popsike.com - 3200 NEW & USED 12" Vinyl records Dance, House, Techno + £80 PP (2023)


About 700 NEW and UNPLAYED items are included. Most of these date from 2004-2007, but some date back to 2002.

+ About 2300 discs used. These are previous stocks, all cleaned and tested within the last 4 years. Although used, ALL play flawlessly in Excellent or VG+ condition. These records are mostly from 1997 to 2002, but some are from 1990 and some are from 2007.

+ Approximately 200 unclassified records that I never had time to review due to other work commitments.

= 3200+ records. We will try to eliminate repeats as much as possible, but we guarantee more than 3,200 unique titles.

Shipping is on a pallet or collection only. Accepted UK postcodes are listed at the bottom of this page.

We have listed most of the 700 new and some used items below (these are available as a lot of 1000 items in my shop). 2300 records are included in the tip!...

(All discs are 12" on standard black vinyl unless otherwise noted. All promotions, double packs, etc. are marked as such. See below for P&P details. Full track listings are as follows...)

10 Kilo präsentiert Taking Care Of Business: Kiril – Primitive Science (Bushwacka! Remix) // Force Mass Motion vs. Dylan Rhymes – Vanquish (Beats Mix) // Chicken Lips – Do It Proper (Justin Robertson Mix) // Jacknife Lee – Aloha Satellite (Soul Of Man Instrumental Mix) // DJ Hal - Snakebite // Proper Filthy Naughty - Atlas (Beats Mix) [10 Kilo] 2002 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

10 Sui & La Resistance präsentieren The Ragga Twins - Bring 4th Ya Booty (Original Mix, Dub) [Mob Records] 2006 NOVO!

10 Sui & La Resistance com The Ragga Twins - Bring 4th Ya Booty [Remixes] (Remix von Drum Attic Twins, Remix von Viro, Remix von Oldskool Junx Bunny) [Mob Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

100% - Just Can't Wait-Saturday (Original Club Mix, Carl Kennedy Dub Mix, Stonebridge Club Mix) [Vendetta Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

2 Men Ahead - Blue Moon (Original, Roland Klinkenberg Remix) [Estereofônico] 2001

20:20 Vision presents World Series Vol 1: Kriece - Snow On Hachiko // Julian Sanza - Alles [20:20 Vision} 2007 NOVO!

2020 Soundsystem - Experience EP: Ran / Itch / Hey Jack! / Wulf Funks [20:20 View] 2004 NEU!

2020 Soundsystem – Grey Clouds (2020 Soundsystem Balearic Bastard Mix, Spirit Catcher’s Gated Mind Mix, 2020 Soundsystem Bassthedub Mix) [Visão 20:20] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

2020 Soundsystem - Tape (12" Edition, Burnski Remix, Dirt Crew Dub) [20:20 Vision] 2006 NEU!

2020 Soundsystem - Tape [Prince Thomas Remixes] (Bom Bom Digert Rom Mix, Prince Thomas Disco-Text Mix, Prince Thomas Bogus Bonus) [20:20 Vision] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

24 - O Dia Mais Longo (Armin Van Buuren Remix, Armin Van Buuren Dub) [Nebula] 2005 NOVO!

3DX - Warship

4Tune 500 - Strung Out (Original Mix) [Destined Records] 2005 - 1-sided CD NOVO!

50 Cent - Disco Inferno (Edited, Explicit, Instrumental, Acapella) [Shady Records] 2004 NEW!

50 Cent - Just A Lil Bit (Edited, Explicit, Instrumental, Acapella) [Shady Records] 2005 NEW!

7th District Inc - What A Night (Triple A Vocal, Triple A Instrumental, Rhythm Masters Dub) [Credence] 2000

A&C vs. Kiki Dee - Musik in mir (Club Mix Edit, Club Mix komplett) [Instinct Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Above & Beyond - Good For Me [Remixes] (Darren Tate Remix, Bootleg Mix by Thomas Datt) [Anjunabeats] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Adrenaline Junkie - The Beat EP: The Beat / Backmerge / Xartians [Thunderground Records]

Aetherius - State Of Mind (Mezcla Original, 88 State Mix) [Wallop Recordings] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Afterburner - Stompin' To Ma Beatz (You Bet!) // North On 41 - Baby Come Back (Afterburner Remix) [etiqueta desconocida]

Airlock - Face Down (Album Mix, Buscemi Remix) / Dramatic / Escape (Underwater Mix) / Movement In The Second City [One Little Indian] 2001 - Promo

Aldrich & Glennon - Dream Of Heaven / Flapps (Original, Acapella) [Pump Records-Weiß] 1999

Alex Arnout - Leckie (Original, Man In The Cupboard Remix) [Dogmatik Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Alex Axx Koss - Wide Open / Third Generation Leader [Skyline Records] 2006 NEW!

Alex Wolfenden mit Bagnasty und Miriam - Defect / Focus / Brownbag [Carioca Records] 2006 NEU!

Alias ​​I - The Alias ​​I EP: Coming Up / Dirty Talk [G Club Records] ¡NUEVO!

Alicia Keys - Unbreakable (Radio Mix, Radio Mix) [J Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Alive - Alive - Serious

Allister Whithead - Blu Car (Original Mix, DJ DLG Remix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2006 NEW!

Amem Reino Unido! - People Of Love (Amen Church Mix, John '00' Fleming Mix, Digital Blondes Spiritual Mix, D-Bop Mix) [Feverpitch] 1997

An Der Beat - Nico Mix EP: Nasty Mind (Remix) / Pippi / Oh Baby! [Kastoria Records] 2005 - Rotes Vinyl NOVO!

Ananda Project [The] com Terrance Downs - Glory Glory (Karmadelic Remix, Karmadubic Remix) [VC Recordings] 2000 - Promoção

Andrea Doria - YaoO! (Original, Ramon Zenker Remix, Minilogue Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Andy Galea & Wally Montana - BIG (Original Mix, Andy Galea Remix, Benson 'N' Hedges Remix) [Audiofreaks] 2006 NOVO!

Angel Anx & Aleksij - It's Brutal (Original, Belocca Remix) / Individia (Original, Priority-1 Big Licks Remix) [Verified Registrations] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Angel Anx & DJ Aleksij - Don't Lose Yourself / Abduction (Def E Remix, Original Mix) [Wax Habit] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Angel Moraes - I Like It (Mark!'s Shelter Vocal, Mark!'s Over It Dub, PK's Darkside Dub, PK's Deepside Dub) [AM:PM] 1997

Angelheart com Aletia Bourne - I'm Still Waiting (Original Mix, Grand Larceny Club, Mandrax Liquid Main Dub, Mandrax Liquid Soft Dub) [Hi-Life] 1997

Anthony Acid - Sweat (Original, Soul Avengerz Remix, Paul Harris Dub) [Vendetta Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Anthony Collins - The Shade EP: Shade / You Lost Her Again / Acid Berry / Zoo [Darkroom Dubs] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Anton Neumark - The Trip / Xenone [Kinky Vinyl] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Antranig & Pons - Like This (Original, Tek Edit) / Like That [Sondos] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Antranig feat. Angelica De No - Dangerous (Vocal Mix, Full Grind Mix) [Sondos] 2003 NOVO!

Modo Arcade - Your Love (Original Mix, Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) [Joia Records] 2004 NOVO!

Arksun - Voyage / Meteor (Trance-Remix) [Zone Recordings] 2000

Armin Van Buuren - Shivers Vol 1: Empty State / Zocalo (com Gabriel e Dresden) / Wall Of Sound / Shivers [Nebula] 2005 - Doppelpack NOVO!

Art Of Tones - Art Of Tones Band 2: Lions Gate / Google Race / Good Bits [20:20 Vision] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler - Glow (Radio Edit, Jagz Radio Edit) [Underwater Records] 2006 - Limited Edition 7" Disc NEU!

Ashley Beedle präsentiert The London Heavy Disco Revue - Riot On Broadway / Magic Sky (Riccioni Mix, Glass Robot Mix) [Out Hear] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Astrocats - Back 2 Tha Playground (Original, Drama Society Remix) [Darkroom Dubs] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Carino (Main Mix, House Mix) [OnePhatDeepa] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Dreamin About You EP: Dreamin About The Rollerdisco / Dreamin About The Fiesta [ATFC Records] ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Fall Down (Thunderous Dub von ATFC, English Summer Vocal von ATFC) [OnePhatDeeva] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Life (Lil' Mo Life Mix, Original Lectrofunc Mix) [OnePhatDeeva] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Action Cam with Lights (LCA Original Lectrofunc Mix, LCA Instrumental) [OnePhatDeeva] 2007 NEW!

ATFC - Reach Out To Me [Bonus-Remixe] (Alex Taylor Reach Out & Rock Mix, Vinyl Pusher Remix) [OnePhatDeeva] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

ATFC - Reach out to me [The Haji & Emanuel Remixes] (Haji & Emanuel Remix, Haji & Emanuel Dub) [OnePhatDeepa] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Atgar - African Tale (Original Club Mix, Shik Stylko Late Night Mix, Shik Stylko Dub) [Realbasic Tracks] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Atlantic Sessions - Muted Record / It feels so good

Audio Bullys - I'm in Love (Version 2, Version 3) [Source UK] 2005 - Promo

Audiolush - Feel The Power (Mezcla Original, Paradise Remix, Future Freakz Remix, KB Project Remix) [Turbulence Records UK] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Audiolush - Feel The Power (Supreme & Sunset Regime Remix, Dougal & Gammer Remix) [Turbulence Hardcore] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Audionova & Electrobios - Pacific EP: Pacific / Atlantic [Extreme] 2007 NOVO!

Audiowhores com Alex Mills - A Better Place (Vocal Mix, Dub Mix) [Tempogroove Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Austin 7 - Let Me See If You Can Dance (Original Mixture, Hard Trance Mixture) [Over The Top Recordings]

Avilo - Two 8 / Reach [Steam Recordings] 2007 NOVO!

Avus - Tapeworm EP: Me & My Tapeworm / Ecto-1 / Raw [Perc Trax] 2006 ¡NEU!

Despertar - Take Me Know

Bald [The] & The Beautiful - Bacon Chambers EP: Back Down (Version One, Version Two) / Double Dutchin' / Bacon Chambers [Odori] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Bam Bam - Where's Your Child 2006 [Mixado von Paul Harris aus Dirty Vegas] (Club Acid, Acid Club) [Simply Recordings] 2005 NOVO!

Bamboo - The Strutt (Mezcla Extendida, Heatstroke Remix, KLM Pandemonium Teil 2, Strut Apella) [VC] 1998

Bart Van Wissen - EP In Da House: Upstairs / In The Kitchen / Downstairs [Deep Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Basis-Graffiti - Smash N Grab - Kaktai

Base Graffiti - Won't Stop Rockin (Original Mix, Equinox Remix) [Kaktai Records] 2002 - Testpressung

Party 2 - Passion

Base Unit - Base N / Span

Beatfreak - The Sound / Keep It Going [Sureste] 2000

Beauty School - Suicide (Solead Remix) // Solead - Jellyfish [VapouRise] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Beber & Tamra - Suite Beat Boy LP: Oh Well / City Lights (Swallow) / Lady Night / Breakdown / Rockin On The One / You Wonder / Traveling On / Vanishing / No Life / Slow Down / Wasting My Time [Mob Records] 2002 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Beckster - Cheers EP: Hallo / Howyadoin / Goodbye [Underwater Records] 2006 NOVO!

The Beginners - História (The Beginners Original Mix, Bini & Martini Dub) [Black & White] NEW!

Beginerz Productions present Darker Departures: Def E - Ape Stalking // Kamisshake - Bass Buster [Wax Habit] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Beholder [The] & Balistic - Decibel Anthem (Original von Mezcla, Remix von Max Enforcer) [Re-Acceleration Records] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Belocca & Soneec - Another Man / What You Feel [Seamless Black Label] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Belofski - Angels At Play (Mix 1, Mix 2) [Weiß] 2004 - "Usher - Yeah" Amostras de melodia

Ben Burns - Die Antwort (Vocal Mix, Accapella) [White] 2006 NEW!

Ben Gold feat. Senadee - Say The Words (Ben Gold Mix, Paul Miller's Deep Remix) [Flux Delux] 2008 - Limited Edition Exclusive Promotion NEW Release!

Ben Lambert - Reckless (Original Mix, Generation Mix) [Transation Records] 2002

Benjamin Diamond - In Your Arms (Extended Version, Curtis Remix) [Episch] 2000 - Promo

Benjamin Franklin, Greg Modi und Francisco Phoenix mit MC Adrian - One Day... We Love (Original, Goldie Lox Remix) [Unknown Label-White] NOVO!

Beyonce mit Jay-Z – Deja Vu (Albumversion, Instrumental, The Remix, Bama Boyz Remix) [Columbia] 2006 NEU!

Big Fat - Discogogoremix (EJ Doubell Remix, Original Tech Mix) [Intensivo] 2002

Big Love präsentiert Electro Love: Audiofly - Flashback // D Zone - Moving In Transit // Dirty Freaks - Analogue // Filthy Rich - Shake It // Funkagenda - House Music Revolution // Granite & Phunk - Audio Video Radio Star // Swain & Paris - ¿Qué es el funk? // Revivalist - Whose House [Big Love] 2006 - Paquete doble ¡NUEVO!

Black Connection - Dame el ritmo (Full Intention Club Mix, Victor Simonelli Mix) [Xtravaganza] 1997

Black Daniel - Gimmie What You Got [Remixe] (Alex Metric Remix, Popular Tire Remix, Original) [Pieces Of Eight] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Black Fingers vs Gwen - Hollaback Girl (Remix von Black Fingers, Slow Jam Dub, Tweaked Out Acid Dub) [Reação] ¡NUEVO!

Blue Line Melody - Big Blue EP: Blue Melody / Freedom (Original, Schlagzeug) [PN Records] 2001 ¡NUEVO!

Bonita - Show Me (Instrumental Remix, Vocal Mix) [White] 2003 - Produced by Hemstock & Jennings

Boo-Yaa TRIBE - West Koasta Nostra LP: Bang On / On Me / Ausnahmezustand / 911 / Zodiac Kreep / Beheizt / Tha Kalling / N Full Motion / Legends (Boo-Yaa TRIBE) / Carson City / Take Yo Fade / Beautiful Thang [Entretenimiento Sarinjay] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Booker Newberry III - Lovetown (Extended Mix, Racoon Garage Mix, Racoon Garage Dub) / Calidad [Scratch Records] 1993

Boom Jinx with Thomas J. Bergersen - Remember September (Original Mix, Duderstadt Remix) [Anjunadeep] 2007 NEW!

Booty Cutz - Band 2: The Jam / The Way You Move [Booty Cutz] Año desconocido - Remakes de Drum & Bass

Boyz [The] - Pogo (Underground Mix) / Let's Rock (Edit) [12 Pulgadas Thumpers]

Brian McKnight - Anytime (Radio Edit, Suave House Remix mit 8-Ball, Cibola Mix Show Bass, Mr Mig Remix Version mit Einführung) [Motown Records] 1998

Broadsword - Weekenders Revenge-Do It Right (Broadsword Jumpin Mix, Yens Club Vocal Mix) [Color Communications-White] 1999 - Promoção

Broadway & Wilson com Angel - Al Campos De Mi Conga (Original Mix, Zoe Noa Mix, Yousef Bagnasty Mix, Zoe Noa Dub) [Industry Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Bryan Dalton - Gimme Something / Acide Pantothe [Roog & Greg Electronics] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Bump J - Pushaman (Radio Version, Album Explicit Version, Instrumental) / Move Around (Radio Version, Album Explicit Version, Instrumental) [Atlantic] 2005 NEW!

Bumper - Cosmopolitan Lover (Original, The Electric Press Dub Mix, The Electric Press Re:press) [20:20 Vision] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Burnski - Headlandmad / Board And Lodge / Get Dum [Registros infantis] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Burnski - Pop EP: Pop3 / Arsid / Sensation [20:20 View] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Burnski - The Nineteen EP: Playtime / Extrakt / Ballpoint / Daylight [Infant Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

By-Si - How I Feel [The Remixes] (Uno-Uro Mix, Transformation Mix, Original Disco Throbbbe) [Sun-Up Records] 1995

C-22 - Vampires / Yes No Yes No No Yes Oh Whatever [Club 18.30] 2000

C-Jay - Chemical Illusion (Eelke Kleijn Drum Edit ((impresso como original)), Mick Wilson Remix) [Climax Recordings] 2005 - Promo NOVO!

Cai - Tears In Her Eyes (Al Usher Remix, Al Usher Dub, Original) [Out Of The Loop Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Calvin Harris - Vegas / Merry Making [Fly Eye] 2007 - Disco de 10" ¡NUEVO!

Cam'ron - Lord You Know (Lead, clean instrumental) / Shake (Lead, clean) / Hey Lady (Lead, clean) [Roc-A-Fella Records] 2004 NEU!

Candidate - Expectation (Original, Beatapella) [Arcobaleno Records] 2006 NUEVO!

Cappella - Be My Baby (Bismark Mix, Van S Hard Mix) [Nukleuz] 1997

Carlo Bandini with Eva Marti - Be You (Original, Experience Remix) [B&W] 2003 NOVO!

