Heaven's Secret Season 2 walkthrough (2023)

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Heaven's Secret Season 2 walkthrough (1)

Welcome tothe secret of heavenStep by step.

This page contains guidelines forseason 2.Click here if you are looking for instructions for other seasons.

This book is complete.

What are the guidelines?Walkthroughs are episode-by-episode walkthroughs that show the impact each choice has on your character and the storyline. Please note that these pages are constantly under construction as we learn more about each book.

Most of the choices you make about the main character in this book will affect the following variables:Engel 😇,demon 😈, or trigger a hidden route fromWide 😇😈balance the points. And you can choose one tooStrong connection to Malbonteby unoWeak connection to Malbonte, independent of the other routes. Your choices can also have an impactgloria 👑Points that can drastically change the plot of your story.

SEE:Options that don't have a significant impact on the storyline (such as in-game scores and stats) or don't provide interesting information about characters or backstories may not have been included in the guidelines.

Premium options that require in-game currency to unlock are marked with a diamond 💎 icon. Timed quick selects are marked with a timer icon ⏰.

Tu ❤️romantic choicesThey also have a significant impact on this story. If you choose to date a character, romantic scenes involving other characters may be cut out or unavailable. Some characters can fall in love at the same time, but others are only available if you have made certain choices in the story.

⚠️ACTIVATION NOTES:Please note that this season contains occasional scenes of violence.

LEGAL WARNING:There are many possible game paths and scene combinations due to the extremely complicated nature of this game, where every decision you make sets in motion a convoluted series of consequences. As such, the guidelines on this wiki may not exactly match your gaming experience. If you experience something, that isnocovered in our tutorials, please leave a comment so we can update the page and add a possible additional path to our wiki.

Also note:The scene descriptions contained in these guides may be paraphrases of what is happening, so please do not take them as verbatim copies of what is said in the book.

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This season you will need:

[ Points compensation is possible. 🇧🇷

28 Anja 😇puts
mi26 Demon 😈puts
throughepisode 9


  • 1 S2, Episode 1: On the Verge of Expulsion
  • 2 T2, Episode 2: Hidden talents and secret feelings
  • 3 T2, Ep. 3: The apple and the apple tree
  • 4 T2, Ep. 4: Birth
  • 5S2, Ep. 5: The Lighthouse and the Bird
  • 6 S2, Ep. 6: To Roda of Samsara
  • 7S2, Ep. 7: The Attack
  • 8 T2, Ep. 8: Doppelmuster
  • 9 T2, Ep. 9: Dance of Death

S2, Episode 1: On the Verge of Expulsion

They are about to be deported. Time to savor the bitter consequences.

[❗One month before this event.]

❤️Mimis Road:If you kissed Lucifer in Season 1 Episode 9 or sat on Lucifer's lap in Season 1 Episode 10: [❗Your relationship with Mimi has deteriorated].


  • (Throw him out.) (He leaves. He chooses an outfit.)
  • (Hear what he has to say.)
    • Selection:...
      • I'm not human anymore! [+1 Fame 👑]
      • We are better than you immortals! [-1 Fame 👑]

❤️Relationship review:

  • If you're not near Lucifer: go out the window. Jump to choose an outfit.
  • If you are close to Lucifer: [❗Your relationship with Lucifer is quite close, which is why so much rudeness was allowed.]

Way of Lucifer:

❤️ Choose:We froze like that and looked at each other in confusion.

  • And our lips joined in a passionate kiss.(💎33) [HG Unlocked](Sex scene)[❗Her relationship with Lucifer has improved.]
  • And they moved away from each other. (Free) (No impact on stats).

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • Dress with cutouts(💎18)
  • Seductive(💎33)
  • Top with pants (free)


  • (Sorry for my behavior). [❗Your relationship with Dino has improved.] (This is only available after you have sat on Lucifer's lap.)
  • ("The best defense is a good offense") [❗Her relationship with Dino has deteriorated.]
  • (do not explain anything). (No effect on statistics.)
  • (Explain the situation without apologizing.) [❗Your relationship with Dino has improved.]


  • (Ask what they see.) [❗The guards will remember.]
  • (Obedience off.) (No effect on stats.)

Selection:"What does he do?"

  • (Reacts aggressively.) [+1 Demon😈]
  • (Keep calm.) [+1 Angel😇]

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:You tell the board that your world is full of mysteries and it's hard to be a part of it so quickly, but that you really want to study here.
    • Selection:... (No effect on statistics).
      • I will show my best side.
      • please forgive us
      • His allegations are unfounded.
  • Devil's Way 😈:Tell the council everyone knows Lucifer is the son of Satan and you'll get a free pass, but no one cares about an unclaimed one.
    • Selection:... (No effect on statistics).
      • I doubt.
      • Hopefully.
      • We haven't done anything.

Selection:"Oh boy..."

  • Yes (No effect on statistics.)
  • No. [-1 Fame 👑]

Selection:We will go...

  • It's not a crime, is it? [+1 angel😇]
  • Are you implying that you are different in some way? [+1 demon😈]
  • Path of strong connection with Malbonte:Crowley doesn't like the fact that you're always in the thick of the Malbonte rumors.
  • Weak link to Malbonte:Crowley is glad you're out of the Malbonte rumours.

