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Aquarius men can be difficult to understand in the realm of love. He wants to be social but needs some alone time. He is a fan of Universal Love but has a hard time meeting him face to face. What you have to do? How can you help him open his heart to his love? What things would the Aquarius man like to see when his partner activates his love potential?

I'm Anna Kovach, a longtime relationship astrologer with advice on how to bring out the romantic side of your Aquarius man. If you're struggling to make your Aquarius partner understand your love, you've come to the right place! I have tips and techniques that can help you achieve your goals.

I know you feel an obligation to help your Aquarians see how much you adore them. So check out these four proven methods I've shared below to prove it to you!

1. Appreciate your weirdness

Interestingly, the planets that rule the signs define the nature of the signs themselves! Aquarius has two rulers, and one of them isUranus. Uranus is a planet that lies on its side with its equator rising and falling instead of next to each other. Also, Uranus rotates in the opposite direction to the other planets!

Uranus' crazy drive means Aquarius has its quirks that don't make sense to others! That is why Aquarius is the strangest sign of the zodiac. He has unorthodox techniques that other people aren't quite sure how to use. Aquarius has a desire to communicate with others, which can make them feel left out.

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This is where you come in! You can show your Aquarius man that you appreciate him by accepting him for all the beautiful quirks about him. This is a trait that Aquarius does not find in most people. He is used to being considered a strange bird. Your appreciation of his sometimes strange nature will endear him and show him that you love him.

2. Take some alone time for him.

4 Ways To Show An Aquarius Man That You Really Love Him - Aquarius Secrets - Anna Kovach's Blog (1)

One of Aquarius' rulers is Uranus, but the other is actually traditional.Saturn. Saturn is the lonely and strict parent and rule follower of heaven. He is firm and unyielding. Ruled by both the rebellious (Uranus) and the authoritarian (Saturn) of the solar system, Aquarius has a complex nature! What does it mean when you try to show Aquarius love?

Since Aquarius stands out from the crowd and also finds himself alone, Aquarius enjoys his alone time. Aquarians are quirky in many ways, but mostly because they love to socialize with a touch of seclusion about them.

You can show your appreciation for this trend by booking a trip for him. Maybe a cabin in the woods where I can go like Henry David Thorough (an Aquarius on the rise!). Aquarius would like to spend time in the forest contemplating the nature of society.

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If you cannot travel, you should give the house to Aquarius for a whole day, where he can relax and be alone. He will love that you are so independent that you can spend time without him. When you return, Aquarius will spend time unsupervised and wanting to cuddle with you! After all, the absence makes the heart beat faster.

3. Be friendly with her friends!

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Despite his inner seclusion, Aquarius has a lot of friends! He is a social creature who seems to be liked by a lot of people (that is, when he doesn't show his wacky side). Although Aquarius is the bearer of water, he is aair sign! That means deep thinking, socializing, and communication are in your bones.

Your friends are your top priority, so you have to find a way to show that you are good to your best friends! This is a great way to stand out from everyone! Aquarius will take what they say seriously. Translation? If his friends love you, he will too!

I recommend meeting your friends. This shouldn't be a problem, as Aquarius probably met you through a friend you already knew. You can still be part of his main group of friends as a partner! Aquarius would never exclude you from activities with friends unless they feel stifled.

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If you are also friends with their friends, this step is easy. Keep doing what you're doing! If you don't know their friends, it's important to be warm and welcoming. Remember their birthdays, take an interest in their lives, and generally be nice to them. Easy as pie, right?

Unless you care about one of your friends, I wouldn't recommend telling an Aquarius unless you have to. He will focus on his friends most of the time. In my experience, Aquarius men tend to reject their partner if they control their time with their friends. So keep it nice and simple and go with the flow!

This technique will reward you with advantages in the spirit of Aquarius! Your jaw will drop when you see where this method takes you. He will feel that your choice of friends meets his standards. That means pure love in the Aquarius spirit!

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4. Change the world with him

Aquarius thinks globally. He considers the course of humanity and the world exaggerated. So he doesn't care about normal now. He wants to know how we can all create a better tomorrow! That is why his symbol is the water bearer (an angel) who provides food for all humanity.

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Hear what Aquarius talks about when it comes to causes. Aquarius has opinions about the state of the world and which direction he thinks is best. Listen as he talks about how he would like to see the world! If you pay attention, I know you'll notice what he thinks would make the world a better place.

It's when you find a charity or cause to contribute to. If you are concerned about the environment, consider taking a trip to protest emissions. If he has new sources of energy in mind, take him to a conference on the subject. If nothing else, I recommend finding causes that interest you and then donating in their name!

Aquarius will feel love when you show your interest in their passions! He gets excited when you show how far you're willing to go to make sure he listens to you. Aquarius has probably never had someone pay so much attention to their opinion. Who could not feel adored by someone so affectionate?

If you've shown your Aquarius man how much you love him, tell us how you did it! Leave a comment below to let us all know.

If you're looking to grow your love for your Aquarius to greater heights, check out my guideEternal love with an Aquarius man.to find out how to keep your love for Aquarius alive forever!

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If you feel like you need private guidance on your relationship with an Aquarius man, I still have a few openings for mine."VIP Consultation" service that you can book here for instant clarity and guidance.

I wish you all the luck in the universe,

Ana Kovach


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