Casino - Sound Of Eden (Casino Resurrection Mix, Digital Blondes "Out Of A Bottle" Mix) / Bad Apple (Bad Addition Edit) [WorX] 1997

Cass & Mangan - Line In The Sand (Original Mix, Cass & Mangan Felt Mix) [Sabotage Systems] 2006 NOVO!

Catch - Walk On Water-Baby U Can (Extended Version, Wazari Club Mix, Above & Beyond Mix) [schwarz und weiß] 2002

CBQ - That Lemon Track / That Lemon Dub [Blanco]

CCL - Lançamento (Divine Inspiration Mix, Christian Davies Remix) [Tempest Angels] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Ceramix - Don't Stop (Remake Original, Alex Arnout Remix) [Dogmatik Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Ceramix - I Can't Stop (Original Mix, Twisted Amazon Remix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2005 NEU!

Big Freak von Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out [Disc Two] (Haji & Emanuel Remix, Original 2000 Version, Vox Parts) [Litmus Recordings] 2006 NEU!

Chaos Theory - Abstraction / Another Dimension [Spundae] 2000

Charly Fath - SOS (Stewart Rowell Vocal Mix, Frank TRAX vs ORGAN Remix) [Neo] 2002 – Promo

Chestnut - Revelation Of A New Order (Club Mix, Phenomania 12" Mix, Tribal Mix, Phenomania Instrumental Mix) [Essential Dance Music] 1994

Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love (MK Club Mix, Made In Detroit Mix, Change Up Mix) / Help Myself (Reconstruido von Carl Craig) [Network Records] 1992 ¡NUEVO!

Chloe Harris - Skooch (Original by Mezcla, Remix by Oliver Lieb) [Mashtronic Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Chosen Few [The] - Report To The Dancefloor [Jubilee Recordings] 2007 - Limited Edition 1 Face Disc NEU!

Chris & James - Club For Life '98 (Daygo's Bootleg Mix ((apresenta músicas de "Pamela Fernandez - Kickin' In The Beat")), Tevendale's Alternative Mix) [Stress] 1998

Chris Brown - Yo-Excuse Me Miss (Lead, Instrumental) [Jive] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Chris Fortier - Despegue [Remixe] (40oz Remix, Fractal Ambient, Fractal Remix) [Fade Records] 2007 NEW!

Chris Fortier Presents 40 oz - Extension Cord / Tight Lip [40 oz] 2006 - White Label Release NEW!

Christiaan - Life's a bitch

Chroma - Twilight (Hauptmix, Instrumentalmix) [OnePhatDeeva] 2005 NOVO!

Chromeo - Needy Girl (Paper Faces Remix, Original Mix, High School Prom Remix de Bloc Party, Paper Faces Dub) [Back Yard Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Chromo vs. Daft Punk - Robot Rage! [not on label] 2005 - 1 side mix of "Daft Punk - Robot Rock" and "Chromeo - Rage!" NEW!

Cid Inc & Matthew Bradley - Match Point EP: Lost Game / Re-Match [Restart Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Cleopatra - Life Ain't Easy (Booker T's Soul Inside Mix, Booker T's Dub, Artful Dodger's Gospel Mix, Artful Dodger's Darker Mix) [Wea] 1998 - Promoção

Clubbervision presenta Tech Amplifier - Phase Lock Loop (Revision, Manukan Remix) [Park Limited Music] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Coby - Blue Sapphire (Original Mix, Carl B Remix) [Inspired Records] 2008 NOVO!

Collusion - Impetuoso (Extended, Summer Ends Remix) [Sons cativantes] 2000 NOVO!

Colored Oxygen - Fallen (Falling Blueprint, Falling Dubprint) [Glow-White] 1997

Common - Testify (Radio Edit, Instrumental, LP, Instrumental) [Geffen Records] 2005 NOVO!

Condor - You Can [Kiss My ...] (Mezcla Original, Light Of Day Remix) [Aditivo] 2000

CRI - The 6th Day (Original Mix, Immoral Monkeys Remix) [Bang-White] 2004 - Promo

Cue Kids [The] - Crystal Glass (Beginerz Remix, Original, Dub) [Wax Habit] ¡NUEVO!

CZR & ITO con Ginger - Wonder Of You (Gesang, Accapella, Baby Baby-Pella, Dub) / Don't Stop [Texture Recordings] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

D Ramirez - La Discotek [Remixes] (Darren Emerson Remix, Cagedbaby Ceefax Nightmare Remix) [Underwater Recordings] 2007 NEW!

D-Groovy - Do It Right (Mezcla Extendida, 'Do It Better' Triple X Dub, D's Alternative Mix, Groovy FM Cut) [Frenetic] 2001 ¡NUEVO!

D-Other - Reaching For The Stars (Original Club Version, T&F Moltosugo Club Version, Luca Cassani Club Remix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

D'Influence - Midnite (D-Original Album Mix, Shoesoul Mix, D-Influence Special REMIXED Version, Doctor Scratch Paradox Stomp Mix) [EastWest] 1995 - Promoção

Da Fresh - Behind the Fresh Wheel / I just can't be fresh enough [Da Fresh Bootleg Machine] 2004 NEW!

Da Muttz - what's going on! / What is soup? [Warner Music Germany] 2000 NEW!

Dajae - Brighter Days (Bini & Martini 2005 Club Mix, Bini & Martini Dub Mix) [Big Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Damp con Angie Brown - Sweet Surrender (Club Mix, Homeaffairs Wet Mix, Sweet Accapella) [Lickin' Records] 2005

Dan Sampson & Jhereal - Solid Gold (Thomas Penton & Jerome Robins Mix, Original Mix) [Release Grooves] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Dance Train Classics Vinyl 10: Smoke City – Mr Georgeous (Mood II Swing Remix) // Photon Inc – Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix) // Celvin Rotane – I Believe (Dub) [541] 2001 ¡NUEVO!

Danny Howells & Stef Vrolijk - Phono Corono (16 Bit Lolitas Mix 1, Original Mix, 16 Bit Lolitas Mix 2, Break Free Mix) [Yoshtoshi Recordings] 2004 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Danny Howells präsentiert Choice (album Sampler): The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Danny Howells unveröffentlichter 15-Minuten-Mix) // PM Dawn – A Watchers Point Of View (Todd Terry’s Hard House Mix) (Danny Howells Edit) [Azuli Records ] 2005 - Ediciones exclusivas von Danny Howells. ¡NUEVO!

Darftphunk & SlackShot - I Dance U (Original, Strider Remix) [Splank! Register] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Dario Nunez & David Vio - Chango Club 1.0 / Montag [Disc Doctor Records] 2006 NOVO!

Darius Kohanim - Revitalized EP: Revitalized (Vital Dub von Darius Kohanim, Habersham Mix) [Hunya Munya Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Dark Voice - Da Piano (new mix, original) / Rockin' [PN Records] 2001 NEW!

Darko Esser & Benny Rodrigues - Paradox (Original, Magik Johnson Remix) [Underwater Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Darren Styles - EP Darren Styles: Save Me (Original, Sy & Unknown Remix) / Skydivin' (DS Remix) / Jealous / Drop Zone / Sound Without A Name [Raver Baby] 2006 - Paquete triplo ¡NUEVO!

Darren Williams - After Touch EP: After Touch / Crypttexture (Solar Movement Remix) [Conspiracy Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Darude - Music (Bostik Remix, Original Version) [Sassy Tracks] 2003 NEW!

Dawn [The] - Wonderful (Tom De Vos & Ridney Remix, Tom De Vos & Ridney Dub) [OnePhatDeepa] 2006 NEU!

Dee Magic - Reemix EP: Last Night Dee Magic Saved My Life / Accapella 1 / Accapella 3 / Bassline's Kickin' Yes ​​​​​​I'm Groovin' / Phunk-e's Tribal Beats [Dee Magic-White]

Deep Distraxion apresenta Thee Album: Floorjam - Deep Distraxion // S1000 - ¿Quién está en House? // Back to Front - Ibiza // The Hook Line & Sinker - I'm Gonna Get You [Deep Distraxion] 1994

Deep Factor - Warriors Theme (Main Mix, Just a Touch of Your Dub, Previously Unreleased Animated Replay) [Feelin' Music] 2006 NEW!

Deep Impakt - Shroomz (The Lost Children Remix, Original Mix) [Harlem Trax] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Deep Skies mit Cass Fox – Little Bird (Mike Koglin Remix, Mike Koglin Deep Dub) [Maelstrom Records] 2006 Nota: Como aparece em Tiesto In Search of Sunrise 5. ¡NUEVO!

Deepgroove - Alter8or / Make You Smile (Upside Down) / Your Night Is Not Over [Underwater Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Deepgroove - Put That Needle In / Feel It (Deepgroove Bigroom Mix) [Harlem Trax] 2005 NOVO!

Deepgroove - Weekend Weapons Vol 2: Jus Luv Rave / Collateral Damage (Ferramenta) / Japanese Water (Ferramenta) / The Aftermath (Ferramenta) / The Marshall Plan / Elephant Charge [Underwater Records] 2007 NOVO!

Def E & Seamus Haji - Changes (Seamus Haji Soul Love Mix, Def E Original Mix) [Soul Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Definite Grooves - The Groove EP Band 2: Los sabes ahora / One Try [Definite Groove Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want It Now (King Street Mix) / Shine On (Club Mix) [Supersonic Records UK] 2006 NOVO!

Demi - D-Drive (Original Mix, Justas Xara Remix) [Deeper Substance] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Derek Avari - Chapter 1: Back to the Old School / Tracking Down / I Don't Want It [drizzle] 1996

Derrick Carter vs Freaks - Legacy (FreaksNewSchool-Ode, BHQ-Ode, Blucu-Ode, Dub, Acca) [Wash House] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Desert - Kollage / Aimless Bent / Aimless Paddling [Glow Recordings-White] 1999 - Promo

Digital Fox - Trouble With Me (Force Mass Motion Mix, voz original de 12") [Kingsize] 2004

Dilly - Justice / Phobik [Mixmaster Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

DimensionD - Tonight (Main Club Mix) / Go Ballistic! (Haupt-Club-Mix, Radio-Edit) [Blue Mast Records] 1997

Dina Carroll - Born To Be (Your Lover) / Don't be a stranger

Dirtyworx - Wake Up (Original Mix, Staffan Thorsell Funky Club Mix) [Staf Productions] 2006 NOVO!

Disco Construction - Can't Get Enough (Original Mix, Re-Mode Mix von Steve Angello) [Size Records] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Distortion - The Rock (Original Mix, Skinnees Techno Dub) [Well Loaded] 1996

Divider - Stereo Rides (mezcla original, Bracaccio y Aisher Remix) [Player One] 2001

DJ 19 vs. Austin Leeds - Diamond Dust (Mezcla Original, Harry Cane Remix von Rabbit In The Moon) [19 Box Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Big Al - Trade / Love is Power [Trance Lunar Records-White] 1994 - Promoção

DJ Chus & David Penn mit Caterina - Baila (Vendetta Vocal Mix, Stereo Dub Version, Penn's Suave Mix) [Vendetta Records] Ano Unknown – Promo NEU!

DJ Crivi vs. Dr. Bone - Pinar Discoteca Vol 02: Korpus / Bass All Pinar / Pinar's People [Insolent Tracks] 2004 - Picture Disc SNOW!

DJ Cuts - Band 1: Change The Track (D-Time Mix, Hard Kor Mix) [Hard Trax] 1999

DJ Delirium - Guess Who's Back / FM Radio / Don't Give A F*ck [PN Records] 2001 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Dove präsentiert Gregory Lee – I Want It All (Original Mix, Syke 'N' Sugarstarr Mix) [Catch 22 Recordings] 2005 NOVO!

DJ Dozia apresenta Solaris - Speaking In Love (Original, Sexy Mix von Nigel Richards) [FiveSix Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Duende - Gabbers In Domine / Dabba Di… / Pi Pam Ducker [Gabbers At Work] 2003 NUEVO!

DJ Fred Numf - Universal Rhythm (Day Mix, Night Mix) / Universal Language (Marc O'Tool Dub) [Maelstrom-White] 2003 - Promoção

DJ Garry - Dream Universe (Red Square Mix, Blue Square Mix) [Un lanzamiento de Trance Communications (ATCR)] 2001

DJ Grad - Free Your Mind (Original von Mezcla, Remix von Agent Smith) [Kickin' Records-White] 2005 - Promoção ¡NUEVO!

DJ Greenhead - Free (Dave Joy Mix, Nuke Mix) [Resistance-White] 2004 - Promotion

DJ Hell - EP Remezclado: Sprung Aus Den Wolken (David Duriez Briquerouge Mix, Duriez's Favorite Tool, Pramface Remix) / Buttersaure (Perc Remix) [Kickin' Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Lhasa - Pinocchio (extended mix) / Teknopatia (extended mix) [Re-Acceleration Records] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Lick - Rewound Up [Pig Pen-White] Year unknown - 2 unlabeled mixes. White label release

DJ Maki & DJ Abel DXT - Tecnoland 2: Reactivated / Tribal Nightmare / Kaos In Wonderland [Bit Progressive Music] 2001

DJ Manta - Hold

DJ Meri - Not A Dream (DJ Meri Original Mix, Paul Harris Vocal Mix, Paul Harris Bonus Vocal Mix, Paul Harris Dub Mix) [Big Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Millo - Dance in the streets

DJ Mishkas Mad Gay Mafia – The Epherine Kids EP: Music To Watch Humans Go By Mix / Unf ** kin Believable Acid Trance Mix [Ef.adrine] 2001

DJ Modells & Elvira - On Tha' Razz (Original Mix, Elvira Mix) [on vinyl] 1999

DJ Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot // De Klootsacks And Kornuiten - Pastor Dimitri 2004 [Pont Aeri Records] 2004 - Neuauflage von "Rotterdam Records 093". NOVO!

DJ Niram - Hard To Say / Sixty Minutes F*ck / Booble Up [Gabbers At Work] 2003 NOVO!

DJ Nukem & Steven S - Breakdown (Musiq Club Mix, Electroid Mix) [Musiq] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Paco Rincon - Day Of Die / Blast Hardcore / Don't Stop The Party [Gabbers At Work] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Peter G & The Clubjock - Clubb Strings (Original Mix, Club Mix) [DJ-Aufnahmen] 2001

DJ Piku - Neurotic Phantasy EP: Welcome to Life / El Gato Loco / The Ghost Of Hardcore / The Force [Gabbers At Work] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Saray - Deeper 2005 (Pedro Miras Remix, Defenol & J Golo Remix) [MD Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

DJ Sierra - Linkin Hard / Linkin Jump [Gabbers at Work] 2003 NOVO!

DJ Spoke - Kontakt (White Label PROMOTION)

DJ Steve L - Die Falle

DJ Taco - The Masterpiece (Nu Funk Taco Mix, Electro Funk Taco Mix) [Danzza Records] 2005 NEW!

DJ Tekin - Sunrise In My Soul (Original Mix, Ridney Remix, C Gallardo Disc Doctor Remix, CG Orange Club Remix) [Reelgroove] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

DJV - You Think You're Jesus (2001 Original Mix, Drum & Percussion Dub, A Capella) [Skyline Records] 2001 NOVO!

DJVT - Watskeburt?! (Turntable Remix, Boogie Pimps Remix) [Nebula-White] 2007 – Promo NOVO!

DM - Heaven Can Wait (D-Bop's Melt & Sparkle Mix, Jupiter 9 "Soul Surround" Mix) [Warner] Año desconocido - Disco de 10"

DMC präsentiert House Nation 228: New Order - Crystal (Blue Amazon Remix) // Faithless - God Is A DJ (Skynet UK Remix) [DMC] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

DMC Presents House Nation 237 [Part 1]: Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Piratebrain Remix) // Michael Jackson - Bad (Mr Tibbs Remix) [DMC] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

DMX - Get It On The Floor (Radio, LP-Version, Instrumental) / We 'Bout To Blow (Radio, LP-Version, Instrumental) [Def Jam Recordings] 2003 NEU!

Dom Kane - Crunch Time (Original Mix, Loose Lips Mix) [Randomize Records] 2006 NOVO!

Dom Kane - Revolution (Original Mix, Climax Mix, Rui Mix) [Randomize Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder - Carry On (Diddy's Hard For The Money Mix, Definitive Mix, Euro Mix) [Allmächtig] 1998

Double 99 - 7th High (Original Version, Rui Da Silva Remix) [Arista / BMG] 2001 – Promo

Double Six - Breakdown (Original 12" Mix, Peplab Mix, Firewall Mix) [Multiply] 1999

Double Space - Somewhere Else (Eröffnungsmix, Station DJ Fancy Remix) / The Timne Of The Lights [faixas atrevidas] 2002 NOVO!

Dr. Baker - Alarm (Original Mix, Funky Flex, Flex Trance Mix, Instrumental) [Additive-White] 1996 - Promo

Dr. Kucho! & Adonis Alvarez - Canto D'Addio / Remix-Teile [Disc Doctor Records] 2006 NOVO!

Drax & Gooding - Harder (Original Mix, Remix) [Harlem Records] 2004 NOVO!