Depending on whether or not you spoke to Seraph Crowley in Season 1 Episode 5, your following scene will change:

  • If you didn't speak to Seraph Crowley in Season 1 Episode 5: You are followed by a director and you may miss a scene in the next episode. [❗You failed to win over Seraph Crowley.] [❗You are now accompanied by guards.]
  • If you talked to Seraph Crowley in Season 1 Episode 5: You will not have a director following you. [❗You have earned the sympathy of Seraph Crowley.]


  • (Be thankful.) [+1 Angel😇]
  • (Walk quietly and proudly.) [+1 Demon😈]

💎 Choose:...

  • Tell me everything.(💎18)[+1 Gloria👑]
  • Nice to meet you. (Free) (No impact on stats).

Maximum available stat points in Episode 1:

  • +3 angel or demon 😇😈
  • +2 Gloria 👑

Maximum amount of diamonds required in Episode 1:💎 84

S2, Ep 2: Hidden talents and secret feelings

who is nice


  • Why should I help you? [+1 demon😈]
  • There are certainly reasons for his arrest. [+1 angel😇]

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:Bont is relieved to learn that you have angelic energy.
  • Devil's Way 😈:Bont asks you if you're a bad person because Shepha tells him to stay away from them.
  • Bade Way 😇😈:Bont says it's a dangerous combination.


  • (Give her your real name.) (No effect on stats.)
  • (He's lying.) [❗Bont doesn't know his real name.]

[HG Unlocked]

⏰ Temporary choice:He waved his hand and a warm breeze came towards me.

  • Do nothing. [-1 Fame 👑]
  • jump back [-1 Fame 👑]
  • Withstand the heat without moving. 🇧🇷
  • Climb to the top ✅


  • I want it all and I want it now! (No effect on statistics.)
  • I will train a lot. [+1 Glory👑]
(Video) S2 EP1 · On the Brink of Expulsion · Heaven's Secret Demon Walkthrough (Lucy)

👗 Costume Choice:thousand ah.

  • strong wings(💎26)(No effect on statistics.)
  • beautiful wings(💎105)[+1 Gloria👑]
  • Basic Wings (Free) (No effect on stats).


  • Fuck it all. [+1 demon😈]
  • All is well. [+1 angel😇]
  • I'll contact you. [+1 demon😈]
  • Thanks for the help. [+1 angel😇]

💎 Choose:...

  • stay with me don't go(💎23)[❗Your relationship with Dino has improved.] (❤️Dino's Path)
    • Selection:He started kissing me determinedly, enthusiastically, and even a little angry. (No effect on statistics.)
      • that kiss me (kiss scene)
      • Turn around.
  • I thought we figured it all out. (No effect on statistics.)
  • (Release.) (No effect on stats.)

Monitoring:If you have a director, you already know him: Angel Minder.


  • I don't talk to anyone. (No effect on statistics)
  • I'm talking to the mirror. Like in fairy tales. (No effect on statistics.)
  • I'll talk to the guy in the tower. [-1 Fame 👑]

💎 Choose:UE...

  • I agree.(💎23)[❗Your relationship with Bont has improved.] [❗You have found another mystery to unravel.]
  • I will decline (Free) (No impact on stats).

You will only see this scene if you choose to take care of Fyr in Season 1 Episode 9.


  • (Send him home.) (No effect on stats.)
  • (Bring him a kiss on the nose.)[HG Unlocked][❗Your relationship with Fyr has improved.]

Monitoring:If you supported Adi in Season 1 Episode 8 but a director is following you, you will not be able to visit them. [❗You couldn't visit Adi because you were being watched.]

You will only see this scene if you supported Adi in Season 1 Episode 8.

Selection:"What should I do?"

  • (kisses Adi.) [-1 Glory 👑] [❗Adi is worse. Try again.]
  • (Become sentimental too.) [❗Adi is worse. Try again.]
  • (Focus on the good memories.) ✅ (You show Adi all your memories of Sammy).

[HG Unlocked]mi[HG Unlocked]


  • Malbonte sent a vision. [❗Rumors of his connection to Malbonte are growing.]
  • I haven't slept enough. I'm doing well. (No effect on statistics.)


  • Let's not break the rules. [+1 angel😇]
  • Who lives by these rules? [+1 demon😈]

Maximum available stat points in Episode 2:

  • +3 angel or demon 😇😈
  • +2 Gloria 👑

Maximum amount of diamonds required in Episode 2:💎 151

S2, Ep. 3: The apple and the apple tree

Can the Seraph trial against Admiron bring clarity or is everything even more complex now?


  • One day I'll wipe that grin off your face. [+1 demon😈]
  • Anger doesn't suit you. [+1 angel 😇]

💎 Choose: ...

  • (Apologies to Austie about her mother.)(💎10)[❗Austie will remember your words.]
  • (Shut up.) (Free) (No effect on stats.)

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • shiny disco(💎20)
  • comfortable and elegant(💎30)
  • sports (free)

👗 Costume Choice:Choose a hairstyle. (No effect on statistics.)

  • wide(💎10)
  • wide(💎10)
  • perverse nymph(💎20)
  • wet hair(💎20)
  • short hair (free)

⏰ Temporary choice:Oh!

  • (Freeze.) ❌
  • (Fold down to the right.) ❌
  • (Fold down to the left.) ✅
  • (Fly higher.) ❌


  • I think they are innocent. [+1 angel 😇]
  • Everyone lies. [+1 demon😈]


  • Heaven is higher than hell. [+1 angel 😇]
  • This is unfair to the demons. [+1 demon😈]
  • It's Malbonte time. [+1 Angel 😇] [+1 Demon😈] [❗The rumors about his connection with Malbonte are growing.]

street scene:

  • Way of High Glory 👑:The counselor backs down after learning who you were and says he's heard from you.
    • Path of strong connection with Malbonte:The advisor has heard rumors that you support the Malbonte movement.
    • Weak link to Malbonte:The consultant says: "Nothing reprehensible." She says her mother went through many heads to get the power she has now.
  • Camino de la Baixa Gloria 👑:The advisor laughs and asks why he hasn't heard from you.

