynn Sigler). While dating her, he regularly cheats on her and lies to her and Tony. His lack of respect for Meadow evokes parental instincts in viewers who feel protective of one of the show's few genuinely likeable characters. After Meadow breaks up with him, Jackie's recklessness reaches its peak. He holds a mob-run deck of cards, fails miserably, kidnaps a lady, then leaves his friend to be murdered by Christopher Moltisanti (Miguel Imperioli). I Vito (Joseph R. Gannascoli) did not take Jackie Jr. Besides, who knows what pathetic crimes he might have gotten himself into.

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9) Phil Jersey (Frank Vicente)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (2)

Phil Leotardo is an ambitious capo played by the crime movie legendFrank Vincent. Leotardo joins the fray as part of the "Class of 2004" alongside the rabid dog Feech La Manna (roberto logia) e Tony Blundetto (Steve Buscemi). Phil serves a Johnny Sack (Vicente Curatola), patiently waiting for an attack, then ordering punches from his teammates to take first place on his team and become the final "Big Bad" of the season finale.

Phil isn't much worse than the big boss or average bossThe Sopranos. He's stubborn, misogynistic, violent and arrogant, but that's about it.Couple for travel in the underworld. However, in a world where bigotry is a fact, Phil's bigotry surprises even his most unpleasant colleagues. Vito's murder is one of the ugliest in the series, a hate crime of an unspeakable savagery that would make any crime drama fan cringe. Even worse, Vito was married to Phil's cousin Marie, crushed her and mentally scarred their children for life, which Phil didn't even flinch from.

8) Junior Sopran (Dominic Chianese)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (3)

From the beginning of the series, Corrado has been Soprano Jr., also known as "Uncle June" or simply "Junior" (dominic chianes), is portrayed as a pathetic out-of-touch gangster. HeFred CorleoneDesperate to strike fear into the hearts of his subordinates, Junior of the Soprano family doesn't have the brains for it. He has an uncertain meltdown when hisLoverBobbi Sanfillipo reveals that Junior performs a certain "generous" act in the bedroom, tries to kill his nephew, and, on a whim, orders the execution of the most profitable soprano Rusty Irish.

Though often dismissed as a hoax, the worst of her betrayals are revealed in the prequel film,Many Newark Saints, where Junior secretly organizesel asesinato de dickie moltisanti; all because Dickie laughed when Junior slipped and fell. Asthe death of ned stark, this action has ripple effects throughout the series.

7) Janice Soprano (Aida Turturro)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (4)
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It's a testament to the acting skills ofAida TurtürroThis is Janice Sopranoone of the most hateful charactersin a show full of cold-blooded and obnoxious killers. This humble and brutal sister of Tony's is a mainstay of Season 2, and only gets smarter as the series progresses. With Livia Soprano (Nancy Marchand), the writers expanded Janice's role to serve as the avatar of Tony's deeply ingrained childhood trauma. She is the successor to Livia's special passive aggressiveness.

Janice pretends to be open-minded, but she's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Despite his liberal claims, he blackmails a disabled worker, accesses a racist website, and subtly suggests that Richie Aprile take Tony down. She has no qualms about accepting her brother's blood money to fund her laid-back lifestyle. The many scenes where Janice turns Bobby's life upside down, embarrassing his children and criticizing him as he mourns his wife's death are irritating. Janice is not even a funny or interesting person; she has no purpose in life other than causing unnecessary drama. Janice doesn't care about anyone or anything unless it directly benefits her. She is a true narcissist.

6) Lívia Soprano (Nancy Marchand)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (5)

Had Nancy Marchard not died, Livia Soprano would likely rank higher on this list, as there was no ground for just how manipulative this matriarch could be. Livia steals every scene in the first two seasons—constant complaining about her is always a great highlight. Livia is Uncle June's puppeteer and whispers in her ear like a demon over her shoulder. Junior only has the audacity to have Tony hit because Lívia says ok. She doesn't mistake your endless moaning for weakness; It's just a camouflage mechanism so she can hide in plain sight. There are a lot of moments, like in the hospital when she cheats on Tony to Artie Bucco, where you're like, 'Wait. Is he senile or a Machiavellian genius?

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A telling moment occurs in the seventh episode, "Down Neck", in a flashback where Livia convinces her husband to stay with the mob instead of moving the family to Reno. She does this by threatening to suffocate her children. Lívia is the brain of the Soprano house;No one notices they're dancing to your beat. Four seasons after her death, Livia's nihilistic attitude continues to poison her family and weighs heavily on the soul of her depressed grandson, AJ (Robert Iler).