Drax & Gooding com Taariq - ABC (Remix, Original) [Harlem Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Drax & Scott Mac - Sublime (3am Mix, Drax's Quarry Mix) [Spot On] 2001

Dream [The] com Kenard – Sunrise (CFs Sunrise 2000 Mix, Cevins Morning Club Mix, CFs New Dawn Beats) [Twisted UK] 1998

Dreamcatcher - I Don't Wanna Lose My Way (Moguai-Remix, Praha-Remix) [Positiva] 2001 - Promo

Droid - Focus (Up Tempo Mix, Reversebass Mix) [Re-Acceleration Records] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

Drum Bums - The Idea (Original Edition, Dean Coleman Silent Sound Beatdown, Tom De Neef Vocal Mix, Drum Bums 303 Mix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2007 NEW!

DTM - Back to the House of Pain / 303 Vs 606 (Superhero Mix) [DTM Recordz] 1996

Dubble D - Würdest du? (Original Mix, Instrumental, Acapella, Max Sedgley Remix, Max Sedgley Instrumental) / Pudpots [20:20 Vision] 2005 NEU!

Dumb Dan - Higher Love / Higher Dub [Dumb Recordings] 2006 NOVO!

Duncan & Wilde - I Just Died (erweiterter Mix, D'Mau-Remix, Sosumi vs. Kumuchi-Remix, Unity-Project-Remix) [Picolé] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Crepúsculo - Por quê? (Extended Mix, Steve K encontra Dusk Mix, Discozeit Remix) [DNS Recordings] 2002

Dynamic Intervention + Rich & Gordi - Move it

E-Sound & DJ PM - Calte Fusion (White Label PROMO)

Eastern Street - Lift Me Up (E-Smoove Vocals, K&M Dub) [Soundsheavenly Recordings] 2003 - Drucktest ¡NUEVO!

Ed Gusto - Roots (Afrocentric Mix von Ed G, Acid Disco Mix von Ed G, Wawa Remix, Wawa Bonus Beats) [Big Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Eddie Sender - Genesis (Original Mix, Robert Gitelman & Michael Tsukerman Remix) [Inspired Records] 2008 NOVO!

Edvika - Once In A Lifetime (Nikolai Warnez Mix, Extended Mix) [Blanco Y Negro] ¡NUEVO!

EG Fullalove - Didn't I Know? [Diven Auf Die Tanzfläche ... Bitte] (Junior's Factory Mix, Blisstumental Beats, Cevin's Diva Mix, Late Nite Diva Mix) [Sound Of Ministry-White] 1995 - Promo

Ego Trippin' - Pressure Drop / Gangbuster [Frontline Records White] 2001 - Promo

Electric Press [The] - Tone Control / A New World [20:20 View] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Electrique Boutique - Revelation (Ferry Corsten Remix, Original Mix) [Data] 2000

Electroset - Sensation (Tin Tin Out Remix, Electroset Mix, Shaker Remix) [Ffrreedom] 1995 – Promoção

Elektrik DJ - Crazy (Soulseekrz Blitz Mix, Original Mix, Soulseekrz Dub Mix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2006 NEU!

Elena Baltagan - Lumea Ta-Together (Angel City Extended Mix, Potatoheadz Remix, Jean Elan Remix, Tribal Remix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2005 NUEVO!

Elias Tzikas - She's Scared EP: She's Scared / Saved / Early Grave [Deep Focus] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Emjay - Let's Start Here (Hauptmischung, Overdub) [Clubsole Records] 2005 NEU!

Emjays [The] - Jaded (Milton Jackson Club Mix, Milton Jackson Dub, Album Mix) [Console Sounds] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Emmy Black - Blitzkrieg Europe (Original, Lightning War Mix) [Triebhafte] 1998

Erick E - Get on the Floor (Original, Dub Ya Ass) [Roog & Greg Electronics] 2006 NOVO!

Etoile - A veces (Original Mix, Playmaker Remix, Dave Gardners Woonsen Remix) [Seamless Black Label] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Etostone - Alter9 / Pornostar [Clear Records] 2005 NEW!

Evolution - Love Thing (Mistura Original, Mix Compulsivo) / Jaywalkin' / Control (Deep Mix) [Dekonstruktion] 1993

F To The F (Fedde Le Grand & Funkerman) - Wheels In Motion (Mezcla Original, Chocolate Puma Remix) [CR2 Records UK] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Facs & DJ Red - Whole Car / Fat Cap [Jugo-Blanco] 1998 – Promo

Fallen Angels - City Life [Remixes] (Hi Tack Remix, Bellatrax Remix, Acappella) [Boss] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Farfa se encontra com Pleasure Team - The Flame (Farfipleasurico Mix, Pleasurefarfico Mix) [Serial Killer Vinyl] 2001

FB with Edun - Who's knocking on the door? (Benny Benassi Remix, Ferry Corsten Remix) [Flashover Recordings] 2005 NEW!

FBP com Blondeman - Slip (Max Power Mix, Original Mix) [Non-Stop Recordings UK]

Ferry Corsten - Sublime (Original Extended, Thrillseekers Remix) [Tsunami] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Ferry Corsten - Sweet Sorrow (Thrillseekers Remix, Album version) [Tsunami] 2004 NEW!

Ferry Corsten - Whatever! [Part 1] (Extended Album, Coburn Remix) [Tsunami] 2006 NEW!

Ferry Corsten & Shelley Harland - Holding On (Flashover Mix von Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond Remix, Big Room Mix von Luke Chable) [Tsunami] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Filo Bedo - Fliying High (North Starz Extended Version, JJ Mason Remix, North Starz Dub Mix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2003 NUEVO!

Flash Brothers - Sweetest Thing (Nick-K Remix, Original) [LowRiders] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Flash Republic - Emergency (Envotion Mix, Phatjak Mix, Radio Edit) [Extrema] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Flip & Fill - I Want to Dance With Someone (Flip & Fill Remix, Pascal Dub) [Around the World] 2002 - Promoção

Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels - Human Animal (Danny Freakazoid Mix, John Dahlback Remix, Original Mix) [Joia Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Francesco Pico - All By Yourself EP: All By Yourself / Swing Departure / Don't Speak That Language On The Phone [Hotkitchen! Records] 2007 NEW!

Francisco - Hero / Twenty Twenty [20:20 Vision] 2006 NEU!

Frantic & Gammer - Braveheart 2006 (Original 2006 Mix, Alternate Drop Mix) [Return Of The Clans-White] 2006 - Etiqueta blanca adhesiva ¡NUEVO!

Freshmess On Wax - Núcleo / Lyca Journey / Manupturaus [Flagbearer Records] 1995

Freshmove - You Can Do It (Nari & Milani Club Mix, Cleptomaniacs Summer Club Mix, Cleptomaniacs Summer Dub) [Vendetta Records] ¡NUEVO!

Fruitloop - Konde Wants A Man / Here Comes That Sound [Tripoli Trax] 1998

Fresh Fruit - Papito (Club Mix, Dubstrumental) / Move (Allright!) [B&W] 2004 NOVO!

Funkagenda - Le Souk EP: Le Souk / My Love / House Music Revolution [Big Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Funky Transport - The Broken Table EP: Love Garden / Snafu / Acid Stuff [Industry Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Future Addiction - Underground / TNT [Bulletproof Limited Limited-Weiß] 2003 - Promoção

Future Breeze - Temple Of Dreams (Club Instrumental Mix, Electrique Boutique Remix) [Daten] 2002

G-Club - People Are Crazy [Teil 1] (G-Club Crazy Horn Mix, Steve Mac Remix) [G-Club Productions] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Gabi Newman - Release [2005 Remix] (Gabi Newman Deeproom Remix, Original Revisited, Paul Rincon Remix) [Vendetta Records] 2005 NEW!

Gaz James & Hauswerks - Monsoon // Hauswerks - Basstrap [Toxik World Ltd] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Gaz James & Hauswerks - Nightbreed // Hauswerks & Jaymo - Zink [Toxik World Ltd] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

GC meets Dariush - Good Love (Gianni Coletti Vocal Mix, Gianni Coletti Instrumental, Big Love Dub de Deepgroove, London Residents Remix) [Big Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Gee Moore - G-Tribe (Clubby Mix, Lado-Original) [BXR Claxixx] 2001

Gee Rossi - Give Me Some More (Tom-X vs. Steve Cypress Club Mix, Original Club Mix, Public Domain Debunk Remix) [2001 Records] 2002 - Produced and later released under the stage name "DJ Gert".

Genaside II - Mr Maniac (Original Mix, Vocal Effects) [Northwestside Records] 1997

Genaside II - Waistline Firecracker (Mezcla Original, Hard As F*ck Remix, Shi*ty Remix, Eat Meatz Remix) [Interno] 1996

Gene Farris präsentiert Hollywood Bungalow - U Got That (Vocal Mix, Dub Mix, Instrumental Mix) [Industry Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

General Base - On & On (Dub-Version, Damage Remix, Extended Version, Radio Edition) [Rough Trade Germany-White] 1997 - Promotion

George Duke vs. E-S/L - Brazilian Love Affair (Mike Perry Extended Vocal Mix, Mat Bradshaw Extended Vocal Mix) [Erzengel] ¡NUEVO!

Ghostface Killah - Be Easy (Radio, LP, Instrumental, Radio, LP, Instrumental) [Def Jam Recordings] 2005 NEU!

Ghostface Killah con Trife - Milk Em' (Benny Cassette Version, Benny Cassette Version Instrumental, Strange Fruit Project Version, Strange Fruit Project Version Instrumental, Exile Version, Exile Version Instrumental, MHE Version, Ricci Rucker Version) [Sonido en color] 2005 NUEVO !

Gimpz [The] - Strip Down-Nude (Original, Stripped Mix) [Junior Boy's Own] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Giorgio - Tanga (Originalversion, Jerry Ropero & Sandrino Remix, Jerry Ropero & Sandrino Dub Mix) [Schwarz & Weiß] 2002 NEU!

Gipsy - Gipsy (Original Club Mix) [Vendetta Records] 2003 - 1 Side Promo NOVO!

Giresse - Mon Ami (Original Mix, Jan Driver Mix) [Nebula White] 2001 - Promo

Girl Nobody - Come & Find Me (Situation 2wo Mix) / Careful What You Say (Rob Curtis Mix) [Release Grooves] 2005 NEW!

Gitta - No More Turning Back (XTM Dub, XTM Instrumental, Yomanda Mix) [Pepper] 2000

Glasgow Gangster Funk - Wanna Dance?

Glasgow Gangster Funk Tracs - Encontre Anotha Ho! (Come On Die Young Original Mix, Funk D'Void Fifteen Dollar Mix, Ro-Cham-Bo "Everybody Wants To Ride" Mix) [Independent] 1999

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Original, Instrumental) / Go Go Gadget Gospel (Original, Instrumental) [Downtown Music] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Gold 'N' Delicious - Angel Chorus [VC Recordings] 2000 - 1 Gesicht Promo

Goldie-Lox präsentiert D'Votion - Dope Groove (Original Mix, Houseplayerz Mix) [Salacious Records] 2005 NOVO!

Gore & Schoenbrunn - Robbery EP: Pistol / Money / Escape [Restart Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Graeme Ross - Messiah / Wrong is Right [Audio Rehab-White] 2004 - Promo

Graham Gold - Culebra (Rough Seas Mix, Calm Seas Mix, Original Mix) [Relative Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Groove Allegiance - The Shirk Off [Vinyl Sampler 1]: The Drip / Roland's Revenge (Hexadezimaler Remix) [Splank! Register] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Groove Garden - Positive Energie

Groovefire - Mama (Red Eyed Sneakers Mix, Original Mix) [Release Grooves] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Gutterstylz aka Bruce Aisher - Body Work (Original, Dub) [Mashtronic Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Guy J - Never Say No EP: Never Say No / Ligod / Moonkey [Deep Focus] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Guy J & Ranaa - Resek (Original, Nils Noa Remix) [Deep Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Guy Williams - Spin Doctor / Chant [Wax Habit] ¡NUEVO!

H&H und Keith Thompson - Like A Mountain (H&H Soul Survivors Mix, Staffan Thorsell Remix, Untitled Mix) [Staf Productions] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Haji & Emanuel - Take Me Away (Stonebridge Remix, Dave Spoon Remix, Stonebridge Instrumental) [Big Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Haji & Emanuel com Robert Owens - If (Original, Ran Shani Remix, Haji & Emanuel Remix, Funkagenda's Housexy Mix) [Big Love] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Happy Clappers - Never Again (Original 12", Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix, Murk Club Mix, Funky Green Dub) [PWL] 1996

Harald Bjork - Mindmap EP: Antlake Memories / House Gangsta / Trott Paa Att Slass / Tugganugget [Deep Focus] 2006 NOVO!

Hardsoul & Ron Carroll - My Life [Remixe] (Greg & Jeroenski Big Room Dub, Spiritchaser's 'Motion' Dub, BMC 90's Classic Vocal Mix von Ron Caroll) [Hardsoul Pressings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Hardsoul apresenta Quazimodo - Give In (Hardsoul Reconstruction, Navajo Retweak, Mobin Master Remix) [Hardsoul Pressings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Harri - Strictly Drum and Bass (Mix One, Mix Two, Mix Three) [Walking Man Records]

Harrison Crump & Felix Da Housecat - Don't You Go (Original, Harrison Crump Remix, Angel Alanis Remix) [Subliminal] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Harry "Choo Choo" Romero mit Shawnee Taylor - Be The One (Main Mix, Dub) [Subliminal] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Haylon - Starfighter (Original Mix, Jonas Steur Remix) [Surface Recordings] 2005 - White Label Lançamento NOVO!

HCCR alias Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - Warped (Main Mix, Dub Mix) [Bambossa Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Headliner [The] - ¿Quién es mi DJ? (Prototype Mix, Loop Da Loop Hardstep Mix, Griffapella, Original "Time Is It, Is It" Mix, Brown Pants Remix) [AM:PM] 1999 - Promoção

Henk Holsheimer - Platonic EP: Hypnotic Reflexions / Streamline Dream [H2 Records]

Henrik B präsentiert Terri B – Soul Heaven (Original Mix, Overdub Mix) [Nero Recordings] 2007 NOVO!

Henrik B com Terri B - Soul Heaven (Mezcla Original, Micky Slim Mix) [Boss] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Hernan Cerbello - Keep On / Summer Emergency [VapouRise] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Hi-Skool - Summer Nights (extended mix, DJ Acesone meets Sonic Solutions mix) [black and white] NEW!

Hiratzka & Kazell - Prime (Quivver Remix, Original Mix) [Influx Audio] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Hiro Kuretani - Looser Takes All (Tom Parris Remix, Original Mix) [Park Limited Muzik] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Holloway & Co - I'll Do Anything To Make You Mine (Olav Basoski Remix, Original Mix, Matt Jackson Remix) [UNGLAUBLICH] 1999 - Promo

Holy Rollers [The] - Love Me More (12" Mix, Alternate Mix) [OnePhatDeeva] 2006 NOVO!

Homemade - Philosophy (Original Mix, Darren Christians "Foot To The Floor" Mix) [Duty Free] 2002

Hondas - Hondas [Sin on] (DJ Sneak Remix, Gian Piero Mendola Capri Inspiration, Pavesi Sound) [Manifest] 1997

Honesty 69 - French Kiss (Hot Version, Triple "M" Mix, Diamond Mix) [BCM Records] 1989 NOVO!

Hooj Classics (Ltd Repress Series Disco 3): Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Quivver Mix) // Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System (Dave Clarke Mix) [Hooj Choons] 2003

Huff & Puff – Born Again (Original Mix, Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix, Second Protocol Science Mix) [Go! batir] 2001

Huff & Puff - Help Me Make It '97 (Rollo & Sister Bliss '97 Remix, Huff Remix) [Shkway] 1997

Hunter - Plutonic (Hunter's Original, K-Traxx Remix) [Zounds] 2000

Hydroid - Drawn To Depth (Original von Mezcla, Remix von Peter Dafnous) [Trance Revolution Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Hysteric Ego – Ministry Of Love (Mezcla „Temple Of Love“ von Brother Grim, Mezcla West 10, Mezcla „Gallery“ von Tall Paul, Mezcla „Blowout“ von Tall Paul) [Wea] 1997

I'm a Bandit - Give Me Special Thrills / Be Stupid [I'm a Bandit] NOVO!

I Love NY - Seasons Of Love (Original Broadway Mix, Milk & Sugar Remix, 5th Avenue Remix) [Boss] 2008 ¡NUEVO!

I-Candi - All Fired Up (Sunshine Funk Mix, Candi Club Mix) [Flawless] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Ian Carey Project [The] - Love Won't Wait [Remixe] (Wawa vs. Ian Carey Mix, Good Guys Remix, Mark Knight Toolroom Remix) [GFAB Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Ijah feat. D'Empress - Nitelife (Original Mix) [White] Year Unknown - 1 Face Promo NEU!

Ijah con D'Empress - Nitelife (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix, Grant Nelson Remix, Danny Freakazoid Remix, Gianni Bini Remix) [Big Love] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Illusivo: mantén tus manos alejadas de ese hombre (Hands On Mix, Full-On Piano Mix, Suns Of Shiva Remix, Sweaty Palms Remix, Suns Of Shiva Instrumental Remix) [Rumour Records] 1994

Infinitize - Around Us (Original Mix, Rene Amesz Mix) [25 Hertz Recordings] 2006 NEU!