Mimis Road:

❤️ Choose:...

  • I do.(💎20)[❗Your relationship with Mimi has improved.]
    • Selection:💎 Enthralled, he turned to me and kissed me. (No effect on statistics.)
      • (Hand back.)
      • Mimi, not here...
  • That doesn't help me now. (Free) (No impact on stats).

Mimis Road:

Selection:...(No effect on statistics.)

  • it was interesting
  • Theater is not my thing.

Selection:"There has been a conflict between them for a long time."

  • "This must be resolved peacefully." [❗Your ideas differ from Malbonte's.]
  • "Only war can fix that." [❗They support Malbonte's ideas.]
  • ❤️Dinosaurierpfad:If you have a close relationship with Dino, Fencio and Dino will fight for you. He tells his son you're going to break his heart. Dino defending you: [❗This conversation was because of his close relationship with Dino.]
    • Selection:... (No effect on statistics).
      • Enough time.
      • I have only just arrived.

This determines which book is searched for first.


  • history of witchcraft. 🇧🇷
  • Spell Book.(🔁 Choose again)

You will only see this scene if you select History of Witchcraft. in the previous election.

Selection:The book you are looking for is...

  • Right third compartment from the top. 🇧🇷
  • Third compartment from the top on the left. 🇧🇷
  • Right, fourth compartment from the bottom. 🇧🇷
  • Left, fourth shelf from the top. 🇧🇷

You will only see this scene if you select Book of Spells. in the previous election.

Selection:"What do I need?"

  • First top shelf. 🇧🇷
  • Second upper shelf. 🇧🇷
  • Fourth compartment from the top. 🇧🇷
  • Fourth shelf from the bottom. 🇧🇷


  • you are no problem [❗You gave Andy hope that something could happen between the two of you.]
  • Thank you for your understanding. [❗You made it clear to Andy that nothing can happen between the two of you.]

[HG Unlocked]


(Video) Heaven's Secret, Episode 1 of Season 2

  • Yes [❗Rumors of his connection to Malbonte are growing.]
  • (Shut up.) (No effect on stats.)


  • (Push her out of the way.) [+1 demon 😈]
  • (He asks to be released.) [+1 Angel 😇]

Selection:And I felt...

  • I hate them. [❗This choice will affect your relationship with your mother.]
  • Great pain and sadness. [❗This choice will affect your relationship with your mother.]

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 3:

  • +3 angel or demon 😇😈
  • Plus +1 angel or demon or angel and demon 😇😈

Maximum amount of diamonds required in Episode 3:💎 80

T2, Ep. 4: Birth

It's time to uncover the truth about at least one of Heaven's mysteries.


  • Do not say that! [+1 angel😇]
  • I agree. [+1 demon 😈]
  • They deserve each other. [+1 angel😇] [+1 demon😈]

❤️Mimis Road:Ö👭 High Path of Friendship:

💎 Choose:...

  • It would be great.(💎21)[❗Your relationship with Mimi has improved.] [❗Demon Mammon prefers you.] (See note below.)
  • I'm not ready for this. (Free) (No impact on stats).

Monitoring:You will only see this if you went to her father with Mimi in the option above: Mammon asks a question about herself. The answer: (wealth) [+1 fame👑]


  • Misselina hired me to do some research. 🇧🇷
  • I'm looking for a way to get in touch with you. 🇧🇷
  • It's for the boy in the tower. 🇧🇷
  • Known from a book. 🇧🇷


  • someone needs my help [❗Dino liked that you trusted him.]
  • Absolutely nothing. (No effect on statistics.)


  • (Talk to him.)
    • Selection:Bont... (You get all the options, you just choose the order.) (No effect on stats.)
      • Are you always alone in your room?
      • Who are you?
      • Why is shepha keeping you locked up?
  • (Cut to the point.) (No impact on stats.)

Monitoring:Once you've selected the 💎, select "(Read them.)".(💎12)in Season 1, Episode 8 and "I Agree". through(💎23)in Season 2 Episode 2, you get [+1 Glory👑]

Selection:... (You can only choose two options, so choose wisely.) (No effect on stats.)

  • How did you manage to climb the ladder so high?
  • How could one break the law of segregation?
  • Do you know who killed me?
  • What do you know about Malbonte?

[❗You didn't have time to answer this question.]

💎 Choose:...

  • (She undresses in front of him.)(💎29)[❗Your relationship with Bont has improved.]
  • (Ask him to turn around.) (Free) (No effect on stats).

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • commercial(💎21)
  • luxurious(💎29)
  • modest (free)

Selection:So I repeated...

  • scary hat two! 🇧🇷
  • Terr Duo-Hut! 🇧🇷
  • Torro Double Jarra! 🇧🇷
  • I'm afraid I'm afraid of two! 🇧🇷[HG Unlocked]

Warning:From now on, when you date Lucifer and Dino, you cannot date both at the same time. It's important to remember that since these two characters are only LI, any positive hint you have about them will result in a close relationship and the game will understand that you have a love interest in them.