5) Tony Sopran (James Gandolfini)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (6)

Because he is our protagonist, played with powerful charismaby the late and great James Gandolfini, it's sometimes easy to forget that Tony Soprano is a monstrous villain. Tony offends nearly everyone he meets, compounded by his unprecedented anger issues, gambling addiction, and mother issues. A glutton in every way, he is a severely disturbed individual who is in complete denial of how evil he is, passing off his heinous acts as "the way things are".

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Although his wife remains with Tony through his endless abuse and adulterous adventures, he constantly betrays her trust and ruins Carmella's construction project, unable to reconcile his entrepreneurial spirit with his machismo. Tony can commit the worst crimes imaginable, then turn around and claim to be the real victim. What saves him from the No. 1 is his genuine love for animals, justified anger at violence against women (sometimes), and occasionally progressive views of his peers (which isn't saying much).

4) Paulie Gualtieri (Tony Sirico)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (7)

Paulie (Toni Sirico) is the funniestsopranoCharacter. He is responsible for the series' most memorable malapropisms. He is also a stubborn and violent boy like Tony. While similarly ranked family members such as Silvio (Steven van Zandt) the big pussy (vice-pastor) are smart enough to put on a friendlier face in company, Paulie has no idea how to hide his brutality. Even under the guise of kindness, he makes everyone's lives worse, such as his encounter with gardener Sal Vitro.

What makes Paulie so scary is that he lacks confidence. If you are confused or offended in any way,attacks in ultra-violent attacks. In many ways, it's the American equivalent ofBegbie das Trainspotting, unstable, petty and impossible to argue with. The only thing stopping Paulie from being the craziest member of the cast is his undying loyalty to Tony, who keeps Paulie in line.

3) Richie Aprile (David Proval)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (8)

Rico (david failed) esthe villain we all love to hate. A malicious, aloof fiend, he isn't the most complex of characters, though his dedication to Janice is inexplicable and hints at a depth lurking beneath his stern exterior. Richie crashes season 2 and throws everything into a tailspin, especially after driving his car into Beansie Gaeta and incapacitating him for life, much to Tony's chagrin. Its calm, monotonous threats are enough to give even the toughest criminals the creeps. You cannot negotiate or argue with Richie as you would a sticky old man.Terminator.

According to Silvio and Janice, Richie immediately disowned him when he suspected their son was gay. The main conflict of season two revolves around Richie's planning to overthrow Tony and become head of the family, but luckily their plans never came to fruition as Janice's physical abuse was a step too far for them. Richie's death at Janice's hands is probably the most satisfying of the entire series.

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2) Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (9)

Joseph Pantoliano is a national treasure. No one plays such an insidious villain as he does. His portrayal of Ralph Cifaretto is his best role, even better than his portrayal of a cowardly husband inLinked. Ralph is a microcosm of charactersThe Sopranosthey are your worst enemies. ifBeat Tracee to deathwhat makes Tony angry, all Ralph has to do to survive Tony's wrath is let his ego go for a bit, but regret is out of the question for him.

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Ralph, a sadomasochist who abuses women, is about as disgusting as human beings can get. You know he's a real badass when Paulie, Tony and Johnny Sack think you're too bad to be around. Of all the heinous crimes Ralph is responsible for, it's a good thing Tony killed him over a horse. Ralph was so despised that his death was rarely investigated, as everyone seemed to have motives for killing him.

1) Cristóbal Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli)

The 10 Worst Sopranos Characters, Ranked From "Bad" to "Purely Bad" (10)

Christopher Moltisanti is perhaps the most unpleasant protagonist in television history. Unlike Tony's love of animals or Paulie's humanizing stupidity, Christopher has no redeemable qualities. He has no sense of humor and is unhappy. Even when he's the most vulnerableIt's obvious there's no decency inside. Your relationships are all selfish; he is ungrateful, narrow-minded and a shining example ofDunning-Krüger Effectin action. It's bad enough that he makes everyone call him "Christopher" instead of "Chris", but his crimes are even worse. Christopher has all of Tony's faults, but he lacks the friendliness that Tony exudes, causing Christopher to become intensely jealous.

Christopher is the ultimate scream chaser, a guy who doesn't hesitate to attack others but throws a hissing fit when someone looks at him funny. Perhaps the most shocking episode, Long Term Parking follows a cowardly Christopher who kills his fiancée Adriana (matteo's dream) because he was an informant and left it to Silvio to execute her. The way he treats Adriana, especially when she realizes that she may not have children, is among the most distressing behaviors shown on television. Lucky for his wife and daughter, Tony kills Christopher before he can ruin their lives.

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