Infinity - Sunshine (when I dance with you) - AM:PM

Infinity con Duane Harden – Sunshine [When I Dance With You] (Original Mix, Harlem Hustler’s Shiny Mix, Jazzy M’s „Hello You“ Dub) [AM:PM] 2000 – Promoção

Vacío interior - Dual Power / Shamrock / Mentally Disturbed [Delirium] 1994

Intenso - Luv Da Sunshine (Original Mix, M Factor Remix) [Inferno] 2002 – Promo

Irn Brian - Nose Bag (McBain vs Mendoza Mix, Original Mix) [Meaty Moosic] 2003

Issakidis - Into Your Life (Original, Midnight Mike Remix) [The Republic of Desire] 2006 NOVO!

Italian Stallion - Nasty (Hardsoul Re-Edit, Sidney Samson Remix) [Roog & Greg Electronics] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

J-Dubs - Blow Ya Whistle (J-Dubs Stomping Mix, J-Dubs Dub 2 Funk Mix) [Caged Records] 1998

Ja Rule - Against Time (Clean, Street, Instrumental) / Ni**as & B**ches (Clean, Street, Instrumental) [The Inc Records] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Jack Addicts - Illuminous Skies / Repression [Minimal Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Jack N Daniels vs. Love Tribe - Get Up (Raise Hands In The Air Come Down And Dance) [Hit N Run] 2005 NEW!

Jamaster A - Bells Of Tiananmen (Cloudchaser Mix, Ian Knowles Remix, Original Club Mix) [Kickin' Records-White] 2005 - Promoción ¡NUEVO!

Jamie Foxx mit Kanye West – Extravaganza (Radio Mix, Instrumental Version, Club Mix, Club Mix Acappella) [J Records] 2005 NEU!

Jason Nawty - The Jason Nawty EP 2: Echte DJs / Watch Your Back [12 Pulgadas Thumpers White] – Promo

Jason Nevins präsentiert UKNY - I'm In Heaven (Club Mix, Motivo Vocal Remix, Three Drives Dub Remix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2003 NUEVO!

Jay B - Funk Baby / Blue 59 [Bulletproof Records Limited] 2002

Jay Lamar - Really You EP: Really You / Sweat [Extrema Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Jaytech - Manipulator (Original, Parallel Sound Remix) [Fast Response Recordings] 2006 NOVO!

JC - So Hot (Original, Radio Edit / Trust Me [EastWest] 1998

JC - UR My Love (Original Mix) / Redsky (Deep Progressive Mix) [Academy Records] 2001

JDS - Shake It (Der Elektro-Workout-Mix, Plüsch-Synthesizer-Mix, Der Piano-Groove-Mix) [Grabaciones fonéticas] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Jeans Team - Nonstop Nonstop Nonstop (Original, My Robot Friend Remix) [DefDrive] 2006 - 7" Record ¡NUEVO!

Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad (Murk Miami Mix, Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Remix, Ford's Siren Club Mix, J-Lo vs Who Da Funk Main Mix) [Episch] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Jez & Choopie - Yim (Original Tel Aviv Club 12", Hybrid's Sunrise Remix, Qattara Remix, Graham Gold Mix) [Multiplicar] 1998

Jimmy Hill - The Good Sh*t (Original Mix, Grayson Shipley Mix) [Propaganda Autorizada] 2006 NOVO!

Jimpy - Oblivion / Summer [Celsius UK] 1998

Jiva feat. Rula - Timelapse (Original Mix, Moonbeam Presents Glockenspiel Mix, Tire & Tare Elektrotek Dub Mix) [Pure Substance Records] 2006 NOVO!

JK Walker apresenta Antimatter - Energize / On Edge [Precision Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Johan Ilves - Disc Legion (Original Mix, Greg Kobe Remix) [Kinky Vinyl] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

John '00' Fleming vs Simple Minds - Belfast Trance (Nueva Mezcla Vocal, Mezcla Vocal Original) [Nebula] 2001 - Promo

John Dahlback - Everywhere (Main Mix) [Joia Records] 2007 - 1-seitige Limited Edition Disc NOVO!

John Morgan - Octaves (Mezcla Original, Harold Heath Remix) [Powerplant Music] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

John Morgan & Kevin Shiu - Mic Check (Check 1, Check 2, Shmuel Flash & Huge-A Mafria Check Remix) [Powerplant Music] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Joi Cardwell - Soul To Bare [Remixe Duros] (Christian Hornborstel Remix, Alex Butcher Remix, John '00' Fleming Remix, Kabal Remix) [DP Trance] 1999

Joia Records Miami Sampler 2007: DJ Andrew - Crackhead // Nelle y Stephane M - The Cucumber Track // Roman Salzger - Idise [Joia Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

JoJo De Freq - Saturn Returns / Pop This Reverie [Mythic Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Jon Muto - Wrektum (Wavestorm Remix, Original Mix) [Restoration] 2002 - Promo

Jon The Dentist - Keeper Of The Seal (Push Harder Mix, Breaking Seal Mix) [Phoenix Uprising] 2002

Jondi & Spesh - New Blue Dawn / Breather [Looq Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Jordan Rivera com Shereetha Campbell - Memories (DJ Jeroenski Mix, Original Mix, Shik Stylko Mix) [Realbasic Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Jorge M Jaramillo (von Who Da Funk) mit Alexandra Marin - Ugly People Be Quiet (Original, Dub) [Subliminal] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Joseph Armani e Jan Francisco - Infatuation-Dubmix (Hugg & Pepp Remix, Disco Punk & Neolectric Berlin Funked Up Remix, Dubmix) [Joia Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Judge Jules & BK - Seizure (Jules Ibiza edit, BK mix) [Riot! Pickup White] 2005 – Promo NEW!

Juke Joint - Melody Of The Mouth (Mezcla Original, Doot Mix von Dave Spoon) [Big Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Julian Sanza - Interference Part 1: Pool Party / Activate / Birthday [Infant Records] 2005 NEU!

Junatik - Maybe (Kevin Sunray Remix, DJ Fist Sunday Night Remix, Original Mix, Latin Players Remix) [Unlove Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Junk Science - Mein Name ist Jacques (Mezcla Original, Simuck Plastic Funk Remix) [Anjunadeep] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Junkfood Junkies com MC Quest - JUNK (Clubb Mixx, Original, Back to the 80's Version) [Slot] 1998

Junkie XL - Today (Extended Remix, Yonderboi Remix, UNKLE vs Mode Showdown Remix, Fuzzy Hair Remix) [Roadrunner Records] 2006 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Junkie XL - Heute [Disc 1] (Extended Mix, UNKLE vs Mode Showdown Remix) [Skyline Records] 2006 NEU!

Junkie XL - Today [Disco 2] (Remix von Cabelo Fuzzy, Remix von King Roc) [Skyline Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Just One - Love Music LP: All the way / Regeneration / No stress / Love is the thing / Questions / Life is up to you / In between / State of emergency [Neroli] 2006 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Justin Bourne - Activate (Mezcla-Original, Bulldozer-Remix) [Bulletproof Records Limited]

Justin Robertson - Pylontheory / Diceman / Subway Sky [Neverwork] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

K Class - Talk to me

K3 com Alice Lascelles - Play To Win (Atrium Vocal Mix, Dub-Seamus Haji Edit, Danny Freakazoid Remix) [Big Love] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Kadoc - Rock The Bells (Wippenberg Mix, Sash! Remix, DJ Quicksilver Remix) [Manifysto] 1997

Kagami - Fuse Head EP Teil 2: Delight Head Dub / DFT [Carizma] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Kanye West - Through The Wire (Lead, Instrumental) / Two Words (Limpio, Lead, Instrumental) [Roc-A-Fella Records] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Katana - Erotmania '97 (Sash! Remix Extended, DJ Randy 1997 Remake, Dave Angel Remix, CJ Bolland Remix) [Bionic Beat] 1997

Kawala - Humanistic (Nylon Filtered Mix, Pressence Mix, Future Breeze Remix) [Pepper Records] 2000

KeeKo - Off Center 1 / Torsion / Off Center 2 [Contact Recordings-White] 1999 – Promo

Kenny Hawkes & David Parr - The Human Race (Original, The Electric Press Re-Press) / Warum? [Vision 20:20] 2006 NEU!

Kevin Saunderson präsentiert eine Musik von KMS (The Party Of The Year): Members Of The House - Party Of The Year (Stereogen Remix) // Esser'ay - Forces (Reese Mix) // Naomi Daniel - Feel The Fire (Carl Craig Remix ) // Sonya Blade & The Funky Home Dogs - House Of Love (Chez & Trent Remix) [KMS UK] 1994 - Muestra de DJ de edição limitada. ¡NUEVO!

Key Generators [The] - Party People (Mashtronic Remix, 16 Bit Lolita's Mix) [Mashtronic Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Key West feat. JJ - We Are One [Not on record]

Kid Creme con Bashiyra - The Game (Kids Voodoo Mix, Kids Piano Mix) [Batidas ilegais] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Kienzle & Iberle - Touch Me (Laurent Wolf Remix, Christian Hornbostel Sinthetic Tribe Dub) [Skyline Records] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Kim Lukas - All I Really Want (Steve Thomas' Monastry Mix, Eiffel 65 Remix, Original Mix) [Pepper] 2000 - Promoção

King Of House gegen DJ Valen - In Motion 2005 (DJ Valen Remix, Original Mix) [King Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

King Quadra - Pink Champagne (Original, Original Instrumental Edit, The Starstruck Dub Mix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2004 NEW!

King Rocker - Asereko-Homie (Team Brooklyn Electro Mix, Patrick Alavi präsentiert Dolphin Collins Remix, Extended Mix, Mike Felks Mix) [Tinted Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

King Unique - Flashing Lights (Original, Acappella) / Curfew Time (Original, Acappella) [Junior Boy's Own] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Kingpinz con Antonia Lucas - Need You Tonight (Original Mix, Groovecutter Remix) [Cayenne Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Kings Of NY - This Is House (John Dahlback Mix, John Dahlback Dub, DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta Mix) [24 Seven Recordings Ltd] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Kissogram - My Friend Is A Seahorse (Radio Slave Remix) // 33HZ - Hot Flashes (Rob Mello Remix) // 33HZ - Crazy All The Time (Magik Johnson Remix) [DefDrive] 2006 NOVO!

Knights Of The Raj - Sunshine (Vocal Mix, Accapella, Instrumental, Hornapella) [Art & Crafts] Year Unknown - Promotion NEW!

Kokopelli - Was ist das? (Original Mix, Moonchilds N-Duced Mix) [Ultra Vinyl] 1995

Contract Killaz - Tonite (mit Delicious) / Feel It [Illegale Beats] 2005 NEU!

Korovin - I Live For Now (David Vendetta Remix, Original Mix) [Oven Ready] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Kovak - I Love The Dance Floor / Never Find Love In A Nightclub [Kovak] 2008 - Disco de 7 "NOVO!

Kraze - The Party (Love City Club Remix, Delication con Go & Drez Remix, Awex Remix, Alex Flatner Remix) [stereophonisch] 2001

Kris James & Kriss Knight - Mad Inside (Stud Mix, King Rocs Electro Dub) [Stud Recordings] ¡NUEVO!

Kris Menace apresenta Stars On 33 - I Feel Music In Your Heart (Lifelike & Kris Menace Remix) [Vulture Music] 2006 - Disco de 1 cara ¡NUEVO!

Kristoffer Zaar - Bass Circle (Original, Killswitch Rocker Remix, Mashtronic Remix, Stian Klo Remix) [Dumb Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Kudos - The Rhythm / Tell Me [Predator Recordings-White] 2004 - Promoção

Kujay Dada - Let It Play (Lovedance Club Mix, Deep South Mix, Lovegrooves Mix) [Phonetic Recordings] 2005 NEW!

Kylie - Slow (Third Street Remix by Max Graham, Red Eyed Sneakers Remix by Adam Nathan) [RR1000] 2004 - Lançamento no official ¡NUEVO!

Lab Rats - States of Being EP: Beefcakes / States of Being [OnePhatDeepa] 2004

Lady Foursquare - Xcite Bike (8 Bit Original, Angel Alanis Rework) / Xciting DJ Tool [A Squared Muzik] 2008 ¡NUEVO!

Lady Saw & Marsha - Son Of A Bitch (Club Mix, Radio Mix) / Version [Big Yard Music Group] 2000 - Nota: Este foi de disko de reposta a "Shaggy - It Wasn't Me".

Laidback Luke - Killing The Kitchen / Back 2 Return [Size Records] 2007 NOVO!

Laidback Luke & Marchand present Highstreets - Don't Let Go (Original Edition, Wize Club Remix, Sebastien Leger Pop Remix, Marchand Remix) [Ledge Music] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Laptop Dancer - Music Machine (Creative Primates Remix, Original LTD Mix, SysEx Fuzzdub) [Montblanc Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Lars Tindy - Bitz Of Bass / Past & Future [Re-Acceleration Records] 2002 NOVO!

Lasgo - All Night Long (Original Mezcla, Remix Dave McCullen & Ritter, Remix Andre Pascal, Remix Trinity) [Turbulence Records UK] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Latin Thing - Latin Thing (Latin Intruder Mix, Alive Mix, Eat Me Edit, Aquarius Stacked Up Remix, Elders & Betters Mix) [Faze 2] 1996

Le Ron & Yves Eaux - Cover Girl (Remix, Original) [Minimal Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Le Ron & Yves Eaux & Luke Star - Feel Safe (Nocando Remix, Original) [Vapourise] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Le Ron & Yves Eaux & Luke Star - Feel The Heat (Original, Hernan Cerbello Remix) [Vapourise] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Le Ron & Yves Eaux & Luke Star - The Teachers EP: The Teachers (Original) / Eletrizante (Original, Schoenbrunn Remix) [Restart Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Leben - Tag 1 (B'Jamin & Angel Farringdon Remix, Original Mix) [Relative Records-White] 2003 - Promo

Ledge [The] - Falling (Original-Remix von Kosheen DJ, Stel Mix) [Deep Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Lee Burridge & Dan F - Treat 'Em Cruel, Keep 'Em Keen / Skiiiirt [fast anonym] 2006 NEU!

Lee Burridge & Steve Porter - Raw Dog / Dirty Panty Ho Wrestler [fast anonym] 2007 NEU!

Lee Mortimer - From A Great Height (Loz Remix, Original Mix) / Face Furniture [Carioca Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Lepore - Trust Me (Original Mix, Dejure Remix) [Nebula-White] 2002 - Promotion

Leroy Styles - „Spring einfach! (Original Mix, Spletter Remix) [25 Hertz Recordings] 2007 NEU!

Les Hemstock Presents Tonik - Money (Original Mix, Serpent Remix by Terra Ferma) [Eve Nova] 2001 - Promo

LHB - Everybody Sees It In My Face (Mauve Dark Vocal, Yum Yum Remix) [Telstar] 2002

Libido - The Second Coming (Top Banana Mix, Itchy And Scratchy Dub) [Top Banana] 1996 - Promoção

Lickwid Lips com Chantzi D - Take My Love (Trance-Mix, Disco-Mix, Club-Mix) [M&VT (Music & Vision Trading)] 1992

Lindos & Salling - Feel It (Originalversion, Beatchuggers & Salling Soulful Affair Mix, Kid Massive Chunky Dub) [Soundslike Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Linn - Available (Rasmus Faber Remix, Shifted Up Mix by Jay-J, Shifted Up Dub by Jay-J) [Farplane] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Liptrick [The] - Smack The Rat EP: Separated / Aerosol / Panic [Infant Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Liquid Nation - EP 1: Liquid Nation (Liquid Nation Club Mix) / Age Of Reason (Liquid Nation Club Mix) [Audiofreaks] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Lisa Lindley-Jones - Firetime (Flush Mix von Tony Senghore, Straight Mix von Tony Senghore) [Eye Industries] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Livio & Roby - Headz On / Out Of Bass [Fantastic House] 2006 NEU!

Lloyd - Hey Young Girl (Hauptversion, Instrumental, Acapella) / Southside-Remix (Hauptversion, Clean-Version, Instrumental) [The Inc Records] 2004 NEU!

LOB - Crockett's Theme (Extended Mix, Linus Loves Remix) / Da Crockett (Hyper Dub Mix) [Nebula] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Lonestar - New Kicks (Original, The Remix) [Maris Music] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Long Distance - Round & Around (Static Revenger Mix, Static Revenger Dub) [Longa Distância] 2006 NOVO!

Looseheadz - So so so so

Lost Daze - International Underground (Original Mix, Sucker DJs Remix) / Out Of Daze [Sucker DJ] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Lost Tribe - Gamemaster [Remixes Disc 2] (The Digital Blonde Remix, Tidy Two Remix von Lee Haslam) [Liquid Asset-White] 2003 - Promoção

Lost Witness com Andrea Britton - Wait for You (Lost Witness Original Mix, EX-3 Remix) [Nebula] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

LOVE - We Should Fall in Love [Ashley Beedle Mixes] (Ashley Beedle Vocal Mix, Ashley Beedle Dub Mix) [Art & Craft Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Love Bite [The] - Take Your Time (Vox Dub Mix) [Rise] 2000 - Promoción de 1 cara

Love To Infinity - Pray For Love (Classic Paradise Mix, Episódio IV Mix, David Morales Club Mix, David Morales G-Thang, Classic Paradise Radio Mix) [Cogumelo] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Lowriders - Rapattack (Original, Dub) [Low Riders] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Luc Poublon - Quantum Leap (Sassot-Remix, Original-Mix, D2C-Remix) [Insolent Tracks] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Lucien Foort präsentiert Mitch Crown - Sound Of Love (Original Mix, Instrumental Mix) [Roog & Greg Electronics] 2007 NOVO!