Monitoring:If you agree to be official with Dino and you also date Andy or Mimi, he won't find out. And you can trigger another romantic scene with them: Andy's in Season 2 Episode 7 and Mimis in Season 3 Episode 1.


❤️ Choose:Ach Dino...

  • I don't think it will work out between us. [❗You ended your relationship with Dino.]
  • I want to stay with you. [❗Now you and Dino are together.]
    • Selection:💎 Dino brought me closer to him.
      • (Complain.)(💎29)(sex scene)[HG Unlocked][❗Your relationship with Dino has improved.]
      • (Enough.) (Free) (No effect on stats.)

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:You sit with the angels.
    • Selection:The chair creaked... (No effect on stats.)
      • Ast got up.
      • Leelo got up.
  • Devil's Way 😈:You sit with demons.
    • Selection:The next to speak was... (No effect on stats).
      • Mimi
      • Austrian.

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 4:

  • +1 angel or demon or angel and demon😇😈
  • +2 Gloria 👑

Maximum amount of diamonds required in Episode 4:💎 108

S2, Ep. 5: The Lighthouse and the Bird

Become the light for those who need you.


  • The problem is my middle name. [+1 demon😈]
  • I sincerely want to help you! [+1 angel 😇]

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • delicate monkey(💎18)
  • flirty dress(💎32)
  • Black jumpsuit (free)

Monitoring:Depending on your previous selection, you will have different LIs to choose from. Not all will be available to you.

💎 Choose:"Can I manage on my own?"

  • (Take Luzifer)(💎18)[❗Your relationship with Lucifer has improved.]
  • (Catch Dino)(💎18)[❗Your relationship with Dino has improved.]
  • (holt Mimi hoch)(💎18)[❗Your relationship with Mimi has improved.]
  • (Get Andy) (Free) [❗Your relationship with Andy has improved.]
  • (Go solo) (Free) (No effect on stats.)

[HG Unlocked]

Selection:"Now I have to distract the second one...

  • (Throw a stone.) ❌
  • (Participate in a wild chase and then hide.) ✅ [❗You reached the tower, but the guard remembered your face.]
  • (Ask Bont through the looking glass for help.) ✅ (This option only works if you don't ask the guards what they saw in Season 2 Episode 1).

Monitoring:If you asked the guards what they saw in Season 2 Episode 1: [❗You managed to get into the tower, but the guard remembered your face].


  • (Smiles.) [❗Your relationship with Bont has improved.]
  • (Tell him.) (No effect on stats.)


  • (Hug him.)
    • Selection:💎...
      • (Besalus.)(💎12)[❗Your relationship with Bont has improved.]
      • (Walk away.) (Free) (No effect on stats.)
  • (slap him on the shoulder). (No effect on statistics.)

⏰ Temporary choice:"What should I think?"

  • about dinosaurs 🇧🇷
  • About Bont's escape. [-1 Glory👑]
  • About Bont's hideout. [-2 Glory👑]
  • About the mother. 🇧🇷

street scene:

  • Way of High Glory 👑:Seraph Crowley says you can be a better version of your mother.
  • Camino de la Baixa Gloria 👑:Seraph Crowley says you're trying his patience and he's lucky your mother is a Seraph.

Monitoring:Whether you chose (Ask What They're Protecting) in Season 2 Episode 1 or didn't ask the guards what they're protecting and chose to go on a wild chase to distract the second guard, Crowley will bring it to you . and knowing that it was you who freed Bont: [❗The rumors of your association with Malbonte grow stronger each time.]


  • I do what seems good to me. [+1 demon😈]
  • He had the best of intentions. [+1 angel 😇]

Maximum available stat points in Episode 5:

  • +2 angel or demon 😇😈

Maximum amount of Diamonds required in Episode 5:💎 62

(Video) S1 EP7 · The Flying Tournament · Heaven's Secret Demon Walkthrough (Lucy)

S2, episode. 6: To Roda of Samsara

The Unclaimed contest comes to an unexpected end.


  • (Confront Monica.) [+1 Demon😈] [❗Monica remembered her answer.]
  • (Wish her luck.) [+1 Angel 😇] [❗Monica remembered her answer.]

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • Resistant(💎23)
  • comfortable and sexy(💎27)
  • Convenient (free)

⏰ Temporary choice:¡Ai!

  • (scream.) ❌
  • (scream.) ❌
  • (scream.) ❌
  • (Blow.) ✅

⏰ Temporary choice:I saw a fireball appear to my left.

  • Looks. 🇧🇷
  • squatting 🇧🇷
  • Turn left. 🇧🇷
  • Turn right. 🇧🇷

⏰ Temporary choice:"Getting together!"

  • (Cuddle up and cry.) ❌
  • (Come out from behind the rock and wait for the snake.) ✅
  • (Keep protecting yourself). ✅

Selection:"His look is scary!"

  • (Cover your face with your hands.) ❌
  • (Kick in the face.) ✅

You can win or lose Fame 👑 depending on your last two choices.

  • If you got the last two options right: [+1 Glory👑]
  • If you missed the last two options: [-2 Glory👑]
  • If you hit one and miss the other: (No effect on stats).


  • (Save.) (Go to the first option below.)[HG Unlocked](Monica or Donny kill him.)
  • (Kill him.) (Go to the second option below.)[HG Unlocked]
  • (Do nothing). (No effect on statistics.)

You will only see this scene if you selected "(Spare it.)" in the above option.