Lucy Carr - Missing You (Kenny Hayes Remix, Clubstar Mix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Ludacris - Diamond In The Back (Radio, Principal, Instrumental) / We Got (Radio, Principal, Instrumental) [Def Jam South] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Luigi - Potion of Movement / Sanity [Inversus Records] 2000

Luis Paris vs Adamski - Eine der Menschen (One-off Mix by Turbofunk, Wesley S Mix, 21st Century Ape Version by Adam Sky, Original Version by Luis) [Phonetic Recordings] 2007 NEW!

Luke Solomon - Tiny Creatures (Original, Hairball Remix von Timothy Shumaker) / Zusätzliche Creatures / Dancing a Bright Beam of Light [Botbleep] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Lumidee - Never Leave You-Uh Ooh Uh Oooh! (Lead, Instrumental, Acapella) [Universal Records] 2003 NEU!

Lustral - Solace [Disco 2] (Matt Cerf Mix, Vorontsov & Dorohov Mix) [Lost Language] 2005 NOVO!

M Factor - Mother (Original Mix, Dirty Vegas Vocal Mix, Altitude Remix) [Sério] 2002

M People - Renaissance (M People Master Mix, Roger S Uplifting Club Mix, Roger S Revelation Mix) [Aufbau] 1993 - Promoção

M3 - Let's Dance (Matt Darey Mix, Danny Howells Remix) [Inferno] 1999 - Promoção

Projeto M3 - A Better Man EP: A Better Man / Tumbleweed / New York [Darkroom Dubs] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Mach 747 - Invading in Private (29 Palms Remix, Sabata Drum & Bass Mix) [Perfeito] 2002

Mad Gay Mafia vs Maniac & Sasha F - The Finland EP: Finlandia (Mishkas Mad Gay Mafia Let's Die On Prosac Mix, Lets Ride Original Mix) [Ef.adrine] 2001

Mad8 vs. Shawn Christopher – Deep Sleepless Night (Gladiator Remix, Gladiator Dub) [Free2air Recordings] 2005 – Promoção

Made & Sax - I'm Coming Up (Federico Scavo Wmc 2005 Remix, Kurd Maverick Remix, Richard Gray Remix) [Nero Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Made In DJ apresenta Tendenze EP: Florida 135 - The Language Of Rhythm (Main Room Mix) // Frank TRAX - Alchemy / Sand [Made In DJ] 2004 - Remastered Classic Edition. NOVO!

Madonna - Get Together (Albumversion, Jacques Lu Cont Mix, Tiefschwarz Remix, Thin White Duke Mix, James Holden Remix, Danny Howells & Dick Trevor KinkyFunk Mix) [Warner Bros Records] 2006 - Doppelpack NOVO!

Madonna - Hung Up (Versão do álbum, SDP Extended Vocal, Bill Hamel Remix, SDP Extended Dub, Chus & Ceballos Remix, Tracy Youngs Get Up And Dance Groove) [Warner Bros Records] 2005 - Doppelpack NOVO!

Madonna - Música (Calderone Anthem Mix, HQ2 Main 12", The Young Collective Club Mix, Deep Dish Dot Com Remix US Edit) [Maverick / Warner Bros] 2000 ¡NUEVO!

Madonna - Sorry (Versão do álbum, Man With Guitar Mix, PSB Maxi-Mix, Paul Oakenfold Remix, Green Velvet Remix) / Let It Will Be (Paper Faces Mix) / Warner Bros Records] 2006 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Magic Island – Paradise [Disc One] (DJ Shah pres. Magic Island Mix, Aly & Fila Remix) [Deep Blue Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Magik Johnson mit James Dansey – I Give Up (Magiks 07er Mix, John Dahlback Remix, Original) [Grabaciones submarinas] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Magnifica vs Missy Elliott - Work at Losing Control [Downshift] 2006 - Registro de 1 cara ¡NUEVO!

Main Squeeze apresenta Family Planning Vol 1: Numbers com Doug e Jean Caramouce - Moon Blood (Like A...) // Mustang com Vanessa Freeman - Give A Little Love // ​​Un-Organization - It's Just Bestart (Outra vez) // Kaidi Tatham - Tell Me (What Yo Feeling) // Eska's World - Dream Safety // The One Away - 1969 LSD Madness // Bembe Segue - Amazing // Fourth World - Fica Mal Com Deus (IG Culture Remix) // Son Of Scientist - Fusion Perfect [Main Squeeze] 2000 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Major Boys - Pan America (Danny Freakazoid Remix, Dennis The Menace Club Mix) [Nero Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Mako Shark - Gang Boy / Club-Jacke [Star Music] 2005 NOVO!

Manergy - Garden of Desires / Unbound [Wildlife]

Manuel Tur & Roman Salzger - You Won't Change (Day Edition, Night Edition) [Electraluxe] 2006 NEW!

Marc Maris - Time Will Come Again-Resurrection (Club Mix, Extended Mix) [G Tracks] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Mark Morrison – Crazy (Pulse & Professor Remix, Main Mix) [Wea] Año desconocido – Promo

Mark NRG - Be Original / That's the Way [Overdrive] 1997

Mark NRG - Life Goes On / Fever [Overdrive] 1996

Mark NRG - The Escalation EP: Visions & Brain Waves / Second Annual / Burning Phibes (Street Power) / Acid Uny Verze [Overdrive] 1991

Mark Pledger - On The Edge (Mezcla Original, Catching Sun Remix von Mike Shiver) [Anjunabeats] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Mark Wilkinson & Nanchang Nancy - Playground Stuff (Original Edition Mix-Roar, Jay Lamar Mix, Fnuk Mix, Parallel Sound Monkey Bars Edit) [Gravações fonéticas] 2007 NOVO!

Marmion - Yours Sincerely (Great Barrier Reef Mix, Non-Eric Mix) [MFS] 1999

Martin Brodin - Starchaser (Original by Mezcla, Remix by Ross Couch) [Seamless Black Label] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Martinez - Sunshine Stalker EP: Monday Morning / Sunshine Stalker [Darkroom Dubs] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Mary Kiani - Lass die Musik spielen (Casio Brothers Mix, George Bowie Mix, Steve Kerr Mix, Tom Wilson & David Livingston Mix) [Mercury] 1996

Mischen! - You don't have to say you love me (Red Jerry Mix, Le Mash Club 99 bpm Mix, The Lovers 99 bpm Mix) [React] 1994

Masters Of Ceremony - Hardcore To Da Bone (Original, Digital Boy Remix, DJ Pauls Forze Mix, Masters Of Ceremony Dope Mix) / Mass Hysteria [PN Records] 2000 ¡NUEVO!

Mat Bradshaw - Drift (Mat Bradshaw Extended Vocal Mix, Mat Bradshaw Instrumental Mix) [ArchAngel] 2006 NOVO!

Mateo & Matos com Dirty Turk - Talkin' About (Old Skool Jazz Mix, Acapella, The Other Mix, Original) [Seamless Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Matojo - flowers for a hammock

Matt Cerf & Evelio mit Jaren - Walk Away (Lange Remix, Long Dub) [Deepblue Records] 2008 NEW!

Matt Wood - No Time [Bugz In The Attic Remixes] (Bugz In The Attic Vocal Mix, Neon Phusion Mix) [Sole Music] 2004 - Edição Limitada NOVO!

Max Linen - Back To Mine (Original, Bondage Workout von Martin Ten Velden, Red Ball Mix von Max Linen) [Phonetic Recordings] 2005 NEU!

Max Rebo - Energyshield EP: Beat The X-Wing / Rock-Em / Vegas In Space / City In The Clouds (Claudes Re-Edit) [Registros Circulares del Sur] 1995

Maxee - Hier will ich sein (Illicit Remix, 7th District Discomix, Nick Hussey Loafin' Dub, Stargate Mix, Illicit Dub) [Mercury] 2001 - Doppelpack-Promo

McBain & Mendoza - Tengo tu placer 2003 (McBain vs Mendoza Remake, One Eyed Jack Remix) [Hard Trax] 2003

Medicine Eight - Transmission One / Born On Mars / Different Techniques [Royal Recordings] 2007 NOVO!

Medway - The Fat Bastard EP [Disco Dois]: Flanker / RAF [Hooj Choons] 2000 – Promo

Mekkah com Bryan Chambers - Found A Love (Harder Vocal Mix, Chorus-a-pella, Original Dub Mix) [Soul Love] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Melt apresentando Little Ms Marcie - Hard House Music (Original Mix, Mash Up Matt's 4am Mix) [WEA] 2000

Membros do Mayday - Culture Flash (Extended Original Mix, Raw Power Mix, Hardy Hard Mix) [Sassy Tracks] 2002 NOVO!

Miembros de Mayday - Sonic Empire (Oliver Klein Mix, Three 'N One Mix) [Deviant] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

Men In White Suits - Risky Business / The Feeling [Kinky Vinyl] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Mert Yucel com Derek Conyer - Just Your Touch [Remixes] (Funkshui Remix von Mert Yucel, Love Mix von Carlos Fauvrelle) [Subversive] 2006 NEW!

Miami Collective [The] - Never Gonna Give Up (Studio 54 Classic Mix, Supraphonic Club, Miami Dub) [Vocal Records] 2005

Michel De Hey - Come 2 Me / Less = More [Hey! Records] 2004 NEW!

Michel De Hey - Oil and Vinegar / 36 To Go [Hey! Records] 2005 NEW!

Midnight Mike - Creatures Of Habit (Original, Remix) [The Republic Of Desire] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Midnight Mike - Midnight Karaoke EP: Be-Bop-A-Lula / Amputee [The Republic Of Desire] 2007 - Disco de 7" ¡NUEVO!

Miika Kuisma & Mr A con Elena Mady - Smokey Room (Original Mix, Parham & Dominic Plaza Remix) [Fokussiert] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Mike Polo - Free (Beatchuggers Remix, Ben Macklin Dub) [Ongoing Recordings] 2007 NEW!

Minds Of Men - Brand New Day (Mezcla Vocal von Quivvers, Mezcla Vocal von Space Kittens, Meltdown Dub von Dane & Dekkard, Night In Paris Dub) [Perfeito] 1996

Minimalistix - Close Cover [The Piano Track] (Original Mix, Boss@Nova Remix) [Daten] 2002

Dona Dominique - Who knows? (2 unlabeled mixes) [Lizard Records]

Mission Soul com Frank Carter - Turn It Around (Ospina Club Mix, Ospina Dub Mix, Ray Roc's Soul Remix, Ospina's Funky Vibe Remix) [ROCit Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Mistress Barbara - Come With Me EP: I Love You / Eleven Or Seven [Tour] 2006 NEW!

Mistress Barbara - Don't Go / Come Back [Iturnem] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Missy Elliott - We Run This (Modified Explicit Instrumental) / Irresistible Delicious (Modified Explicit Instrumental) [Atlantic] 2005 NEW!

Mister T & Demon Ritchie - Just U & I (Enzo Mori & Stephan Clark Remix, Original Club Mix) [Royal Flush Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Mistericky - Disco Tr-amba (Mo' Flavor Re-Edit, Chris & James Disco Dub, Chris & James Remix, Maracanã Mix) [Danceteria Records]

Mode - Mode 1 (system part)

Monetty - No Memories (loud enough) / Let It Be (an electronic bass) [Lazy Eye Records] 2006 NEW!

Monkey Bars - It's Over Now (Cybersamba Club Mix, Cybertech Dub) [Subliminal] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Monkz - Goggles EP: Goggles / I Want To See The Sun / Nasty / This Is Our Land [Low Riders] 2004 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Moody Boys - Pretty Fly [White] (A-side has samples by The Offspring - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) and B-side has a short vocal sample by Eminem) NEW!

Moonchild - Progressive Domination (Moonchilds 2001er Remix, Moonchilds 2001er Dub) [Heat Recordings] 2001

Moov DJ's - Brain Trouble / The Jam [label unknown] NEW!

MOS - Bogatell (Gene Carbonell Mix, Original Mix) [Politik Records] 2005 NOVO!

Moses McClean com Rob Burns - Love Thing (Jay-J Shifted Up Mix, Jay-J Shifted Up Dub) [Gravações contínuas] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Motiv 8 - Rockin' For Myself (Ultimate Vocal Mix, Ultimate Throbbing Mix, Paul Gotel Funked Out Mix, Paul Gotel Funked Out Dub) [Wea] 1994

Motivation - Para Mi (Intrique Deep Bass Attack Mix) [Definitive Records] 2001 - Promoción de 1 cara

Mr Jack - Wiggly World (Radio Boogie, Big Boogie Mix, Vito's Freestyle) [EAMS] 1996

Mr Zim & Pablo Ingles - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Original, Jerry Boathouse Krunk Tool) / Cassie Bonus Boot [Registros Invictos] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Sr. Primavera - Blaxxtraxx 3 (Funky Nassau)

Mula - Cocaine Talkin' / Rip Me Off [Stompa Phunk] 2003 - Limited Edition 7" Disc (only 500 copies in print) NEW!

Mula - Her Boyfriend Was The DJ [Remixe] (David Duriez Sneaky Dub, Bushy Remix, Mula Live At The All Electric Lounge) / ¿Recuerdas esa noche (Mula Dubby Disco Mix) [Stompa Phunk Music] 2005 NUEVO!

Musikman - The Lockout (Original Mix, Marcos Remix) [Metropolis] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Mutiny UK - Mutations 2 EP: Ba Bump Bump / Secrets Accapella / All Is Free / The Shiftin' Dub [Sunflower Records] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Muzzaik - Skip All / Like [Seamless Black Label] 2007 NEW!

My Digital Enemy - Storm Breaks / Big Bada Boom / It Begins 2006 ¡NUEVO!

My Robot Friend - America Is Automatic (Disco Insurgents Remix von Melnyk, Original) / Isolation (Mash Remix, Original) [DefDrive] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

MYNC Project & Danny Rampling - Strobelight (Club, Dub) [Positiva] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

MYNC Project & Danny Rampling - Strobelight (Steve Mac Tribute Mix, Random House Project Mix) [Positivo] 2006 NOVO!

Mynt with Kim Sozzi - How did you know? (Mynt Original Extended, Mynt Original Instrumental, Acapella) [B&W] NEW!

Natious - Sonic Dawn / Digital Anthem

Natural Born Grooves - Groove Bird (Cloud Chaser Remix) [White] Year unknown - Unofficial one-page release

Naughty Boy – Phat Beach – I’ll Be Ready (Club Mix, United Nations Remix, Radio Edit) [Ministry Of Sound] 2006 – Baywatch-Thema mit „Leftfield – Phat Planet“ ¡NUEVO!

Naughty Queen - Famous & Rich (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso Remix, Original Mix, Star-Struck Bitch Mix von Tony Senghore) [Refune Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Nelly mit F-Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp - Grillz (Dirty Version, Clean Version, Instrumental, Dirty Version, Clean Version, Instrumental) [Universal Records] 2005 NEU!

Network Retro #3 (Back 2 Back Classics): Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (House Mix) // Kevin Saunderson – The Groove That Won’t Stop [Network Records] 1993 – Impreso en vinilo transparente. ¡NUEVO!

New Order - Here To Stay (Thee Extended Glitz Mix) / Jetstream (Jacques Lu Cont Dub) [New State Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

New Order - Jetstream (Phela Vocal Remix) / Someone Like You (Futureshock Vocal Remix) [New State Recordings] 2006 NOVO!

New Order - Krafty (Riton Remix, The Glimmers Dub) / Jetstream (Tom Neville Dub) [New State Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

New Order - Someone Like You (James Holden Heavy Dub, Funk D'Void Remix) [New State Recordings] 2006 NEU!

New Order - Subculture (Dub Vulture Mix) / State Of The Nation (Shame Of The Nation) / I Told You So (Remix von Stuart Price) [New State Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Next Generation - Future (Spacecapsule, Mercury Mix, Planetary Mix, Lightyearsaway) [BKB Records] 1993

Nicholas Bennison & Micah - Fueled (Original, Inkfish Remix) [performance] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Nick Muir - I Feel Real (Mezcla Original, Chopstick Remix) [Mashtronic Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Nick Rafferty - Feel Good / Slammin' [Bulletproof White] 2001 - Promoção

Nick Sentience & Tom Harding - Intoxicate / Rock The Rhythm [Nukleuz] 2001 - Promoção

Nick Skitz präsentiert Skitzmix 22: Nick Skitz - Headbangerz Rock Da Club (Full On Clubb Mixx) // Peakhour - Goldfinger (Skitz Clubb Mixx) // Nick Skitz - Listen To Your Heart (Clubb Mixx) // Nick Skitz - SM22 Megamix ( Vários artistas) [Dinky] ¡NUEVO!

Nick Skitz präsentiert Skitzmix 25: Rico Bass con Binto - Cisko Disko (Switz Clubb Mixx) // Nick Skitz - Feel The Heat (Switz Clubb Mixx) // Nick Skitz vs Audio Thieves - Is This Love (Switz Clubb Mixx) // Holly Dolly - Canção de Dolly [Dinky] ¡NUEVO!