  • If you spare the snake, there will be a cutscene along the way and Monica (Angel Path) or Donny (Demon Path) will kill them and the winner will be announced. Before the street scene, however, the snake gives his body an antidote to his species' venom. Now no snake, angel or demon can affect you or read your mind. You choose a tattoo and get:[+2 angels😇] [+1 glory👑]
    • Selection:👗 Choose a tattoo. (No effect on statistics.)
      • a flower tattoo(💎10)
      • a phoenix(💎23)
      • A Delicate Pattern (Free)

You will only see this scene if you selected "(Kill him)" in the above option.

  • If you kill the snake, Seraph Crowley will announce the winner. You get a tattoo of Manjomi painted with the blood of the dead snake. This tattoo gives you the same power of influence that immortals have from birth. You choose a tattoo and get:[+2 Demon😈] [+1 Glory👑]
    • Selection:👗 Choose a tattoo. (No effect on statistics.)
      • an interesting tattoo(💎10)
      • A symbolic tattoo.(💎23)
      • A Delicate Pattern (Free)


  • Do you want a war in your hands? [❗Rumors of his connection to Malbonte are growing.]
  • I want to see the execution. (No effect on statistics.)


  • (Join the protest.) [+1 Demon😈]
  • (Go away.) [+1 Angel 😇]

street scene:

  • Way of High Glory 👑:Satan heard about you and wondered what you are like.
    • Selection:... (No effect on statistics).
      • I'll try
      • I won't cause you any trouble.
  • Camino de la Baixa Gloria 👑:Satan had no idea Rebecca had a daughter and he insults you.

⚠️Warning:The following scene contains abusive content. This may be embarrassing for some readers!

Selection:"What should I answer?"

  • I'm sick of your extravagance. [+1 demon😈]
  • I haven't done anything! [+1 angel 😇]

Monitoring:If you chose Dino in Season 2 Episode 4 but also Lucifer: [❗Lucifer realized his heart belongs to someone else. Now he will ignore you.]

Monitoring:If you decided to date Mimi in season 1, episode 6, but also with Lucifer: [❗Mimi will not forgive you. It's all over between you two.]

💎 Choose:"You can't just kill him... you just can't!"

  • (Asks to speak to Adimiron.)(💎23)[❗You took Winchesto's ring.]
  • (Stay away.) (Free) (No impact on stats.)

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 6:

  • +5 angel or demon 😇😈
  • +2 Gloria 👑

Maximum amount of Diamonds required in Episode 6:💎 73

T2, Ep. 7: The Assault

Satan strikes back.

Selection:Get bont... (No effect on stats).

  • vegetable mix. (He prefers this.)
  • fried rabbit.


  • Accepted. [+1 demon 😈]
  • I do not agree. [+1 angel 😇]

Monitoring:💎If you got the Ring from Admirion Winchesto in Season 1 Episode 6:[HG Unlocked]]

Andy's way:

❤️ Choose:...

  • Cheerful.(💎20)[❗Your relationship with Andy has improved.]
  • I want to try it myself. (Free) (No impact on stats).

Selection:"If I want to become a devil, I better not fight him."

  • (Say hello.) [+1 demon 😈]
  • (Lower Eyes) [+1 Angel 😇]

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:You say goodbye to Mimi (and Adi if you supported him in Season 1 Episode 8) who says she will miss you. They decide to go back to hell.
  • Devil's Way 😈:You decide to hang out with Mimi (and Adi if you supported him in Season 1 Episode 8) and they are so happy.

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • Unusual(💎20)
  • Fabulous(💎34)
  • Modesto (free)

Way of Lucifer:(Nur in Camino dos Anjos 😇)


  • Go away and never come back! [❗Her relationship with Lucifer has deteriorated.]
  • I'll miss you. (No effect on statistics.)

Dinosaurierpfad:(Only on the devil's path 😈)


  • What's happening? [❗Your relationship with Dino has deteriorated.]
  • Hello read. (No effect on statistics.)


  • Lucifer, don't do that... [+1 angel 😇]
  • You have no right to have demons here! [+1 demon 😈]


  • (Obey.) [+1 angel 😇]
  • (Stay.) [+1 Demon 😈]

Selection:"It's so painful."

  • (Spread my wings despite the pain.) ❌
  • (Tries to cut the wire against something.) ❌
  • (Cut the rope with the Archdemon's sword.) ✅

⏰ Temporary choice:I ran ...

  • Leaving at eight. 🇧🇷
  • He left at ten. 🇧🇷
  • Left at nine. 🇧🇷
  • It's okay, two o'clock. 🇧🇷

💎 Choose:"I can't let her come to mommy. Otherwise they will kill her!”

  • (Rescue mother alone.)(💎20)[+1 Glory 👑] [❗You have earned respect in your mother's eyes.]
  • (Calls for help.) (Free) (No effect on stats.)

Monitoring:💎If you killed the snake in Season 2 Episode 6, you managed to convince Councilor Rondent for a moment.

(Video) [Lucifer] Romance Club: Heaven's Secret 2 Season 1 Episode 1 • The Scorched World

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 7:

  • +4 angel or demon 😇😈
  • +1 Gloria 👑

Maximum amount of Diamonds required in Episode 7:💎 74

S2, Ep. 8: Doppelmuster

Nobody is forgiven, nothing is forgotten.

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit. (No effect on statistics.)

  • tops and minis(💎21)
  • wonderful dress(💎30)
  • gray dress (free)

💎 Choose:That is a..."

  • Good idea.(💎8)(visual memory)
    • Selection:He clenched his fists so tight his knuckles turned white and... (No effect on stats).
      • He kissed Rebecca.
      • Schlag Rebekka.
  • Bad idea. (Free) (No impact on stats).
  • If you forgave the snake in Season 2 Episode 6, Dino wouldn't be able to read your mind.
  • If you killed the snake in Season 2 Episode 6, Dino could read your mind.

❤️Dinosaurierpfad:If you are with Dino and he can read your mind and you kissed Bont in Season 2 Episode 5: He will break up with you and you will lose [-1 Glory 👑] [❗It's over between you and Dino. ]

Selection:When I saw her I...

  • I was outraged [+1 demon 😈]
  • I was surprised. [+1 angel 😇]

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:Rebecca asks why you are defending the demons.
  • Devil's Way 😈:Rebecca says demons are easy to manipulate.

street scene:

  • Path of strong connection with Malbonte:They ask Rebeca if that's why Malbonte fought for the rights of demons, if he defended the weak.

Selection:Mother... (No effect on stats.)

  • Do you want the war in your hands?
  • Did you love Winchesto?

street scene:

  • Bade Way 😇😈:Rebecca says she learned something that could kill them both.


  • This right. [+1 Demon 😈] [❗Rumors about his connection to Malbonte are increasing significantly.]
  • Not good. [+1 Angel 😇] [❗You dispel the rumors about your connection with Malbonte.]
  • Never existed. [+1 Fame 👑]

street scene:

  • Way of High Glory 👑:they let you in [+1 Fame 👑]
  • Camino de la Baixa Gloria 👑:They say you can't get in.
    • Selection:"💎 What to do?"
      • (Convince her.)(💎21)[+1 Gloria 👑]
      • (Leave empty-handed.) (Free) (No effect on stats.)

Way of Lucifer:You only see this scene if you manage to visit it.

❤️ Choose:💎...

  • I want that.(💎30)(Sex scene) [❗Her relationship with Lucifer has improved.]
  • Not now. (Free) (No impact on stats).

Selection:"Make?" (No effect on statistics.)

  • (Go back to your room.)
  • (Finds the mother.)
  • (Ir a Bont.)

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 8:

  • +1 angel or demon 😇😈
  • +1 Gloria 👑
  • More +1 angel, demon or glory 😇😈👑

Maximum amount of Diamonds required in Episode 8:💎 89

S2, Ep. 9: Dance of Death

There's no turning back. Only war is ahead.

Selection:You have to fight for that...

  • Satan. [+1 demon 😈]
  • The fitness center. [+1 angel 😇]
  • Malbonte's ideas. [+1 Demon 😈] [+1 Angel 😇] [❗The rumors about his connection with Malbonte are growing.]

If you have high glory 👑 [❗Due to your high glory, you now have additional outfits available!]

👗 Costume Choice:Choose an outfit.

  • fair dress(💎18)
  • spring dress(💎31)
  • tracksuit (free)
  • back (free)
  • Delicate clothing (free)

This scene is only available if you take care of Fyr in Season 1 Episode 9. Otherwise Lucifer will save him.

Selection: How should I react?

  • (Get horrified.) [❗Your relationship with Fyr has deteriorated.]
  • (Thank him.) [❗Your relationship with Fyr has improved.]


  • (Try to save Lucifer.) [+1 Angel 😇]
  • (Kill one of the Archangels.) [+1 Demon 😈]

street scene:

  • Way of English 😇:Archdemon says your mother is a slut.
  • Devil's Way 😈:You tell him you're on his side and he doesn't believe you.

⏰ Temporary choice:The sword cut through the air.

  • Stand still. 🇧🇷
  • Freeze. ❌
  • Be confused. 🇧🇷
  • Evade. 🇧🇷


  • (Protect.) [-1 Gloria 👑]
  • (Helps Lucifer.) [+1 Fame 👑]
  • (Support the angels.) [+1 angel 😇]
  • (Side the demons.) [+1 demon 😈]

💎 Choose:I want to know...

  • at!(💎31)(visual history)
  • Just the reason why... (Free) (Shorter version with no images).

Selection:Fencio, you are...

  • Fighting for the right cause but in the wrong way. [❗Rumors of his connection to Malbonte are rampant.]
  • One monster and you crawl before an even bigger monster! (No effect on statistics.)

[HG Unlocked]

Selection:And I saw... I felt...

  • Sefa's presence.(28 Angel Points required 😇).[+1 Angel 😇] [+1 Glória 👑] [❗ You spoke to Shepha.]
  • Our defeat. (No effect on statistics.)

Selection:I also...

  • I harnessed that power.(26 demon points required 😈).[+1 Demon 😈] [+1 Glory 👑] [❗You killed Satan.]
  • I was afraid of this power. (Rebecca kills him.) (No effect on stats.)

Maximum Status Points available in Episode 9:

  • +2 or +3 angel the demon 😇😈
  • +1 or +2 Fame 👑
  • More +1 angel, demon or glory 😇😈👑
  • Plus +1 angel or demon or angel and demon 😇😈

Maximum amount of Diamonds required in Episode 9:💎 62

[HG Unlocked]

Congratulations! You have completed Season 2! Click here to watch Heaven's Secret Season 3.


Is Malbonte a love interest? ›

Malbonte is a love interest in the book Heaven's Secret and its sequel Heaven's Secret 2.

Is Heaven's secret complete? ›

Heaven's Secret is the ninth book released on the mobile game Romance Club. This book was released on January 22, 2020, has three seasons, and was completed on March 27, 2021.