Nicochristoph - Momentum (Original Mix, Oliver Moldan Remix) [Rapid Response Recordings] 2006 NEU!

Nimrod - My Life (Mezcla Original, Adam Sheridan Remix) [Maelstrom Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Nite Life - Music Is The Answer (Original Mix, Cold Serve Mix) [Instinct Recordings] 2005 NOVO!

Noferini - Sex (Groovin Bassline Mix von Tom Novy, Original Mix, Lele Cecchini Mix, Cristian Vecchio Mix) [Dee-P-erfect] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Noir - One Love (Mezcla Original, Granite & Phunk Mix) [OnePhatDeepa] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Nordlander - Starchild [White] Unknown year - 2 unmarked mixes

Nu-Logic - Alarmcall / Motored / Roundabout [Traxion Records] 1997

Nukleuz DJ Nation X-Rated Teil 3: Mad Gay Mafia - 2 Hard Cocks // Mark Richardson - Make Some Noise // Nukleuz DJs - DJ Nation 5 [Nukleuz] 2004

Numbers - Safety In Numbers LP: One Africa / Ballad Of Mardou Fox / Mardou's Lament / Music Box / (Loosening) The Assemblage Point / O bien (O) / Bitten Apples / Looking Back / Jack Summerset / Moonblood [Main Squeeze] 2001 - Doppelpaquete ¡NUEVO!

Nupharmic - Precursor EP: Precursor / Stoked / Justify [Darkroom Dubs] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Nysse & Hinton com Pascale - Silver Water (Mezcla Original, Future Freakz Remix, Dizzy Deejays Remix, Kenny Hayes Remix) [Turbulence Records UK] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

OD404 - Digitalis / Rock Tha Disco [Kaktai Records] 2000

OD404 - Navi // Funky Monkeez - Boomerang [Kaktai Records] 2002

ODB & Black Keith - Thirsty [The Remixes] (Lemon D „The Tearout“ Mix, 8 Pound & Menace „The Bhangra“ Mix, ODB & Black Keith vs. Catch 22) [Palestar Entertainment] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Odeon - Trouble Ticket / Time's Up [Beat Club Recordings] 2006 - Disco de 7" ¡NUEVO!

Odessi con Maria Nayler - Over Again (Cicada Remix, Original Club Mix) [Primal Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Off The Cuff - Keep On Turnin' (Mayhem & Darren Giles Mix, Original Club Mix) [Silocasa Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Oko Tek & Delphi - Tomorrow's Own (Innate Remix, Original Mix) [Climax Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Pop Shots (Radio, Street, Instrumental, Sparks Mix-Radio, Sparks Mix-Street, Sparks Mix-Instrumental) [JC Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

One Eyed Jack - Drop It (Original Mix, Wide Bottom Mix) [Meaty Moosic] 2001

One Eyed Jack - Pulse (Original, McBain vs. Mendoza Remix) [Audio Rehab] Ano desconhecido

One Mind - Bring The Disco (Step 1, Step 2) [Sound4Group] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

One Track Minds - Vozes (Copyright-Mix, Accapella-Tool, Martino-Remix) [Copyright-Aufnahmen] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Opal - Decadence (Mezcla Original, Mezcla de Lee James) [Square Records]

Openair - Hi Roller [Remixe] (Mashtronic Remix, Phunk Investigation Remix) [Oven Ready] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Openair - Something To Live By (Original, Rhythm Code Techy Affair Mix) [Minimal Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Openair con Gram'ma Funk - Hi Roller (Thomas Gold Remix, Original Mix) [Oven Ready] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Original Soulboy - Sweet Girl Like Me (Brown Sugar Blend, Low Calorie Blend) [Dadhouse] 2000

Ortz - Secret Garden-So Beautiful (Brother Brown Dub, Rune Dub) [Big Star Records] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Pamela Fernandez - Empecemos de nuevo (Classic Club Edit, Dis-Cuss Vocal, Orecapella) / Kickin' In The Beat (Extended Dance Mix) [Ore] 1994

Par Grindvik - World Of Mine EP: All We Need To Know Is What We Feel / World Of Mine / I'll Give [Truesoul] 2007 NOVO!

Paragliders - Fisheye (Original, Deep Mix) [Joof Deep] 2005 - Limited Edition Test Series. NEW!

Parallel Sound - The Eighties (Original Mix, Greg Munden Remix) 2006 NOVO!

Parkride - Puedes sentirlo? (Jasons Can U Feel It Dub, Eddie Lock & The SMC Project, Ruff Driverz Remix 98) [Diverso] 1998

Partizan - Make Me Crazy (Disco 1)

Passarella Death Squad - Ima (Original, Motor Mix) / Blackout (Original, Midnight Mike Remix) [The Republic Of Desire] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Patrik Skoog - The Good Machine EP: Yilmaz Baby / Good Machine / Jack Is Back [Drumcode] 2008 ¡NUEVO!

Paul Allen - Wake Up Call (Original Mix, Early Bird Remix von Paul Allen) [Audio Rehabilitation] 2004

Paul Clarke & M. Ramone - Bust Up / Bust That Groove [Hard House Muzik-White] 2002 – Promo

Paul Richards - U Do 2 Me (Original, Dub Mix, Acappella) [Sondos] 2004 NEU!

Pearl - Sanctuary (vocal Mezcla original, Club Dub) [Back Yard Recordings] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Perc & Gilbey - The Razor EP: Reach For The Razors (Lead-Mix, Dub-Mix) / Mingle (Dub-Mix, Original-Mix) [Perc Trax] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Perc Trax Apresenta Naughty Gold EP: Avus – Fancy Ass (Sunday Night Stretch von James Holden) // Perc – Closer (Nathan Fake Remix) [Perc Trax] 2007 NOVO!

Perpetual Motion - Romper Stomper (Remixes Sin Label) [WAX-White] – Promo

Peter Gun - Damn Words / Through the Summer [Steam Recordings] 2007 NOVO!

Peter Presta - Ich will es flüssig (Peter Presta Vocal Crash Mix, Peter Presta Vocal Crash Mix, Liquapella) [ArchAngel] 2006 NEW!

Petter - Acid-EP ohne Titel: Freak 'N Love / Acid ohne Titel / Everyday Balloon [Deep Focus] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Phatjak - You Say EP: You Say / Pizza and Boobs [Deep Records] 2006 NOVO!

Phatjak - Shine On (DJ Taco "Techi Danzza" Mix, Phatjak Original Weekend Mix) [Danzza Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Phats & Small - Change (Extended Mix, Mosquito Remix) [Multiplizieren] 2001 - Promoción

Phil Kieran - My House (Full Vocal, Dub, House A Pella) [Other Recordings] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

Philter - Love Key (Original Mix, Korovin Mix) [Oven Ready] 2004 NOVO!

Phonogenic - Midnight Drop EP: Midnight Drop / Bitrayal / Billige Getränke [20:20 Vision] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Phunk Phorce - Mind Games (Cloud 10 Mix, Vegetable Soup, Mark's Synapse Remix) [Ultra Records] 1998 ¡NUEVO!

Pimenov - Rockstar (Mashtronic Remix, Original Mix) [Oven Ready] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Fluch der Karibik - Am Ende der Welt [Remixes]: Jack's Suite (Paul Oakenfold Remix, The Crystal Method Remix) [Nebula] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Pitch & Hold - Pars Pro Toto (Original, Albumversion, Williams Remix) [Love Triangle Music] 2006 NEU!

Pitch & Hold - The Lovetrance EP [Segunda parte]: Pluto / Maillot Jaune / Battle Of Flowers [Love Triangle Music] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

PJ Doherty - Sleeze / Do U Wanna [Harlem Trax] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

PJ Doherty - The Voice / Tribute [Harlem Trax] 2005 NOVO!

Planet Funk - Stop Me (Serge Santiago House Mix) [White] 2005 - Disc 1 Gesicht NEW!

Plant Music Inc präsentiert Sound Of Young New York 2 [The]: Itchy Revolutions – Face Me // The Faint – Your Retro Career Melted (Ursula 1000 Remix) // I:Cube – Can You Handle It? // D'Bouldiss - Monster, was? (The Glass Dub) // The Voices - Sure Thing (Extended Mix) // The Stills - Still In Love Song (12" Extended Mix) // Dead Combo - You Don't Look So Good // The Glass - Forever / / !!!- Ich und Guiliani auf dem Schulhof (Eine wahre Geschichte) // Elefant - Bokkie [Plant Music Inc] 2005 - Doppelpack NEU!

Poison Club - Ibeatza (Original Mix, Durango 95 Remix) [Definitivo] 2001

Poonisher - Village Man / The Stunt [Mantra Breaks] 2005

Porn Kings - Sledger [Blanco] 2001 - 1 Seitenpromo

Positive Gang - Sweet Freedom (Teil 2 - The Return, Teil 1 - The Original 60s Stylee, IQ Version) [PWL International] 1993

Presslaboys & Neverdogs & Davide Ruberto - Angel (Original, Electro Mix, Presslaboys Mix) [Presslab] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Pressure Drop - Gotta Be Real (Tipper Vocal, Tipper Dub) [Hard Hands] Unknown Year - Promo

Prezioso con Marvin - Somebody (Extended Mix, Discogio Mix) / We Rule The Danza (Large Version) / Bonjour (Homer Mix) [Black And White] 2002 NOVO!

Progressive Club apresenta Promo Only Enero de 2001: Pepper Sweeney – H For You // Club Seduction – Shooters (Dub Groove Mix) // Bang – Leave Me Alone (Full Vox Mix) // Durango 95 – Lectronik (Force Mass Motion Remix) // Lam Tarn – Over The Edge (Mezcla Original) // Brain Bashers vs Johnny Dangerous – Get Wicked (Mezcla Mutha) // Xploder – 2 To The Top (Mezcla Original) // Lock 'N' Load - House Some More ( Steve Thomas Mix) [Promo Only Productions UK] 2001 - Paquete triplo

Projeto 101 - Drifting (Original by Mezcla, Remixed by Darren Styles and Mark Breeze) [Nukleuz] 2002

Prom - Slow It Down (Prom's Maxed Out Dub, Warren Clarke Vocal Mix, Warren Clarke A Cappella) [Litmus Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Propeller - Dancin' (Commander Tom Mix, Madame Friction & Elvira Mix) [Bondage Recordings] 1999

Prophets Of Sound - Parade EP: Show U Love / Believe In Me [Ink Records] 2001

Pryda - Genesis [Pryda Recordings] 2007 - 1-sided limited edition disc. NEW!

Pryda - Ironman / Madderferrys [Pryda Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Psy Man com Slutmaster and clone - resilient! EP: Scratch My Bitch Up (First Mix, Second Mix) / The Blaster (Crazy Mix, Kick Mix) [Pont Aeri Records] 2004 NOVO!

Demanda pública - Invisible (Love To Infinity's Stratomaster Mix, Love To Infinity's Stratomaster Radio Edit, Love To Infinity's Stealth Dub, Love To Infinity's Depth Charge Dub) [ZTT] 1997 - Promo

Pulsonix - Lift Me Up (Geos Crew & Gammer Remix, DJ Wink Remix) [Turbulence Hardcore] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Puppetmastaz - Do The Swamp / Midi Mighty Moe [DefDrive] 2005 - 7" Schallplatte ¡NUEVO!

Push - The Legacy (Club Mix, Progression Mix) [Inferno] 2001 - Promoción

Pyro & Proxcis - Sentinel / Oblivion Cruises Inc (PROMOÇÃO White Label)

Q-Tex - Lies (Radio Mix, Propulsion Remix, DJ Montz Club Mix, DJ Montz Radio Mix) [Precinto 23] 1997

Köcher feat. Niki Mak - Not Givin Up (Original Mix, D-Nox & Beckers Remix) [BozBoz] 2006 NOVO!

RAE - Get It Back (Sandy Rivera & Jamaals 'Quase' Dub Mix) // Sandy Rivera - Balance (Album Mix) [Sandy Rivera Records] 2007 - Promo NOVO!

Raff e Jay Pidgeon - Dobermann ¡NUEVO!

Rain People - Make It Better (Haupt-Club-Mix, Deep Dub) [Música de Osiris] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Ralph und Beedle - Ride This Train (Love From Philly, Love From Munich Dub) [Out Hear] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Random Factor - Convergence Remix EP: After The Tone (Tweakin' Disco Mix von DJ T) / Second Principles (Ame Remix) / Slow Right Down (Dubble D Remix) [20:20 Vision] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Raoul Zerna - Ecuador und Todo El Mundo (UK Re-Edit, Angel Alanis Remix, Smitty @ Davenport Remix) [Duty Free-White] 2002 – Promo

Raoul Zerna - ¡Muévete! (Original, G Flame Mix, Robbie Rivera Mix, Alanis Mix) [A Squared Muzik] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

Rapture [El] - WAYUH [Whoo! In Ordnung, ha ... Uh Huh] People Don't Dance No More (Simian Mobile Disco Hip House Mix, Claude's Vocal Pantydropper Mix, Instrumental) [Schnauzer-White] 2007 - White Label Release NEW!

Rawsoul Orchestra apresentando Sibylle – Due of You (Original Club Mix, Original Club Instrumental, Aston Martinez & Mario Held Remix, Acappella) [Player Records] 2006 NOVO!

Ray Roc - Jungle Kisses For You [Disco 1] (ATFC Jungle Mania Dub, Latrice Acapella, Playboy '05 Mix von Ray Roc, Mix Original von Ray Roc '93) [ROC It Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Ray Roc - Jungle Kisses For You [Disco 2] (Peter Presta Apple Jaxx Mix, Kevin Graves Deep In The Jungle Edit, ATFC Jungle Mania Vocal, DJ Tool-Roc Beats, DJ Tool-Sax It Up) [ROCit Records] 2005 NUEVO !

Raymondo - 2 3 Pause / Transaction [Transaction Records] 2002 NEW!

Raymondo - The Real World / Beyond Your Dreams [Transation Records] 2001

Real DJ - Can You Feel The Force (Security Mix, Happy Club Cut Mix, Prof-X-Or Dub, Original Dub) [Nukleuz] 1997

ReAnimator - Rock Dis Room (DJ Balloon Remix, M-Max Club Remix) [EastWest] 2001

ReBirth - Cocaine / Funk You! [Audio Rehabilitation-White] 2004 - Promotion

Deniers vs. whm! - Enjoy (Mix 1, Mix 2) [White] 2006 - Unofficial Release NEW!

Rekid Vol 2: Kylie - Slow (Radio Slave Unreleased Coolie Dance Dub Mix) // Pitch Black vs Ward 21 - Shake That Ass (Radio Slave Remix) // Clipse - When The Last Time (Radio Slave Remix) // Peter G & Busta Rhymes - So Beautiful (Radio Slave Remix) [Rekid] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Rene Amesz - My Favorite Barbie (Mezcla Original, Infinitize Mix) [25 Hertz Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom - You Make Me Climb The Wall (Original, Dub) [Little Mountain Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Republica - Out Of This World (Original Mix, Alternative Mix, Good Night Out Mix, Rub-A-Dub-Sub Mix) [Dekonstruktion] 1993 - Promo

Retarded Funk - Sale / Montag [Dumb Recordings] 2006 NEW!

Rhythm Factor - You Bring Me Joy (Nun Pukka Mix, Jules & Skins Vocal Mix, Original Demo Mix, BOP Til You Drop Mix) [Multiplizieren] 1995

Rhythm Invention - Ad Infinitum (Original, Ali Cooke Mix) / Crunch [Warp Records] 1993

Rhythm Of Life - You Take Me To Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix, The Thrillseekers Remix) [Xtravaganza] 2000

Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn (Remix) [Blanco]

Rhythm Slaves [The] - Afro So (Original Mix, Kid Massive Dub Mix) [Soussol Records] 2006 NOVO!

Richard Gray präsentiert Luv Booty Foundation - In Love (Vocal Mix, Instrumental) [Illegal Beats] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Richard Turpin - F*ck You / Lazy [Not on label] 2006 NOVO!

Rick Rouge - Wish You Were Here (Barefoot Waltz Original, Suckers Skinny Dipping Rubdown) [Sucker DJ] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Rimbaud - Hard Times (Mix-Gesang, Dub) [Top Banana Recordings] 1997

Rimini Project - A Day In The Sun (Sunburst Extended Version, Extended Version) // Less Affair - Call My Name-SOS (Extended Radio Mix, Club Mix) [Blanco Y Negro] ¡NUEVO!

Rising Rhythm - Sunkissed (Original, Moonface Remix) [Intrinsic Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Roach Motel - The Beat Is Mine-Work That Body (Dub Mix, Vocal Mix) [Junior Boy's Own] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Rob Allan - Buzzer (Original Mix, Sam E Reeve Remix) [Hotwaxx Traxx White] 2002 - Promo

Rob Chetcuti & Danny S – The Pure Sax EP: Rob Chetcuti – In The Sunshine (Original Mix, Rhythm Overdub) // Danny S – Pure Sax (Original Mix, Chetcuti Club Mix) [Dopamine Recordings] NOVO!

Rob Pearson & Robin Ball - Don't Put Up Wit Dat (Robin Ball & Andy Panayi Remix, Rob Pearson & Robin Ball Original) [Groove Pleasure] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Robbie Rivera - Bringing Back The Underground (Original, DMS12 Mix, Vocal Tool) [Juicy Music] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Robbie Rivera - The Dubai Track (Robbie Rivera Mix, Mario Ochoa Dirty Tribe Mix, Peter Presta Mix) [Juicy Traxx] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Robbie Rivera mit Jesus Jones - Right Here (Original Mix, Matteo Esse & Sant Remix, Deepgroove Remix) [Nebula] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Robbie Rivera vs. Aha – Take On This (Robbie Rivera Big Room Mix 1, Robbie Rivera Big Room Mix 2) [Juicy Music] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Robert M - Cafe De Paris (Original Version, John Dahlback Espresso Mix) [Joia Records] 2006 NEW!

Roc Project [The] - Deja Vu - It's Hard To Believe [Latin Remixes] (Presta's Apple Jaxx Dub, Ospina's Samba Vox Dub, Ospina's Samba Dubstrumental) [Roc Project Recordings-White] 2004 NEW!

Rocco & Heist - Rescue Me (Original Mix, Oliver Lieb Remix) [Neo-White] 2001 - Pressure Test

Rochelle - Mouth (Blo Nup Mix, Fired Up Mix, Skynet vs. Trouser Enthusiasts Mix) [Almighty Records] 1997

Roger Sanchez apresenta Transatlantic Soul - Release Yo Self (Liquid Vocal Mix, Original Mix, Tee's Frozen Sun Mix, Tee's Release Mix) [Deconstrucción] 1997

Roger Sanchez präsentiert Twilight - I Want Your Love (Roger's Classic Club Mix, Stoney's Recon Edit, Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Edit) [Perpetual] 1999

Roots [The] - Don't Say Nuthin (Albumversion, Instrumental, A Cappella, Radioversion, Instrumental, Radio A Cappella) [Geffen Records] 2004 NEU!

Rozalla - Faith-In The Power Of Love (Jake Bayzli 2006 Remix) [Jake Bayzli Records] 2006 - Unofficial 1-side release NEW!

Ruben XXL & Iban XL - Bring Me Alive / Let's Fuck / Bring Me Base / Jumper XL [Gabbers At Work] 2003 NOVO!

Rubicon - Indigo / Commodus / Give Me More [Söhne cativantes] 2001

Ruff Driverz - In-Fidelity: Don't Stop ('99 Remix) / Gonna Be Alright / La Musica (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Remix) / Feel The Music [Inferno] 1999 (Disco 2)

Ruff Driverz Presents Arrola - La Musica (Untidy Dub, Mike Koglin Remix) [Inferno] 1999

Ruffneck con Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody [2005 Mixes] (Mischa Daniëls Salsa Trip Mix, Acapella, Mischa Daniëls Dirty Disco Mix, Original Mix) [Fame Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Run-DMC - Hard Times (Original, Instrumental) / Jam-Master Jay (Original, Instrumental) [Profile Records] 2004 - Repress (Originally released in 1983). NEW!

Run-DMC - My Adidas (Original, Instrumental) / Peter Piper (Original, Instrumental) [82876 66762 1} 2004 (1986 Record Reissue). NOVO!

Run-DMC - You Be Illin' (Remix, Instrumental) / Hit It Run [Profile Records] 2004 (Re-release of 1986 album). NEW!

Ryan Maunder - The Reach / Substate [Bluestone Records] 2001

S&M - Life In The City (Original Mix, Vinylgroover 2001 Mix) [Orange Records] Año desconocido – Promo

Sabotage - Return To Ibiza (Original Mix, Lock 'N' Loa Remix) [Incentive] 2000 - Limited Edition non-chart release

Sacchi & Sandiego - Love Riot / Astrogangster [20:20 View] 2005 NEU!

Saeed Younan - Rock The Rhythm (Original by Mezcla, Remix by DJ Wady) [Sondos] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Saffron Hill - My Love Is Always (Tim Deluxe´s Summertime Mix, DJ Loop Tool, Original Mix, DJ Accapella Tool) [Vendetta Records] ¡NUEVO!

Sagitaire - Shout [C'mon] (Sagitaire Mix, Switch Progressive Remix) [NuLife] 2000

Sahara - The Only One (Bini & Martini Club Mix, Bini & Martini Cosmic Dub) [Deserted] Ano desconhecido – Promo

Sam Reeve & Colin B - Interphaze / Groove [Howax Trax White] 2003 – Promoção

Sam Reeve & Duffin – Dataday / Reactivate [Hotwaxx Traxx White] 2003 – Promoção

San & Sebastian Moore - High Stakes (Original Mix, Kobbe & Leeds Remix) [19 Box Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sandman [The] - Kick It (Original Mix, Thunder Mix) [Orange Records White] Año desconocido – Promo

Sandy Vee - Who is that? (Vocal Mix, Dub Mix) [Dipiu] 2006 NEW!

Santa Cruz - Only Heaven Knows / Octopus / Horse [MCA] 1997 - 10 "Platte

Santi Touch com Kaydee - Eve-Never Knew (DJ Meme, Original Mix, Nikk Sharpe & Ridney's Remix, Rob Hayes Remix) [Reelgroove] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sawtooth Sucka - Phat Chance EP [Teil 1]: Balloonatic / Rip The Wheels / Doin' It Well [Dotbleep] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Scan Carriers – Jamba / Bullet Point / Dead Objects / Finalmente The Shadows [Bellboy Records-White] 1997 – Promo

Scape con D'Empress - Be My Friend (Michael Grey Remix, Bini & Martini Remix, Bini & Martini Dub) [Soul Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Scape con D'Empress - Be My Friend (Seamus Haji Remix, Seamus Dub, Seamus Haji Vocal Mix, Chorus-A-Pella, Bridge-A-Pella) [Soul Love] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Scott & Leon - Shine On (mezcla boutique electrica)

Scott Mac - Avia 260 / Ultimate High [Sureste] 2000

Scott Mac - Watchin 'You (Scott Mac Trust The Funk Mix, Scott Mac Trust The Dub Mix) [Bulletproof Records Limited] 2005

Scott Mac vs Shadow - Switchblade / Try This [Route 1] 2000

SCSI-9 - Spring Will Tell (Original com Julie Amadeo, Jay Haze Remix) [Tyrant] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Seamus Haji - Angels Of Love (Big Love Mix von Seamus Haji, DJ Tool, Jaunty SK Mix von Mark Knight) [Big Love] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Seamus Haji & Steve Mac con Erire - Happy (Mezcla Original, Steve Mac Remix, Seamus Haji Big Love Remix, Seamus Haji Instrumental) [Big Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sebastian Davidson & Licious K - Les Couleurs (Original Mix, Jamie Anderson Mix) [Kinky Vinyl] 2007 NOVO!

Sebastian Ingrosso - Mode Machine EP: Get It Back / Shake [Refune Records] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Sebrof Divad - Stop Gap / Kerosene [Oops! Records] 2007 NEW!

Senor Coconut & His Orchestra - Behind The Mask [Mixe 2] (Single Mix, Original Hamster's "Yellow Miami Magic Sound Orchestra Machine" Remix, Don Atom's Super Volt Remix, Peter Rap Remix) [New State Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sequential: Is it just a dream... or is it real? (Strength Mix, Fierce Ruling Diva's Blue Dream Edits, Kraft Mix) [Who's That Beat?] 1990

Serge Imhof & ATFC - Spanish Angel (Voz principal, Instrumental) [OnePhatDeeva] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Serial Diva – Gotta Love For You (Full Intention Wild Anthem Mix, Sharp Gigolo Dub, Sharp Vocal Mix, Full Intention Club Mix, Full Intention Space Dub Mix, Burning Diva Mix) [Sound Of Ministry] 1997 – Promoção de pacote duplo

Serious Danger With Carlton - Do U Dream (Original Mezcla, Picture Of Man Remix, Murk Mix-Oscar G Mega Dub, ISB Piano Magic Dub, Original Piano Mix) [Fresh] 1999 - Double Pack Promotion

Seyton vs Tyler Michaud - Ze Big Divide (Original, Parham & Dominic Plaza Remix) [Maris Music] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Shapeshifters [The] - When In Doubt Go Out (Extended Mix, Buick Project Remix) [Positives] 2006 NUEVO!

Sharp Boys - Dancefloor (Soulshaker vs Sharp Boys Remix, Sharp Boys Original Club Mix, Eric Smax & Thomas Gold Remix) [Instinct Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sharp Boys & Adam - Everything My Heart Desires (Part 2)

Shaun Baker - Pizza (Club Mix, No Vox Mix) [Fairlight] 1999

Shena - Elektrosexuell (Mugwumps Ambivalent Euro-Disco Reversion, Mugwumps Ambivalent Euro-Disco Instrumix) [No Prisoners Records] 2006

Sheridan - Complete Control / Silver Strings [Nite Time Productions] 1998

Sheridan - Wants Vs Needs (Sheridan Original Mix, Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) [Joia Records] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

¡Shhh! Band 4: Q-Tip - Nasty (JHarris Re-Touch) // Rhymefest - These Days (JHarris Mix V1.4) [¡SHHH!] 2005 - Lançamento kein offizielles ¡NUEVO!

Shiloh Presents Hi & Lo - EP: Sign I / Soteria [Nascent Recordings] 2005 NEW!

Sikk - My Washing Machine (Mezcla Original, Pearn & Bridges Juki F*ck Mix) [Eye Industries] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sil - Windows '98 [Disco dos] (The Sharp Smash And Grab Remix, DEA Confessions Of A Window Cleaner Remix) [Hooj Choons] 1998 - Promoção

Silencer - Drown In Me (Hemstock & Jennings Remix, Flash Brothers Remix) [Direction Records] 2006 - Teste de Pressão ¡NUEVO!

Silent Witness - Safeway / Streetlight [Obscene Recordings-White] 2004 - Promo

Silver City - Down 'Till 7 (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Vocal Mix, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Instrumental) [20:20 Vision] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Silver City - Silver City Limited Edition Remix EP: Funkshion (Phonogenic Dub, Simon Baker Remix) / What U Get (Boogie Corporation Remix) [20:20 Vision] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Simon Baker - The Footprints EP: Get Through / Eat Sh*t! / Mistério Humano / Ver [Infant Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Simon Eve – Gotta Keep On EP: Gotta Keep On / Feel What I Feel [Recarga] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

SJK - Inside Out (Zi Der Zee Remix, mezcla original) [Honey Pot Lite] 1999

Skahana - St Tropez (The Element Vocal Mix, The Lost Children Mix, St Tropez Dub) [Phonetische Aufnahmen] 2004 NEU!

SKC & Cord - Swarm // Stare - Underdog [Nerve Recordings-White] 2004 - Promoção

Flaco - Viernes (Dank Funk It's Friday Remix, Jason Nevins Mix, Matty's Mix, The Beat Circus Mix) [Cheeky] 1998 - Promo de paquete duplo

Skonk - Banjo'd (Rampant Tottie Mix, Soundclobber Mix) [23rd Precinct Recordings Ltd] 1993

Skooma - Mephala (Derek Howell Remix, Original Mix) [Maris Music] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Skylab Nine - Go Deeper (Vinylgroover & The Red Hed Mix, Kontakt Mix, Original) [Simply Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Skylark - When In Rome / 1962 Tornadoe [Junior Boy's Own] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Skyscraper - The Hymn 2006 [Disco 1] (Duende Remix, Yanave Tech Dub) [Deep Blue Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Slacker - Heart [Not on Label] 2006 - Disco de 1 Face NOVO!

Slam - Virtuoso [Remixes] (Remix, DJ Rolando Remix, The Youngsters Remix) [Plus Recordings] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Sledgehead - Sunshine Brown / Dub De Nile / Sunshine International / Dub Be Music [Sledgehead Bristol] ¡NUEVO!

Slip N Slide apresenta Klubbjazz Sessions Seven: Truby Trio – Universal Love (Ame Rootdown Round Midnite Mix) // Oskido – Sudáfrica (Franck Roger Remix) // Sicania Soul – Life Is A Tree (Truby Trio Treatment) // Milton Jackson – 1998 (Ski Oakenfull Remix) [Slip N Slide] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Slumdrum - Frontier / Legacy [Osiris Trax] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Slusnik Luna vs Lowland - Baas (Original Mix, Algarve Remix) [AVA Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

SMIV - Don't Hold Back EP: Doing The Distance / Don't Hold Back / Grind [SMIV Productions] ¡NUEVO!

Smudge & Smith - Near Me (Lange Remix, Mark Shimmon Remix) [INCreible] 2000

Smudge & Smith - Near Me (Translucid Bass Break Mix, Translucid Dub) [unglaublich] 2000

Snoop & JT - Signs (J Harris Main Mix, Fingersacid Dub, Fingersmidtempo Mix) [SHHH!] 2005 - Unofficial Release NEW!

Snoop Dogg - Ups & Downs (LP, Instrumental, Radio Edit) / Bang Out (LP, Instrumental, Radio Edit) [Geffen Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Soft Black - Upstairs (Spokenvox Mix, Spokenvox Accapella, Sungvox Mix, Sungvox Accapella) [Junior Boy's Own] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Solead - Giddy Down (Jamie Stevens Remix, Original Mix) [Vapour Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Solefood - Down The Ministry / H20 Asylum [Rhythm Syndicate] Año desconocido – Promo

Sonic Empire - Sonic Empire (Baby Doc Remix, Usual Suspects Remix) [Majestic 12] 1999

Sonica - Meltdown Millenium / Forever Forward [Neuro Comunicaciones] 2000

SOTO - Unicorn (David Craig Remix, Tribe Remix) [Redemption]

Soul Heaven apresenta Masters At Work Sampler: Anane – Let Me Love You // Manoo & Francois A – Traffic [Soul Heaven Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Soul Shaker - Feel Good (mezcla original, mezcla doblada) [Black Gold Recordings] 2001

Soularis - Fire (Original, The Invisible Man Remix, RedSoul Remix) [Seamless Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Soularis com Mandy Edge - I Told You (Original, Vincent Kwok Spaced Out Funk Mix, Jay J's Shifted Up Mix, Jay J's Shifted Up Dub) [Gravações contínuas] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Soulbasics con Juned - Mesmerise (Vocal House Mix, Twilight Dub) [Seamless Recordings] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Soulseekers [The] - Incondicionalmente (Original Mix, Davidson Ospina Remix, DJ Tekin Remix, Instrumental) [Reelgroove] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Southern Alliance - Tranceform (Mezcla-Original, John Whiteman Remix) [Hotwaxx Traxx White] 2002 - Promoção

Space Diva - Escape

Space Maneuver - Stage One [CD Two] (Markus Schulz Dark Star Mix, DJ Orkidea Mix) [Tirade Records] 2004 NEW!

Spacek - Starz-Remix (King Britt Scuba Mix, Scubamental) [FiveSix Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Spectre - Spectrum (Area 51 Ylem Remix, Mix Original) [Neo]

Speculum - Nympho (Original, Elite Force Remix, Mowgli Mix) [Used & Abused] 2007 NEW!

Spektrum - Enter The Spektrum LP: Interference (Radio) / Breaker (Broken Album Edit) / Spek-t-t-t-trum / Kinda New / New Sound Word Power / Music Alchemy / Shall I Jump? / Freefall / Freakbox / Listen Girl / Country Licks / Ikerlude / Lychee Juice / Low Down [Playhouse] 2004 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Spero & Kay Teknik - Fux Me (Rubec Remix, mezcla original) [RDA] 2001

Spiller - Cry Baby (Original Mix, Jolly Music Remix) [Positiva] 2001 - Disco promocional 1

Spirals [The] - Permit To Fly / The Cowboy / Bomb [Darkroom Dubs] 2006 NOVO!

Spirals [The] - Out of Control (Limited Edition Album Preview): Out of Control (12" Mix, Jet Project Remix) / Summermash (12" Mix) [Darkroom Dubs] 2007 NEU!

Star You Star Me - Love Reign O'er Me (Original Mix, Acie2d Mix, Accapella) [Kickin' Records-White] 2005 - Promotion NEU!

Starlet DJ's - Go Girl (Yomanda vs. Starlet DJ's Mix, Starlet DJ's Anthem Mix) [You Clash!] 2003

State Of Mind – Das ist es [Teil 1] (M&S Epic Klub Mix, Boy Foys Funk Box Dub, Nu Birth Never Dub) [Ministry Of Sound] 1998

Stenna - Skyline (Arizona Remix, Original Mix) [Flux Delux] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Stephen Tin Tin Duffy - Kiss Me (US Remix)

Steve A Jerkin com DJ Macy - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Vocal Clubtool, DJ KIM's Clubtool, DJ Macy Remix) [Blanco Y Negro] ¡NUEVO!

Steve Angello - Trix (Original Mix, Tocadisco Mix) [Size Records-White] 2007 – Promo ¡NUEVO!

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Yo Yo Kidz (Original, FPU-Remix) [Refune Records] 2004 NOVO!

Steve F - Temblor / Twister [Kained Trax] 2001

Steve Gerrard präsentiert Thinking Out Loud (Album Sampler One): Matthew Dekay – If I Could Fly (Madoka First Class Free Drinks Rerub) // Shmuel Flash – The Other Side Of Me (The Other Side Of Subsky Mix) [Nascent Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Steve Lawler - That Sound [Joia Records] 2005 - Limited Edition 1-sided CD. NEW!