How do you get more tea cups in Romance Club? ›

By default, you get three cups of tea maximum, which regenerate every three hours, starting after one cup is used. The in-game currency is very easy to obtain, so it is easy to enjoy this game without spending real money. Both in-game currency and "cup of teas" can be also purchased with real money if so you wish.

What is Sins of London Romance Club? ›

Sins of London is the sixteenth book released on the mobile game Romance Club. This book was released in March 27th, 2021. The author of this book is Natalia, who also wrote My Hollywood Story. Please note: This book is ongoing so this page is being constantly updated as we learn more about it.

Who can you romance in Dao? ›

There are four romance options in Dragon Age: Origins.
  • Alistair (female only)
  • Leliana (male and female)
  • Morrigan (male only)
  • Zevran Arainai (male and female)

Who is the antagonist in Romance Club? ›

Last Appearance

Diego de Ochoa is a love interests and main antagonist in the book Sails in the Fog.

Who is the main character in Romance Club Heaven's Secret? ›

Vicky Walker is the main character you play as in the book Heaven's Secret and its sequel Heaven's Secret 2. Her name can be changed at the beginning of each book or it can stay her default name. The variables in the two books are different and you can learn more about them on the main page of each book.

What is the most romantic tea? ›

The Most Romantic Teas for Valentine's Day
  • Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Black Tea.
  • Salted Coconut Truffle Black Tea.
  • Chocolate Mint Rooibos.
  • Caramel Cream Yerba Mate.
  • Black Currant Hibiscus Fruit Tisane.
Feb 2, 2021

What country is romance club from? ›

It was created by Your Story Interactive, an independent game studio based in Chișinău, Moldova, and was launched on 6th March 2018. The game is currently available in 8 languages, however English and Russian are the main ones, where all stories are up to date.

How do you join a broken tea cup? ›

When you fix a broken mug, you need to look for a glue that can bond those materials (probably ceramic or porcelain). A contact adhesive like Loctite Stik'n Seal Indoor Adhesive is ideal for fixing ceramic mugs and many other objects. If you are filling in a chip, reach for a gap-filling adhesive or a touch-up glaze.

Who is the main character in Sins of London? ›

Irene (MC)

This is the main character of Sins of London. Her default name is Irene but the player can change her name and appearances.

Was there a courting season in London? ›

The highlight or climax of each 'Season' was when daughters of the aristocracy and upper class were presented at Court to the King and Queen in London. The timing of the Season was defined by the residence of the Royal family in London, from April to July and then from October to Christmas.

Can you romance Morrigan as a female? ›

It should be noted that only male wardens can romance Morrigan so female wardens will, unfortunately, have to look elsewhere.

Can you romance Leliana as an elf? ›

Leliana is first met after an encounter at the inn in Lothering. Interact with her and there is a chance she can be romanced, regardless of the player's gender.

Can you become king in Dao? ›

The only way for Alistair to become king while Loghain is still alive is to marry Anora. Not only that, but the player must make sure Alistair is hardened.

Is Clara a villain? ›

Type of Villain

Clara is the main antagonist of the 1972 cartoon film Snoopy, Come Home. She is a mischievous girl who happens to look like Marcie, only she doesn't wear glasses.

Is Harlan an antagonist? ›

Harlan Wade is the overarching antagonist of the F.E.A.R. series, and the posthumous main antagonist of F.E.A.R.

Is Leon an antagonist? ›

Norman Stansfield (billed as Stansfield) is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of Luc Besson's 1994 film Léon: The Professional.
Norman Stansfield
Léon: The Professional character
Gary Oldman as Stansfield in Léon: The Professional
Created byLuc Besson
Portrayed byGary Oldman
4 more rows

Who is the boy in my secret romance? ›

My Secret Romance (Korean: 애타는 로맨스; RR: Aetaneun Romaenseu) is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji-eun.

Who played Yu in my secret romance? ›

He leads a carefree life, pursuing short-term love and hedonism, but things are set to change when he meets Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun – formerly of K-pop group Secret).

What is Oprah Winfrey's favorite tea? ›

Chai Tea Private Reserve | Oprah's Favorite Tea Only at Vahdam Teas - VAHDAM® USA.

What tea do the Kardashians drink? ›

What Teas Do The Kardashians Drink? Now first I should say you can get green iced tea at Starbucks or whatever, but it's just not the same as this Kardashian GREEN MANGO TEA. To be exact it's called an ICED GREEN MANGOTINI, since we're getting specific.

What is the number 1 tea in the world? ›

Black Tea. Perhaps the most famous, and most popular, tea in the world, black tea is a staple in many households. There are several types of black tea in the market, but Ceylon tea is widely considered to be one of the finest brews.

Is romance academy a real game? ›

Romance Academy 7 is a Japanese dating simulator video game developed by NO LIFE GAMES.

What city is love JS? ›

Paris, City of Love

If you walk along the banks of the Seine River, the streets of Montmartre, or around the Eiffel Tower, it is easy to spot couples of lovers everywhere. After all, this is Paris, the City of Love.

Where Is Love from A to Z set? ›

Love from A to Z
  • There are so many things I want to discuss with you, but first and foremost is your incredible new release, Love From A to Z. ...
  • One of the coolest and most unique thing about the book is that it's set in Doha, Qatar, a city I hadn't seen in YA before.
Apr 30, 2019

Can you glue a mug back together? ›

Most mugs and coffee cups are made of porcelain or ceramic, so you will need to use a type of glue that will bond to these materials. Loctite Super Glue Power Gel is perfect for fixing broken mugs because the non-drip high strength formula dries to form durable and transparent bonds.