Streetworker - Tranquilizer (Fusionmen Mix) / Zitat 1 (Til & Ron Mix) / Radical Fear (Hard Work Mix) [Swop Records] 1998 - Promo

Strider - Phazers On Stun / The Bouncedown [¡Splank! Register] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Striptease (Volume 1) - Don't Look Down (Mezcla original, Mezcla de Game Of Love) [Striptease Records] ¡NUEVO!

Stuart B - Latin Twist (Stuart B Original Mix, Dylan Rhymes Reworking) [Red Balloon Records] 2002

Studio 613 - Join Me To The Moon / High Boppers [Wachs]

Stunned Guys [The] vs. DJ Lancinhouse & Neophyte – Our Thing EP Parte 1: Neophyte vs. The Stunned Guys – Wonderbra // DJ Lancinhouse conhece The Stunned Guys – Drum 'N' Bass [Pont Aeri Records] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Stylus Trouble - Stellar (Secuencia Principal, Stellarbeats, Red Giant Dub) [Phela Recordings] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Sub Ten - Subconscious Tension EP: Ausgesponnen / Musik Non Stop / Supa Teeze / Virtual Freedom [Baseroom] 1994 ¡NUEVO!

Subliminal Kid [The] - The Subliminal Kid EP: Expect like you / Kill your darlings / Matemática e Música [Plexiglas recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Subtech - Award / Funky Summer [Subtech Records] 2001

Sucker DJ's - Believe (Full Version, Album Version, Wireless Edition) [Sucker DJ] 2006 NEW!

Sucker DJ's - Club Drama / 2001 Bass Odyssee [Sucker DJ] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Sucker DJ's - Fat Lick / Body & Soul [Sucker DJ] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Sucker DJs - Spin The Bottle / Midnight Rainbow (Relentless Tech Mix) [Kinky Vinyl] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Sucker DJ's - Unique By Origin / Take You There [Sucker DJ] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Sunfreakz - Riding The Waves (Original Mix) [Nero Recordings] 2005 - 1-seitige Disc. NOVO!

Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (2 unlabeled remixes) [Branco]

SuReal – Always on my mind (Mario Piu Remix, Jan Driver Remix) [AM:PM] 2001 – Promoção

Surrealista - Pearls (Komix Club NYC Mix, Groove Corporation Remix, Baseroom Club, Black Snow Mix) [6 x 6 Platten] 1994

Swag - Drum Hydraulics [Soul Capsule Remixe] (Drums Need Lovin' Too Mix, Berlin Trip Groove, Swag Original) [Tyrant] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

sweet deception - in love with an angel

Syacoda vs Ben Kaye - Reach Up Don't Stop / The Incredible [Rudeboy Recordings] 2001

Syco - Danaka / The Ride [Oxygen Musical Works]

SYT - Deep Drift EP: Siren / Loop Hole / Drift / Jitter [Magick Eye Records] 1995

T-Spoon - Rock Star (Extended Radio Mix, House Dub, Dark Mix, A Part Of My Life) [Registros Populares] 1996 ¡NUEVO!

T-Total - Gib mir Funk (Phil Dockerty Pravo Remix, Original Mix) [Harlem Electric] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Tall Paul - Be There (Tormentor Mix, Sentinal Mix) [Libre de impuestos] 1999

Tall Paul - Everybody's A Rockstar (Tall Paul Original Mix, Fergie Remix) [Decodierung] 2002

Tangun - Crabs Dream // Disuadidos - Miracles [Funkfield Recordings-White] 2006 – Promo ¡NUEVO!

Tapestar - Nice & Slow (Vocal Mix, Dub Mix) [Back Yard Recordings] 2004 - Promoción ¡NUEVO!

Tasadi - Time Machine (Perj Remix, Groovematic Remix, Vadim Zhukov Remix, Accapella) [Deepblue Limited] 2008 ¡NUEVO!

Taucher - Infinity (Fase II, Fase I, Fase III) / Mental Thing (Fase IV) [Dance Pool] 1995

Technocat - Bounce (DJ Scott Club Mix, Ians Mellow Mix, Edwin Morrows Land Of Oz Mix) [ZYX Music] 1995

Ten Power Tigers - Buzz Feeling (Mezcla-Original, Dub-Mix) [Small World Recordings-White] ¡NUEVO!

Terpsichord - The Bells (UGLY Treatment, Mr RUSH Mix) [Cream Records] 2000

Terry Grant com Jennifer Horne - Be My Guide (Original Mix, 16 Bit Lolita Mix) [Deep Records] 2005 NOVO!

The Frantic EP (Disco uno: The Residents): Spencer Freeland – Forget The Past // Phil Reynolds – On The Up [Hot Potato Records] 1999 – Edición limitada

Thick Dick - Tweakin' (Original Mix, Saeed's Tweaked Out Dub) [Sondos] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Thirsty People - Rock 'N' Roll (Vocal Mix, Dub Mix) [off label] 2005 - Unofficial release. Examples "Spaceship - We built this city."

That Guys - I Walk Alone (Haji & Emanuel Vocal Mix, Haji & Emanuel Dub) [Branco] 2006 NOVO!

Tiesto - Elements Of Life Vol 1: Ten Seconds Before Dawn / Everything (com Jes) / Do You Feel Me (com Julie Thompson) / Sweet Things (com Charlotte Martin) / In The Dark (com Christian Burns) [Nebula] 2007 - Pacote duplo NOVO!

Tiesto - Elements Of Life Vol 2: Break My Fall (mit BT) / Driving To Heaven / Carpe Noctum / Bright Morningstar / Elements Of Life [Nebula] 2007 - Paquete duplo ¡NUEVO!

Tiesto com Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be [Wally Lopez Mixes] (Wally Lopez La Factoria Vocal Remix, Wally Lopez La Factoria Dub Mix) [Nebula] 2004 NOVO!

Tim Deluxe - I Don't Care (Tim Deluxe 101 Version, Tim Deluxe Club Mix) [AT Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Tim Deluxe - Less talking, more action! (Club Mix, Yousef's Dub) [Vendetta Records] 2003 NEW!

Timmy Vegas & Seamus Haji - Devotion-A Bit More Lovin' (Timmy Vegas Mix, Timmy Vegas Alternative Mix, Seamus Haji Soul Love Mix) [Soul Love] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Tiny K - Three Times A Deejay / Roll Your Mind [Insolente rojo] 2002 ¡NUEVO!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 10): Todd Terry - I Can't Stop Understanding / You Can Have Fun [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 2): Royalty - Party People / This Shit Costs 4 Reais [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 3): The Todd Terry Project - Bango (Original Version, Original LP) / Trippin' / Soul Glow [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 4): Swan Lake - In the Name of Love // ​​Jungle Brothers - I'll Shelter You (Kenny Dope Mix) [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 6): Black Riot - A Day In The Life // House Of Gypsies - New Gypsy [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Todd Terry Trilogy (Past, Present & Future Part 9): The Todd Terry Project - Da Bango // De' Effect - Feel The Funk [Ink Records] 2005 NEW!

Tom Neville - Never Lose Your Grip / Estos ritmos / Groove Plus One [Love Minus Zero] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Tommy Four Seven - The Invisible / Garbage / Pink White Glue [Love Minus Zero] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Tonuri - People R People (Nick K Remix, Hipp-E & Alvredo Remix, Original Mix) [After Midnight] 2003

Tony Thomas - Living It (Mezcla-Original, Purpose Remix) [Purpose Records] 2001

Toru S - Sexualtherapie (Cherry Boy Vanilla Mix, Junior Style Mix) [Junior Boy's Own] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Total Confusion - Sunset // Sleep Corp - Sistema De Fe [Intrinsic Records] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Tour de Force - Automation / Mogwai [Transcend Records] 2000

Trademarq - The Neighborhood Hero EP: The New Jam / Yayers / Coconut Lamp / Dotbleep Track [Dotbleep] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Transparent Sound - Vintage EP: Vintage / Proper Techno (Original, Espion Remix) [Tyrant] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Trickle - Incarnate (Assbleed Mix, Tucks Medicated Mix) [Positivibes] Ano desconhecido – Promo

Trickster [CMV's] - Move On Up (Lisa Marie Experience Club Mix, Footclub Remix, Z Factor Club Mix, Z Factor Melt Down Dub) [AM:PM] 1998

Tripod – Do It (Original Mix, Chad Lewis vs. Smiler Mix) [UK Power] Año desconocido – Promo

Trisco - Podium (Max Graham Club Mix, Original Mix) [Whoop! Register] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Trulz & Robin - Rubber Love // ​​Ost & Kjex - To Ba Or Not To Ba [Snick-Snack-Musik] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Tube & Berger com Chrissie Hynde - Straight Ahead (Tom Neville Remix, Tom Neville Dub, Extended Version) [Blanco Y Negro] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Twister - Sequence 23 [The Remix Project] (Paul Edge Twisted Mix, The Sound Associates Outer Limits Mix, Dave Angel Rework) [Audio de Reposta] 2001

Tyrrel Corporation [The] - You're Not Here (Loveland 12", One World 12", Serious Rope 12", 7" Edit) [Cooltempo] 1994

UFO - First Contact / 2010 [Electric Kingdom UK] NOVO!

Ugly Dave - Sleep Depravity / Mutation [Label unbekannt]

Ultrabeat - Feelin' Fine (Extended Mix, KB Project Remix, DJ Lhasa Remix) / Pretty Green Eyes (DJ Lhasa Remix) [Blanco Y Negro] 2004 ¡NUEVO!

Ultramax - Crazy (Da Flip Remix, Extended Remix, Club Mix, Vibes Mix) [Byte Records] 1998

Movimento subterrâneo com Stanford - Shake (Kurd Maverick Remix, Mike Di Scala & Mike Miller Remix, Andrea T Mendoza Remix, Original Mix) [Boss] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Unit 43 - Track One [120WENDJ-White] Year Unknown - 1 Side Register

unbekannt - Adagio For Strings (Mat Silver vs. Tony Burt Remix) [Above The Sky Limited-White] 2004 - 1-seitige Promotion

Unknown - Bass Boy (3 Uncredited Tracks) [White]

Unbekannt - Grooveliker (Jens O Mix, Snuggle Duggle Mix) [Insolent Red] 2002 - Rotes Vinyl NEU!

unknown - Tech Music / Moulawat [White] 2005 - Unofficial release. Samples of "Technological Music" "Daft Punk - Technology".

unknown - unknown (madeintwo @ hotmail.com) [blank] Unknown year - 1 face record NEW!

Unknown Artist - Afro Woman [White] Year Unknown - 1 Sided Disc NEW!

Artist Unknown - Could Have Been a Lady [not on label] 2006 - CD 1 Sided NEW!

Unknown Artist - Feel the music

Artist Unknown - Technosforza Vol. 04 (2 unlabeled mixes) [Technosforza Rec-White] 2005

Unknown Artist - U Can't Go Wrong Part 4 & 5 [Not on Label] - 2 Untitled Tracks NEW!

Unknown Artist – XX99 [White]

Unsolicited Volume 6: Beenie Man - King Of The Dancehall 2005 Remix (Mix 1, Mix 2) [Unsolicited] 2005 - Unofficial Release NEW!

Up Yer Ronson com Mary Pearce - I Will Be Released (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix, Father Of Sound Main Club Vocal, Mix Original, Visnadi Piano Piano Mix) [Polydor] 1997

Uppfade - Friday Loops EP: Friday Loops (Mezcla Original, Jhereal Remix) [Symphonic Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Urban Lea - I'll Never Let You Go / Dreamfinder [Nur Aufnahme] 2003

Projeto Valouchi – House With You (Big Mix, Dark & ​​​​​​Funky Dub de Valouchi) [F1 Records] 1996

Vampire [The] - Clap 2 This / Top Tune [Homegrown Records] 1996

Vapourheadz - Don't Play Dead (Emotional Overload Mix, 7" Edit, Hard As Nails Mix, Buena Ventura Retro Mix) [Pow!] 1998

Veerus & Maxie Devine - Megatonic EP: Megatonic / Spritz 4 All / Mussika [Size Records] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Vehemence - Müde Augen (Moonlight Mix, Vocal Version, Original Version) [Combined Forces] 2001

Velours Brothers [The] - White Room (Original, Dogtown Clash Remix) // Drum Monkeys - Electro Ladyland (Klaus Heavyweight Hill Remix, Original) [Westway-White] 2005 – Promoción ¡NUEVO!

Velvet Girl - Walking In Sunshine (Cass & Slide Remix, Philippe Van Mullem Remix) [Aditivo] 2000

Victor Calderone - Are You Satisfied (Ralphie's Hard House Vocal Mix, Ralphie's Soul Vocal Edit, Ralphie's Hard House Dub Edit, Victor Calderone Epic Mix, Calderone Dub, Calderone Radio Edit) [Tommy Boy Silver Label] 2001 - Promoção de pacote duplo

Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - Let There Be Light (Original, Dub Mix) [Red Records]

Vinylgroover & The Red Hed - It's Like This (It Must Be Done) / It's Like This (It Must Be Done) [Split] 2004

Virtual Agents [The] - Keep Your Cool (X-Chrome Mix, Aerobic Mix, Disfunc Mix) [Tetrachrome Recordings] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Virtual Agents [The] - Lucifer's Friend EP: Lucifer's Friend (Cypher Mix, Blujax Mix, I Monster Mix, Cylon Attack Mix, Disfunc Mix, Proto Punk Mix) [Tetrachrome Recordings] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Virus - Get Loud (Original Mix, Scott Mac Mix) [Bright White] 2002

Vizion - Dream (Extended Mix, Wierzbicki Remix, Coldeyes Remix) [B&W] 2003 NOVO!

Volga Select präsentiert 20:20 Vintage Vision Vol 2: Random Factor - What I Need (Volga Select Remix) // Volga Select - Les Annees Des Plomb (München Mix, Joshua Mix) [20:20 Vintage Visions] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Wally Lopez - Perceptions Of Pacha Vol 2 (The Remixes Part One): Willst du mit mir tanzen? (Original Mix, Stump Jumper Mix) [The Factoria] 2006 NEU!

Wally Lopez - Perceptions Of Pacha Vol 2 (The Remixes Part Two): Love Time (Original, Peter Heller "Love Time" Phela Main Mix, Peter Heller "Love Time" Phela Dub) [The Factoria] 2005 - Vinilo verde ¡NUEVO!

Wez Wonder - Global Killer // Greg Ferguson - Vegetarian Pigeon [torrada]

Who is Who - Klack (Original Mix) [Size Records-White] 2008 - 1 Side Promo NOVO!

Wideband Network y R3volve - Just Like That (Just Like Mike Mix von R3volve, Just Like Mike Dub von R3volve) [Maris Music] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

Winona - Without You (Remix von Dead Soul Brothers, The White Room, Apricot) [Minds On Fire] 2007 ¡NUEVO!

Winston Giles Orchestra [The] - We Wait For Sunrise / A Little Song [Playup] 2007 - Disco de 7 "¡NUEVO!

Wize - Ausstellung [Teil II] (Muttonheads 'Under Acid' Remix, Dynamic Rockers Remix, Ledge Remix, Fat Phaze 'F ** k Fake' Remix) [Ledge Music] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Trabajo en progreso - ¿No somos Funkin Now (WIP 12 ", Dub) / Whipped Up To The Funk / Progress [Unity] 1996

X Press 2 – Hip Housin (Felix Da Housecat Remix – Rocky’s 05 Edit) / Rock 2 House (Richie Hawtin Remix – Ashley’s Edit 05) / Muzik Xpress (DJ Pierre Remix – Diesel’s 05 Edit) [Junior Boy’s Own] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

X-Cess - Release Yourself / Alfex Flower [Massive Drive-White] 2001 - DJ Limitada-Promoción

Xavier - Give Me The Night [Remixe] (Freemasons Mix, Insignificant Others Remix, A Touch Of Class Mix) [A Touch Of Class Recordings US] 2005 ¡NUEVO!

Xavier Mathias - Condition of the Past EP: Monster Truck / Intensive Care Unit / Round House Kick [Katania Music] 2005 NEU!

XME - Automatic Lover / Automatic X / Automatic Overdrive [Tunnel Records] 1993 - Promoção

Xpansions - Elevation [Move Your Body] 2002 (Nordlander Remix-Radio Edit, Nordlander Remix-Club Edit, 2002 Remix) [RM Records] 2002

Yannis Pk - Herr Präsident EP: Sugar Skin / Brincando com Marilyn / Electrorock [Deep Focus] 2006 NEW!

Young American Primitive - Journey to the Great Attractor / Dream of Mother Earth [YAPLAB Recordings] 2005 NEW!

Yousef - Equilibrium / Perücke [Circus Recordings] 2008 NOVO!

Yousef - Friends (Probealbum): Yousef & Nick Fanciulli - I'm No Good // Yousef & Paul Woolford - Do Me [Carioca Records] 2005 NEU!

Zander com Alexis Hart - What's Up (Extended Mix, Remix Extended) [Blanco Y Negro] 2003 ¡NUEVO!

Ze Prizz DJ'z - Ze Prizz DJ'z / Black Attack (Fastlem Noise Mix con Phat Squat!) [Koalition Records] 2006 ¡NUEVO!

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