Why did Queen Elizabeth stop debutantes? ›

A dying tradition

The answer to the question of why the tradition of debutante presentations at court stopped in 1958 is a multi-faceted one. The easiest explanation is that the monarchy wanted to distance itself from the practice.

Do debutante balls still exist? ›

Débutante balls exist in nearly every major city in the United States. They occur more frequently and are larger affairs in the American South. The Christmas Cotillion in Savannah, Georgia, first held in 1817, is the oldest debutante ball in the United States.

Do they still have coming out balls? ›

While Queen Elizabeth II discontinued her support of the balls in England back in 1958 (here is a great article on why), they still occur in the United States. In fact, today, girls across the country typically “deb” during the second half of their college years.

How can I like more tea? ›

10 Simple Tricks to Drink More Tea
  1. Always have tea with you. ...
  2. Make tea first thing in the morning. ...
  3. Drink teas that only have a few teaspoons left first. ...
  4. If you don't like it, don't drink it. ...
  5. Cook with tea. ...
  6. Make iced tea or cold brew. ...
  7. Make more time for yourself and take those tea breaks. ...
  8. Create a tea space.
Sep 5, 2019

How do you make large batches of tea? ›

For large quantities, prepare concentrate as follows: Bring one quart of cold water to a roiling boil. Remove from heat and add 8-10 teabags per quart of brewed tea as desired. Steep 3-5 minutes and pour over remaining cold water or ice cubes.

How do you get a Genshin tea set? ›

It can be purchased using realm currency at Realm Depot in housing system.

How do you make a cup of tea passage? ›

How to make a cup of tea?
  1. Fill up the kettle with water.
  2. Boil the kettle.
  3. Place a teabag in your favourite mug.
  4. Pour boiling water into your favourite mug.
  5. Brew the tea for a few moments.
  6. Remove and dispose of the teabag.
  7. Add milk.
  8. Add sugar.

Why is tea so loved? ›

We love feeling revitalised. Theine contained in tea is released much more slowly than caffeine from coffee, resulting in a more revitalised feeling instead of an agitating effect. The high with coffee will also last shorter and drop quicker.

Can you drink tea straight? ›

Drinking straight tea is tastier than drinking bitter black coffee, and you can save calories by not adding the sugar and cream coffee usually needs. Though tea generally has less caffeine than coffee, black tea packs a punch in the caffeine department.

Should I put milk in my tea? ›

You can add milk to any tea you want. Don't listen to tea snobs who tell you that milk and tea do not go together. The best teas in the world taste beautiful, no matter how you choose to prepare them. In fact, milk can bring out interesting new flavors in tea.

How do you make tea 3 times? ›

Heat your water and infuse your tea leaves for only a few seconds, then pour your tea into the small cups. Repeat this process, infusing the tea leaves for 10-15 seconds at a time before pouring the tea. By preparing tea using this method, you can get four or five (or more!) infusions from your tea.

What tea is best for boba? ›

Black tea is the traditional tea for Boba tea. Using different black tea blends, like Early Gray, can provide subtle variations in flavor. Green tea, including jasmine green tea or green tea powders like matcha, is another popular base for Boba tea.

How many times can you harvest tea? ›

Harvesting tea leaves is something that can happen up to 4 times per year. After the tea is harvested for the first time in early spring, it can then be harvested a second time in June or July. Tea from the second harvest is the second highest in nutrients and flavor, so it is often used for more inexpensive teas.

How many Primogems does the teapot give? ›

If you interact with that character after placing them in your teapot near one of these furniture sets, you'll be able to get 20 Primogems per character! The Serenitea Pot also allows you to claim Companionship EXP for the characters you have placed in there over time.

Can you get Primogems in teapot? ›

Gamers can fill the teapot with fish they've caught, create music, and even grow plants and vegetables. On top of all of this, they can gather tons of Primogems they may have missed with these two methods.

Who sells Genshin tea? ›

Pop's Teas (Chinese: 大碗茶 Dàwǎn-chá, "Dawan Cha", lit. "Big Bowl Tea") is a food item that the player can purchase from Pops Kai (located in Qingce Village, Liyue), Pops Zhou (located in Stone Gate, Liyue), or Mr. Zhu for 1,000 Mora (max 10 per day).

Does milk go in tea first or last? ›

The answer is: In a formal setting, milk is poured after the tea. You may have heard or read that milk precedes the tea into the cup but this is not the case. You do not put milk in before tea because then you cannot judge the strength of the tea by its color and aroma.

How do you make tea 100 words? ›

Write a task in 100-120 words giving description of a process for 'preparing tea' based on the hints given below : (i) To prepare tea is easy (ii) Boil water in kettle (iii) Add tea-leaves, sugar, milk, cardamom, ginger etc. (iv) Boil it (v) Sieve and sip. See what the community says and unlock a badge.

How do you make tea like a pro? ›

Steeping Times

3 to 5 minutes is just a recommendation! If you like your tea quite weak and gentle, stop at 3 minutes and take a sip. If you like your tea bold and strong, brew for the full 5 minutes. Remember, the longer you brew your tea, the more caffeine (and flavor) infuses into your water from the tea leaves.


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5. 💎 Lucifer Route 💋 & Angel Path 😇 [Strong Connection]💎 Heaven's Secret S2, Ep1 (Romance Club)
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